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If you want to unblock access to Discord from your location and avoid bans on the platform, we have good news for you! Buy a set of hand-tested Discord proxies from us to access the service from anywhere with no restrictions.
Proxy for Discord

Why choose our Proxies for Discord

How can you be better off with our Discord proxies?

Obviously, with the private Discord proxy server that we are ready to offer, you will have an IP that will let you access the platform from the region that has geographical restrictions against Discord. Also, if you have your original IP banned from the system, you will be able to set up a proxy in your system to restore access to the app.

Unlike any free Discord proxies, a set of reliable private proxies, sometimes referred to as Discord unblocked proxies, will eliminate the possibility of leaking your personal data to a third party and make sure that only you will have access to the granted IP. It will also help prevent any malicious activity that may be directed to your original IP or the machine that you use to access the platform. 

Finally, all our Discord proxies are properly hand-tested and priced so that you will be able to budget them easily in case you don’t want to spend a fortune on premium proxies. Just check out our plans below to find out.

Prices for Discord Proxies

Datacenter Staticstarting from$9/month

Unmatched DC proxies from the fastest locations across the planet.
We support most DC proxy applications out there at very affordable prices.
When you buy our DC private proxies we also guarantee round-the-clock support from our team of technical experts.

  • Instant Activation

  • 1 Free Swap a Month

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Any Purpose

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Multiple Locations

  • Free trial

Residential Staticstarting from$5/month

Buy our super fast yet reliable residential private proxies with sticky IP sessions tested on major IP check bases.
We feature multiple locations for your specific country or application requirements.

  • Instant Activation

  • 1 Free Swap a Month

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Any Purpose

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Multiple Locations

  • Free trial

  • rocket-proxy


    With cheap or public proxies, the speed of your connection to Discord will be significantly compromised. You may experience some latency or lag during communication. To avoid that, we have prepared a special network of unblocked Discord proxies that guarantee fast connections and a great success rate for accessing the platform.

  • save-proxy


    All our Discord proxies are private or dedicated, meaning that you will be the sole owner of the IP that you are buying for your needs. It also means that the performance of such servers will be optimized for use from your location to the Discord servers that you're currently using. And if you need to swap your IP for your DIscord unblocker, our account manager will be there for you to help.

  • select-proxy


    Buying a Discord SOCKS5 proxy from us means that you will get access to our easy-to-use proxy dashboard for monitoring and controlling all of your IPs. At any moment, you will have the opportunity to see what proxy you currently have engaged and how much traffic you have used up so far. The setup itself is also as easy as copy-pastings.

Why you should choose PrivateProxy

  • Ultimate hand-tested proxies for Discord

    Discord is an extremely popular platform among distributed teams, content streamers, and gamers. Some people experience problems while accessing Discord due to geo-limitations imposed on some locations. With our proxies, you will be able to overcome such hurdles and secure your access to Discord in no time. Guaranteed!

    Ultimate hand-tested proxies for Discord
  • 24/7 Tech Support

    The best thing that we offer alongside some of the most reliable IPs in the industry is our top-notch tech support, that will help you set up the proxies that we offer and make sure you are happy with their performance. Should you need to swap your IP or upgrade your plan, we will always be there for you to assist.

    24/7 Tech Support
  • The best proxies for Discord to fit your budget

    We understand that the issue of pricing can be critical to the decision-making of our proxy users. With that in mind, we have priced our IPs so that you can start with the most affordable plan for Discord proxies and grow gradually if you need an extra pool of IPs.

    The best proxies for Discord to fit your budget

If you or your company need a set of reliable proxies for Discord, contact us directly for our special offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a proxy for Discord?

    A proxy for Discord comes in the form of the IP of an intermediary server that lets you connect to the platform from any location that imposes geo-restrictions on accessing Discord.

  • What can I use Discord proxies for?

    Proxies on Discord are often used for bypassing IP bans or joining the platform from geo-restricted locations with or without bots.

  • Can I use your proxy against Discord bans?

    Yes! With a reliable private Discord proxy, you can override the platform’s bans. If you still have trouble accessing your profile, consult with your account manager.

  • What type of proxy is good for Discord?

    The most frequently used proxies for Discord are residential IPs (SOCKS5 or HTTP(S)). You can also use ISP proxies for this purpose. Please consult your account manager to learn more about the most optimal type of proxy in your particular case.

  • What risks do I have using public or free Discord proxies?

    Public proxies and VPNs pose security threats to your connections. With such proxies, you will have higher chances of exposing your system to malicious attacks by third parties on the web.

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