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Why Choose Twitch Proxies Made by PrivateProxy?

When you buy Twitch proxies for live streaming from us, you will most definitely get your channel into the area of most viewable channels to be able to update and monetize your content faster.

You should know that not all proxies for live streaming are Twitch-compatible and can demonstrate reliable performance on the service. 

We took all of this into consideration and are ready to supply you with the ultimate set of proxies for live streaming on Twitch for your Viewer Bot to finally garner all the views your gaming really deserves.

35 IPs minimum order limit.

Buy Twitch Proxies

Twitch Proxy Newbie$5/month

  • 1 Residential Proxy
  • Instant Activation
  • 1 Connection/Thread per 1 IP
  • 1 Authorized IP per 5 proxies
  • 1 Free Swap a Month
  • Purposes: Ad Revenue, Account Generation
  • Location: USA, UK

Twitch Proxy Amateur$25/month

  • 5 Residential Proxies
  • Instant Activation
  • 1 Connection/Thread per 1 IP
  • 1 Authorized IP per 5 proxies
  • 1 Free Swap a Month
  • Purposes: Ad Revenue, Account Generation
  • Location: USA, UK

Twitch Proxy Professional$80/month

  • 20 Residential Proxies
  • Instant Activation
  • 1 Connection/Thread per 1 IP
  • 1 Authorized IP per 5 proxies
  • 1 Free Swap a Month
  • Purposes: Ad Revenue, Account Generation
  • Location: USA, UK

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  • Instant Activation
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Swap a Month
  • Purposes: Ad Revenue, Account Generation
  • Location: USA, UK

Our Twitch Private Proxies

Twitch has a highly sophisticated anti-spam system in place to monitor its traffic, so you need to be especially careful while choosing the stream proxy server for Twitch for your Twitch Viewer Bot. Once you contact our account managers, we will supply you with our handpicked residential proxies that are the most appropriate for this rather delicate operation. Your audience will grow, giving your content more views. Looks like a winning strategy to us!

  • Twitch Account Creation

    Twitch Account Creation

  • Twitch Viewbot with Proxies

    Twitch Viewbot with Proxies

  • Ad Revenue / Farming Bits

    Ad Revenue / Farming Bits

Main reasons to use our Twitch proxies

  • Unlimited Proxies

    We are ready to offer you IPs from all highly demanded locations. Our pool of residential proxies for streaming include servers from some major cities across the Globe (including America, Europe and Asia). For instance, if you are tasked with providing better security to your network, you will greatly benefit from our vast pool of proxy servers for network security.

    Unlimited Proxies
  • 24/7 Tech Support

    When you buy Twitch proxy for live streaming from us, you could totally rely on our experts from tech support, ready to guide you through setup processes related to your specific tasks. Regardless of your location around the World, we will make sure you will totally benefit from our proxy performance on Twitch.

    24/7 Tech Support
  • Best Value for Your Money

    We track our competition and strive to provide the best performance while keeping our prices in a very affordable range. Needless to say that we are ready to give you Twitch proxies for trial to enjoy the experience of using our IPs before you engage with us full time. Or, if you happen to be a player of Runescape, Diablo 2 or Minecraft, you will greatly appreciate our collection of highly affordable proxies for games that have been specifically selected for this very mission.

    Best Value for Your Money

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a Twitch proxy?

    A Twitch-optimized proxy is normally a static residential proxy with an IP address meant to help you access Twitch in case of geographical limitations set upon your account by the service. With this kind of streaming proxy server you can improve the current standings of your account and get closer to monetizing it as soon as possible. Twitch features a sophisticated anti-spam system in place and, therefore, you have to be careful about what proxies to use with the service. Our static residential proxies will let you hide from such systems and will be an ideal choice to use on the platform.

  • How to choose proxies for live streaming?

    When it comes to choosing proxies for streaming you have to consider the following factors: is your streaming platform sensitive to your location (i.e. can you receive streams from countries outside of your country of location) and does it feature anti-spam functionality to protect the platform from the use of anonymous accounts or access via proxy servers. In both cases you will need to have a pretty reliable set of proxies that will overcome the geo restrictions and the anti-spam filters. Our static residential proxies are exactly the right solution in this case for streaming sites. We run tests on our proxies to make sure that your missions on Twitch stay undetected and you get the results from the platform that you expect.

  • Is it OK for me to purchase Twitch proxies from a single provider?

    Sure! Once we provide you with a package of proxies for your Twitch missions, you will be granted access to our user-friendly and intuitive dashboard with your proxies and for round-the-clock tech support to handle all issues related to your IPs. You will also have access to our APIs for running your proxies in various scripts written in a variety of computer languages.

  • What Twitch proxies are the best for monetization of my account?

    The most important action here is to stay undetected by Twitch's anti-spam system for a continuous period of time until you will start getting your revenue from Twitch. To do that you will require some ultra-reliable residential proxies from our pool of IPs. So, do not wait, contact our account manager to secure your cherished Twitch IPs before somebody else does.

  • Why are your Twitch Proxies better than others?

    When you need a proxy for a video stream you want to secure the most reliable proxy that will successfully demonstrate its performance with bots like Twitch Viewer Bot. Twitch is a major streaming service for gamers around the World, and it is extremely sensitive to the quality of proxies used to access it by people across all timezones. The service can easily detect and block datacenter proxies. We strongly recommend you contact our account manager to tailor the right set of proxies before you start improving your Twitch account with proxy-based bots on the way to higher monetization figures.

  • Can I get a free trial on my Twitch proxies?

    Absolutely! Before you commit your funds to purchase our proxies, you will be able to test them for free to decide whether to use our high speed premium private proxies. Please consult our account manager about the terms of the free trial period.

  • How to buy Twitch proxies for live streaming?

    If you want to secure your portion of reliable Twitch proxy IPs you came to the right place. We at Privateproxy are always ready to consult you on the best solution for Twitch and offer you the most reliable proxies for this use case. So, do not hesitate to contact our account manager for your Twitch proxies as soon as possible.

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