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Try out our selection of clean private proxies for games (for playing Runescape, Diablo 2 and/or Minecraft).

We know how to make sure you get ahead of the game with a package of our proxies.
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Reasons to Choose Our Premium Proxy Servers for Gaming

We are super careful about offering our handpicked proxies to you gamers out there. When you buy gaming proxies from us, you can be sure that all of our proxies pass through a process of selection that ensures the availability of only high-performance durable proxies in the pool. We constantly grow our selection of proxies worldwide to give you as many IPs as needed. 

If you are playing Silkroad, RuneScape, Diablo 2 or Minecraft we know what you value the most about good proxies. You will be able to play from multiple accounts, avoid blocks, ensure anonymity of your server, and get access to locked servers. 

Our proxies for games are well-suited for multiple accounts run on a single machine with bots helping you get ahead of the game (pun intended). If you use proxies with Scrapebox for scraping or parsing missions online, you will find a great selection of IPs in our pools for this specific mission.

When you start your bots to garner the best artifacts in the game and bring you higher income, you can totally rely on our games proxies. Plus, we will provide you with 24/7 live support for all those cases when you need to get your proxy-related questions answered immediately.

Proxies for Games Looking for the best selection of games proxies in the market to bring you more revenue? Look no further, we will deliver you the best IP addresses for online gaming the industry has to offer. Buy proxies for gaming from us by picking your game from the list below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What are games proxies?

    A proxy for games (or a games proxy) is a proxy server that helps you in your gaming practices, whether for accessing otherwise inaccessible gaming servers or for setting up multiple accounts on various servers. When you buy proxy servers for gaming you want to be sure that these servers will be performing as advertised, demonstrating the claimed performance. Good private proxies for gaming are durable and fast, so consult with your proxy provider on the characteristics of proxies before you commit with them.

  • What’s the best proxy server for gaming?

    In order to buy proxies for online playing that will be perfect for gaming, you need to consider such factors as location of your proxies close to the game servers. To do that, you simply need to consult the proxy provider on the size of the pool of proxies with geo-restrictions in mind. Any reliable proxy provider will be glad to give you access to the optimum set of proxies that will match your gaming requirements once you place them into your bots and start using them.

  • Do you provide 24/7 tech support?

    When you buy Games Proxies from us, you will also receive a 24/7 live technical support that will be able to resolve all questions related to your pool of IPs in real-time and guide you through the process of setting up your proxies to hide your real IP properly. No matter the location, you will be satisfied with the best technical support of your gaming proxies the industry has to offer.

  • What do you need to know about playing games with bots powered by proxies?

    First of all, you need to realize that using bots for gameplay can be a violation of terms and conditions of some games. If you decide to proceed anyway and use gaming bots for harvesting in-game currency or valuables, you should be aware that it affects the overall gameplay of other users as well. So, do it at your own risk having this precaution in mind.

  • How gaming proxies can help you unblock your IP address?

    If your original IP gets blocked during your gaming session, you can purchase a gaming proxy from us to unblock your access to the game. Yes, you will be playing under a different IP for a while, but this will be able to put you back in the game until the suspension from your original IP gets lifted.

  • How gaming proxies help you stay anonymous?

    If your primary task is to remain anonymous while accessing a game server, with a good gaming proxy server you can get an IP that will ensure your anonymity while you are connected to this server. A new IP will be active for the whole duration of your gaming session or until replaced with another IP.

  • How can I get clean private proxies for games?

    When you buy private proxies for online gaming you need to make sure that you are purchasing them from a reliable proxy provider. Please make sure that your proxy provider has sufficient experience in the market and can provide 24/7 live technical support for resolving all possible concerns when you start using the proxies with bots and inside the games. We at make sure that all of our customers have round-the-clock access to account managers ready to take action and update the IPs in the pool to give you the best satisfaction from using our proxies.

  • What locations do you cover with your proxies?

    We are proud to grant you access to a whole variety of proxy server pools from multiple geographical locations around the World. We can offer you IPs from all across America, Europe and Asia. If you are using proxies not only for gaming but for providing extra security to your corporate servers, you will also benefit from our pool of proxy servers for network security.

  • How can I be sure that I get the best proxies for my money?

    We constantly monitor our industry and our position against our competitors in terms of offerings and pricing. Buying proxy servers from us, you can be absolutely confident that you get the best selection of high-speed IPs for your dollar. So, enjoy your online gaming with our proxies, while we take care of the proxy performance to grant you the confidence. If you are also engaged in streaming your gaming process, we will be proud to provide you with proxy servers for live streaming to ensure you have no problems in streaming your gaming sequences across the borders. If you use proxies with Scrapebox for scraping or parsing missions online, you will find a great selection of IPs in our pools for this specific mission.

  • How can you unblock games using proxies?

    The most common use case is having a quality residential (or ISP proxy) to unblock access to a geographically restricted game server. This way you will be able to play a game that is otherwise off-limits in your area. To secure your reliable proxy for gaming contact our account manager via the chat box below.

  • How can you use gaming proxies to create multiple accounts in games?

    With each new proxy you get an IP that will allow you to create yet another account in the game you are playing. This way you will be able to toggle between accounts while playing your favorite game.

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Looking for the best selection of games proxies in the market to bring you more revenue? Look no further, we will deliver you the best IP addresses for online gaming the industry has to offer.

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