Artur Cheremisin

Artur Cheremisin

SEO Team Lead

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"I have been working with since January 2023"

The content that Artur creates focuses on how to use proxies to solve any work problem. His areas of professional interest are information retrieval, machine learning, and application deployment using proxy servers. If you want to know what Artur does and what interests him, check out his latest articles on our corporate website.


  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Machine Learning

Latest Posts From Artur

  • How to Extract Data from LinkedIn

    How to Extract Data from LinkedIn


    LinkedIn is a business-minded social platform with 1 bln. users from over 200 countries. This abundance of professional and industrial data is a focus of interest to recruiters, applicants, marketing specialists, and representatives of companies who want to keep an eye on market trends.

  • How to Rotate Proxy in Selenium

    How to Rotate Proxy in Selenium


    At first sight, users, who need to scrape dynamic content data, may face some difficulties. However, modern developer tools help resolve virtually any issue. So, if you think of setting up proxy rotation to crawl dynamic content, Python and Selenium are likely to be among your best friends.

  • How to Use Rotating Proxy Settings for Chrome

    How to Use Rotating Proxy Settings for Chrome


    Traditionally, users who wanted to bypass geo restrictions or access any blocked content with the help of proxies had to modify settings in the web browser or operating system as a whole. However, now we have more user-friendly tailored options that are easier to customize without affecting the settings of the entire system or other browsers.