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We will provide you with the ultimate residential and rotating dedicated proxies for sneakers to get ahead of your competition.
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Reasons to choose our residential sneaker proxies

When you want to buy sneaker proxies, you need to keep in mind that it is sometimes milliseconds that can help you cop your cherished footwear. You can gain some extra advantage over the competition by using special bots powered by sneaker bot proxies with IPs located closer to the servers of the sneaker sites.

We offer residential proxies for sneaker bots that will get the job done for you. First, they are lightning fast, so that speed will not be an issue in your case, and secondly, they are located next to the datacenters of the servers of the marketplaces offering the models of sneakers you are so excited to buy.

Also, with our proxies, you will not have to limit yourself to just one pair of rare footwear per site. With the rightly set up shoe bot, you will be able to engage multiple threads and place several bids to secure more purchases. So, if you need to buy proxies for sneaker bots, we will guide you to just the right selection of private proxies for sneakers.

Another important thing is that our residential sneaker proxies for one location do not share the same subnetwork to avoid banning all proxies at once. You will be able to continue buying even if one of the proxies gets red-flagged by the vendor’s site.

Why you should choose PrivateProxy

  • Wide selection of sneaker proxies

    One thing that makes us different among our competition is the network of residential proxy pools that we offer to our customers. In the event of proxies for sneaker bots and other sneaker proxies, we know that the key thing here is to be able to use the proxy located as close to the shoe marketplace as possible. Depending on the location of the marketplace (country or state), we can provide you with the ideal spot-on selection of residential or rotating sneaker proxies to be used with the most popular shoe bots or on their own.

    Wide selection of sneaker proxies
  • 24/7 Tech Support

    When you buy proxies for sneakers you want to rely on the technical support of the proxy provider to be available to you round-the-clock in case you have any concerns about the proxies. If we speak about the buyers of residential proxies for sneakers in particular, here, the tech support is utterly justified since you need the right number and the right subnets of proxies for each transaction. We also trace the location of servers of expected sneaker drops, possible availability of an anti-spam system or a sneaker bot protection system with your marketplace, and many more.

    24/7 Tech Support
  • Best value for your money

    We realize how important it is to be able to stay within your budget when it comes to using and buying IT products online. We want you to enjoy the best proxy servers the money can buy, at the same time we don’t want you to overpay for the premium quality. So, to balance out the equation, we are eager to set the optimum prices on all our offerings so that you will be able to continue to cop the latest sneakers out there with the ultimate proxies in the industry. Therefore, if you see sneaker proxies for sale on our site, you can be positive that you are buying the best proxies for your dollar.

    Best value for your money

If you are looking to buy sneaker proxy servers for copping footwear online, please contact us for our special proxy offering.

Top Brands

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With our proxies you will be able to cop sneakers of the most desired brands out there. They are lightning-fast but you have to try them for yourself to believe. We feature private proxies for Nike stores, Yeezy supply proxies, and proxies for Adidas.

  • Adidas Adidas
    With our collection of Adidas proxies you will be able to purchase the most cherished Adidas footwear both in EU and US. Feel free to use our proxies on Adidas marketplaces around the World.
  • Nike Nike
    With us you will be able to buy sneaker bot proxies for Nike e-shops. We support all of the Nike bots (like AIO bot or Another Nike Bot) to cop the shoes from the current drops.
  • Zalando Zalando
    If you are set to buy new sneakers on Zalando in the UK, Germany or Spain, you will definitely need a set of our proxies to rely upon. Our proxies are compatible with Ganesh and other popular tools.
  • Yeezy Supply Yeezy Supply
    So, you want to buy the latest models of Yeezy sneakers by Kanye West? Great news is that you will be able to overcome all anti-bot systems with our YS proxies.


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Should you target collectibles from sites like Champs Sports, Eastbay, Foot Locker and Footaction we are here to offer you the best proxy selection for this mission!

  • Foot Locker
    Foot Locker
  • Eastbay
  • Footaction
  • Champs Sports
    Champs Sports

Top Locations

Our special conditions for sneaker proxies

Optimal for restocks. We do not guarantee that the proxies will pass the protection during the drops.

200 proxies minimum order.

We guarantee an exclusive subnet for each client. Contact us for a free trial to check proxies for yourself!

The trial duration for DC proxies is 7 days, for residential proxies – 2 days.

We do not provide refunds once the proxies are approved for usage by the client after the free trial.

If the proxies get banned during your usage, the replacement is only possible upon renewal

Buy sneaker proxy servers

Sneaker Proxy 200 $355/mo

  • 200 IP's

  • Free proxy swaps upon renewal if your proxies get banned

  • Exclusive subnet for each client

  • Unlimited connections

Sneaker Proxy 1000 $1500/mo

  • 1000 IP's

  • Free proxy swaps upon renewal if your proxies get banned

  • Exclusive subnet for each client

  • Unlimited connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What are sneaker proxies?

    A sneaker proxy is a dedicated proxy server that you can use inside a special trading tool (a bot) or directly in your browser to be able to buy sneakers on specialized marketplaces during sales (drops).

  • Is it safe for me to buy proxies from a single proxy provider?

    Absolutely. Once you establish a long-term relationship with a provider that you like from several perspectives: overall quality of proxies and reliability of technical support, you can start moving all of your proxy-related business to this provider. This way you will be able to ask for good conditions and save time and money on managing your proxy pool.

  • What can I do to maximize my chances of copping sneakers online with your proxies?

    You should describe your case to our tech support manager in order to gain more tips on how to set up our proxies in your particular use case. Normally, if you use backconnect (or rotating) proxies it makes sense to utilize sticky sessions. On some marketplaces (like Yeezy Supply) the length of sessions should be set to 10 minutes. This should give you an extra advantage over your competitors.

  • What kind of proxies is the best for buying sneakers online?

    The most frequently used proxies for buying sneakers online and for sneaker botting are residential and rotating proxies. Both have their own advantages. With residential proxies, you can be as close to the marketplace’s servers as possible to complete a sale, and with rotating proxies, you can set up multiple threads to purchase many sneaker pairs in one setting.

  • Are your proxies compatible with the popular bots?

    Yes, our sneaker proxies are compatible with the most widely used bots and software tools used in copping sneakers online. This list includes but is not limited to AIO bot, Another Nike Bot, Ganesh and more.


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If you are looking to buy sneaker proxy servers for copping footwear online, please contact us for our special proxy offering.

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