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Want to use the BlueStacks app with a proxy? We can provide a wide selection of proxy pools specifically for your tasks and requests. You can be sure that all of your needs and professional options will be taken into account to provide the best proxy experience.
BlueStacks Proxy

Why choose our Proxies for BlueStacks

Why should you consider using our proxies for your BlueStacks setup?

To start, you can be confident in the quality of our proxies and customer support. All of our proxies are tested and hand picked for the best performance, even in the harshest conditions. Plus, you can always rely on our support in solving any of the troubles that may arise in the process. 

This can also be implied by the proxies themselves. Most of our proxies are ready to run out of the box and can be configured in a few minutes. Our support can also guide you through all the needed steps of HTTP or HTTPS proxy setup for the BlueStacks app up to a click.

More than this, we can offer constantly growing proxy pools with locations in almost any needed spot in the world. This way, you can choose and set a proxy server that will correspond with all of your current needs.

Prices for BlueStacks Proxy Server

Datacenter Staticstarting from$9/month

Unmatched DC proxies from the fastest locations across the planet.
We support most DC proxy applications out there at very affordable prices.
When you buy our DC private proxies we also guarantee round-the-clock support from our team of technical experts.

  • Instant Activation

  • 1 Free Swap a Month

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Any Purpose

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Multiple Locations

  • Free trial

Residential Staticstarting from$5/month

Buy our super fast yet reliable residential private proxies with sticky IP sessions tested on major IP check bases.
We feature multiple locations for your specific country or application requirements.

  • Instant Activation

  • 1 Free Swap a Month

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Any Purpose

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Multiple Locations

  • Free trial

Proxies for Imgur

  • rocket-proxy


    You can always rely on the performance of our proxy pools. Our network is constantly updating and expanding, so you can get maximum potential from proxy servers. Plus, we ran day-to-day tests to keep all of the proxies in peak condition.

  • save-proxy


    The premium part of our proxies means that you will be the exclusive owner of each server. In other words, no one will be able to interfere with your work or somehow affect the performance of the server. This practice applies to all of our BlueStacks proxy servers.

  • select-proxy


    We also provide an easy-to-navigate dashboard with all of the needed functions at your fingertips. You can manage all of your IPs and other data in seconds. More than this, customer support is always ready to guide you through all the needed processes and assist you with proxy setup.

Why you should choose PrivateProxy

  • Ultimate proxies for BlueStacks

    Our proxies can guarantee all the needed performance in both professional and day-to-day tasks. You can be sure that managing multiple social media accounts, accessing geo-restricted content, or launching data harvesting tasks won't be a problem with our proxies for BlueStacks.

    Ultimate proxies for BlueStacks
  • 24/7 tech support

    Another crucial feature that you can rely on when working with our proxies is outstanding customer support. You can be sure that our managers will guide you through all the steps of purchasing, managing settings, and troubleshooting proxies for your project. You can contact support whenever you need it while using our proxy solutions.

    24/7 tech support
  • The best proxies for BlueStacks to fit your budget

    Keeping your budget in mind is another important goal for us. We aim to provide a wide choice of plans to meet all of your expectations. We can provide you with plans both for your personal use in daily tasks and for your team to work on large-scale projects.

    The best proxies for BlueStacks to fit your budget

If you or your team is looking for a set of proxies to work with BlueStacks, contact us to get all of the special offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • Why do you need a proxy for BlueStacks?

    You can use proxies with BlueStacks to achieve lots of different goals. First of all, you can change your IP to work with apps and resources that were blocked in your region. Or you can create several accounts on social media and manage them from one PC to track competitor player actions on the market.

  • What kind of proxies are the best to use with BlueStacks?

    Depending on your specific tasks, you might want to use different servers. In most cases, residential proxies can be a good choice. This way, you will be able to add a server in almost any location and get all the benefits that the proxy offers.

  • How can you use proxies with BlueStacks?

    You can activate a proxy for all connections inside BlueStacks, or you can reroute traffic from certain Android apps inside the BlueStacks emulator. In both cases, you can expect top performance and security from your connection.

  • What risks come with free or publicly available BlueStacks proxies?

    Public internet proxies, just like publicly available VPN servers, can be treated like a point of collection for your personal data. With proxies of this type, you will constantly put your security and data at risk while getting poor performance. Plus, proxy IP can be blocked by a site that you use at any moment, because it is shared between several users at the time.

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