Footsites Proxies

If you are buying collectibles from Champs Sports, Eastbay, Foot Locker and Footaction we have just the right offer for you.

Buying sneakers during the long-awaited drops can be tricky, so we are ready to offer footsites proxies that will be just right for this mission.
Footsites Proxies

Chasing the most wanted pairs of collectible footwear can be super exciting. For those of you who use proxies for accessing the following sites:,, and we want to specify our terms and conditions to avoid further misunderstanding.

Since these marketplaces use sophisticated antibot systems that can get activated right before the drop, we cannot guarantee that our successfully tested proxies (verified by you prior to the drop) can demonstrate the same performance during the drop itself. 

IMPORTANT: Our proxies used for this application on the aforementioned websites are exempt from the money refund policy. I.e. you will buy proxies from us for this particular application at your personal risk recognizing the chance of banning, in which case no refund will follow. Also, please mind that the minimum package of footsites proxies is 200 IPs per order. This is to guarantee that you will be the only proxy user inside a single subnet.

Sneaker 200 $355/mo

  • 200 IP's
  • Free proxy swaps upon renewal if your proxies get banned
  • Exclusive subnet for each client
  • Unlimited connections

Sneaker 1000 $1500/mo

  • 1000 IP's
  • Free proxy swaps upon renewal if your proxies get banned
  • Exclusive subnet for each client
  • Unlimited connections

Our proxies can be used successfully with the following renowned footsites. Please consult with your account manager for specific use case requirements.

  • Foot Locker

    Foot Locker

  • Eastbay


  • Footaction


  • Unlimited Proxies

    We are ready to offer you IPs from all highly demanded locations. Our pool of residential proxies include servers from some major cities across the Globe (including America, Europe and Asia).

    Unlimited Proxies
  • 24/7 Tech Support

    Our experts are online continuously, ready to guide you through setup processes related to your specific tasks. Regardless of your location around the World, we will make sure you are pleased with our operation and proxy performance.

    24/7 Tech Support
  • Best Value for Your Money

    We track our competition and strive to provide the best performance while keeping our prices in a very affordable range. Needless to say that we are ready to give you proxies for trial before you engage with us.

    Best Value for Your Money

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