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If you want to have a more secure connection between your device and the target website, use SSL proxies. Such proxies provide extra security of the data transfer by applying encryption to the traffic in transit.
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Main reasons to choose our SSL proxies

When you buy SSL proxies from us, you get proxies that run on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/HTTPS) protocol to ensure data protection and security when you need it in one of the following missions:

Getting access to blocked sites. If you need reliable proxies for accessing music or video streaming services with limited or blocked access from your location, the SSL proxy servers will be your ideal choice.

Enabling guaranteed secure connections. The traffic from your target website will be encrypted in case of engaging SSL private proxies. Using SSL proxy services ensures the total prevention of data leaks and guarantees complete data security.

Absolutely safe web scraping. With SSL proxy IPs you can organize and conduct marketing-related data harvesting without raising red flags on the side of the target website.

Online shopping for rare or exclusive items. If you want to cop the rarest sneakers, you might want to increase your chances of success when you buy SSL private proxies from us.

All in all, if you are looking for extra safety and improved anonymity, SSL private proxies will be your primary choice.

Prices for SSL Proxies

Datacenter Staticstarting from$9/month

Unmatched DC proxies from the fastest locations across the planet.
We support most DC proxy applications out there at very affordable prices.
When you buy our DC private proxies we also guarantee round-the-clock support from our team of technical experts.

  • Instant Activation

  • 1 Free Swap a Month

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Any Purpose

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Multiple Locations

  • Free trial

Residential Staticstarting from$5/month

Buy our super fast yet reliable residential private proxies with sticky IP sessions tested on major IP check bases.
We feature multiple locations for your specific country or application requirements.

  • Instant Activation

  • 1 Free Swap a Month

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Any Purpose

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Multiple Locations

  • Free trial

Why you should choose SSL proxies from Privateproxy

  • Vast pools of SSL proxies

    Our main advantage is that we maintain and increase our range of IP addresses in all possible locations. That is also true about SSL private proxies that we supply for secure and anonymous web scraping missions. So regardless of the purpose of using our SSL proxies, you will be given a good choice of IPs to select from and you will be granted access to your own easy-to-use dashboard with all the proxy IPs at your fingertips.

    Vast pools of SSL proxies
  • 24/7 tech support

    Something we are really proud of at Privateproxy is the level of service we are able to provide to our customers. Our account managers are online round-the-clock to be able to resolve your concerns in no time. This is all especially true when you order highly secure anonymous SSL proxies. We want you to be on the safe side when you use our proxies, so we make it our top priority to make sure you are satisfied with our responses and service.

    24/7 tech support
  • Best value for your money

    You want to keep your costs at a minimum and it is understandable to us. That is why we are always on the lookout for our competitors to be able to provide you with the best quality private proxies at the most affordable rates. This policy also relates to the high-end SSL proxies that we provide to our customers.

    Best value for your money

If you need SSL private proxies for extra security of your online missions, please contact us directly for our special proxy offering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is an SSL proxy?

    An SSL proxy is a private proxy that operates based on a secure web protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It allows one to connect to a target website and keep all the data transferred through such proxy address in an encrypted form. It is generally viewed as a more secure type of private proxy.

  • Is it OK to buy all of my SSL proxies from one SSL proxy provider?

    Of course. If you buy an SSL proxy from one provider and another one from yet another service provider, you will have to keep accessing various dashboards for arranging your list of proxies. And you will need to deal with various tech support teams to answer your concerns. Our suggestion is simple: once you feel happy enough with one provider, you can easily increase your pool of proxies with him to be able to get maximum results from your proxy operations. That includes working with such intricate products as SSL private proxies.

  • Where can I use SSL proxies?

    The areas of application for SSL proxies span from accessing restricted websites to conducting marketing research by harvesting data from social media sites. Basically you can use such proxies in all common private proxy operations where you need extra security or anonymity.

  • Can I get a free trial on my SSL proxies?

    Yes, you can approach our account manager with information about your use case and based on that you will receive some SSL proxies for a free trial from our pool. The number of such proxies is determined on a case by case scenario.

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