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Scraping and parsing data generated by the most visited search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing require proxies you can rely on.

If you want to get around captchas and other limitations of search engines, try out our set of engine proxies specifically designed for this purpose.
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Main reasons to choose private proxies for search engines from PrivateProxy

No matter what tools you use for scraping or parsing SERPs when you buy proxies for search engines you definitely want to be on the safe side to override the protection and bot detection tools of search engines.

We are proud to provide you with sets of proxies from our pools specifically tested to be used with search engines. These proxies have the best security and speed ratio to guarantee optimum performance when used on parsing SERPs. So, if you need to parse anonymous traffic, request or retrieve organic data, monitor prices on marketplaces, or track other metrics, you can be absolutely confident that our proxies will not be red-flagged by the build-in any-bot systems of search engines.


With our search engine proxy service, you will be able to automate SERP parsing when it comes to all major search engines. So, do not limit yourself only to the Google search engine, you can easily benefit from data analysis on Yahoo and Bing as well when it comes to some specific data mining.

So, if you are out there scraping tons of images, videos, stories, or other snippets of data, you will be able to do it flawlessly with our best proxies and without triggering the annoying captchas that can hinder your online missions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a search engine proxy?

    It is a search engine proxy server that is specifically tested to be used for automating scraping and parsing search engine result pages.

  • Is it safe to buy search engines proxies from a single proxy provider?

    Yes, of course! Once you establish good business relations with your search engine proxies provider you can totally move all of your proxy-related matters to one provider. This way you will be able to negotiate the best pricing conditions and save time and money on managing your pool of proxies.

  • What types of proxies can be used for parsing and scraping search engines?

    Depending on the mission specifics we can suggest using HTTPS or IPv4 proxies for search engine scraping and parsing. We highly recommend describing the specifics of your mission to your account manager prior to placing your order. This way you will get an optimum set of proxies for search engines.

  • What search engines are supported by your search engine proxies?

    If you buy google search proxies then in most cases they will be suitable for use with scrapers and parsers of other networks. If you experience any difficulties in setting up your proxies, please consult with our tech support. We are here for you 24/7 to resolve any matters related to operating our proxies in your best interests.


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