How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/03/23

This Proxifier setup guide will teach you how to use our proxies for Diablo 2 and similar online games. We at PrivateProxy understand how painful it can be to use free, glitchy proxies for these purposes.

So, we created a special package of reliable proxies for gaming and want to make sure that your experience using our proxies is seamless and comfortable. So, enjoy, and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Configuring Proxies in Proxifier

Launch Proxifier and select “Profile” -> “Proxy Servers…” 

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2

Then select “Add…”

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 2

In the menu fill in the appropriate boxes with the info on your proxies.

Put the proxy address into “Address:” and its port into “Port:” boxes.

Select HTTPS protocol. The port for HTTPS proxy settings with will always be 5432.

Make sure to fill in the Authentication box. If you need to enable it, check “Enable” and enter the Username and the Password.

We supply you with proxies in the following format: IP:Port:Username:Password. For example, you might get a residential proxy like this: 111.222.333.0:5432:dnfjfmsm:sdf09uLKN

This should be read as follows:

IP: 111.222.333.0

Port: 5432

Username: dnfjfmsm

Password: sdf09uLKN

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 3

Follow the same routine for SOCKS5 proxies but instead select the “SOCK5 Version 5” protocol in the “Protocol” box. This applies to both residential and datacenter proxies on SOCKS5 protocol.

The port for SOCKS5 proxy settings with will always be 5433.

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 4

To set up the proxification rules select “Profile” -> “Proxification Rules…”

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 5

Then click “Add…” to add a new rule.

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 6

In this pop-up assign the name to the rule and select your applications.

Enter the name “Game1.exe”. Make sure you have a different “Game#.exe” name for every proxy in your game’s folder Program Files. You may need to rename the original Game.exe file of Diablo accordingly. For example, Game2.exe, Game3.exe, etc.

Target hosts and Target ports should remain “Any”.

And the “Action:” drop down should be “Proxy Socks#” and your proxy address. 

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 7

Follow the same routine for HTTPS proxy but this time select Action: “Proxy HTTPS …” and your proxy address.  

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 8

This is how your proxification rules will appear in the list.

To apply them, tick a checkbox of a rule you need and click “OK”.

How-To Guide: Proxifier Setup for Diablo 2 - 9

Tips and Tricks on Proxy Usage

And, finally, we want to add some tips for all of the Diablo fans out there using proxies for their accounts. The following recommendations should help you avoid bans by the game administration: 

  • Always use fresh keys. Used keys will put you at risk and might ultimately lead to a ban. 
  • Avoid logins with a fresh key to an account that has recently been temp banned. Doing that will jeopardize the key.
  • It’s best to stick to 1 cd-key per proxy. Some claim to use 2 or even 4 keys per proxy successfully, but we don’t recommend this.
  • Don’t switch the same cd-key from one proxy to another in a short period of time. This can ban both the key and the proxies.
  • Soft bans usually last for 48 hours to 21 days. If your proxy or a key is banned, it is better to not use it again until this period expires.

The idea is simply that you want to aim below the 20 games per hour and 100 games per 12 hours. To do so, follow the chart below which indicates what minimum game time per second you want to aim for.

Games Per Hour Rules

  • FTJ = 1 game;
  • Muling = 1 game;
  • Game crash = 1 game;
  • Character swapping = 1 game;
  • Connection interrupted = 1 game;
  • Too many quick character swap = realm down.

And remember the following:

  • 20 games per hour/ip/realm;
  • 100 games per 12 hours/ip/realm;
  • Wait in line is an acc/char/key/ip temp ban in seconds;
  • Connecting to an account/character/key/ip that is waiting in line with a fresh cdkey/proxy will temporarily ban both;
  • Connecting to a disabled key with a working proxy will disable the proxy for a period of 24 hours;
  • Connecting to a banned proxy subnet with a working cdkey will disable the proxy for a period of 24 hours.

And a few more tips and recommendations:

  • Getting a VPN ban will make your proxy dead forever (if you are considering using a VPN vs proxy follow this link to learn more about it);
  • Using a key on a banned proxy will make your key contagious and dead for 24 hours;
  • Using a contagious key on a working IP will kill your proxy for 2 weeks and reset the key for 24 hours.

For example:

1 bot @ 3 min games (180s) = 20 games per hour –> 240 games per 12 hours

1 bot @ 6 min games (360s) = 10 games per hour –> 120 games per 12 hours

2 bots @ 15 min games (900s) = 8 games per hour –> 96 games per 12 hours

4 bots @ 40 min games (2400s) = 6 games per hour –> 72 games per 12 hours


We know how painful it can be to play with unreliable free proxies. So, go check out our selection of proxy for games. We want you to enjoy your gaming experience, so we provide only verified solutions to you. Let us know if you have any questions.

You can get any of our private proxy packages or ask live chat support for a custom one. To get working Diablo 2 proxies, please select Diablo 2 for purpose in the shopping cart. You can also choose an appropriate location: Europe, United States or Hong Kong (for the Asian realm).

if you prefer to generating a file from proxies instead of entering everything manually in Proxifier, you can try this tool: PPX Writer. It lets you create PPX files that you can import directly into Proxifier.

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