How to Use Adidas Proxy Servers for Effective Sneaker Botting
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/03/24

The market of rare sneakers is constantly growing. This creates more and more demand for the most wanted footwear from collectors, athletes and resellers who use all the technological potential the Internet has to offer in order to cop the most coveted sneakers. 

Of course, some of the brands and models stand out in this ocean of meticulously crafted footwear. Ever since its introduction in February 2015 Yeezy from Adidas developed by one and only Kanye West has always been on the minds of thousands of sneakerheads as a must-have for their collections. The fact that this model was worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Diddy made the lust for a pair even more gruesome. Yeezy from Adidas also has proven to be rather practical footwear and athletes quickly became fans. All these instantly created an undeniable shortage of the sneakers in the showrooms, leading to momentary clearing of all the next collections right from the online drops.

So, what options do you currently have as a prospective Adidas Yeezy owner or collector to get a hold on a pair of the kicks? Well, of course, you can stash up some cash and buy a pair from the lucky owners with a huge premium markup or use some cool tools and techniques to secure your own pair during the drops all across the World. As you might have guessed, it will involve using sneaker proxies for Adidas websites and bots that will host such proxies and will make the process of purchasing even smoother.     

In this article we will talk about particular cases of using the best Adidas sneaker proxies in various locations and for a range of marketplaces where you can expect the drops of footwear from this renowned vendor. You will learn about the types of proxies that will be just right for this use case and find out which bots have a good track record in copping Adidas shoes. And, just in case you have any difficulty understanding shoe slang, please check out this glossary that we put together for you to help you cope with the sneakers industry more effectively. 

Things You Should Know About the Adidas Proxy Servers 

When you start looking for Adidas proxies you will also come across a subsegment of such proxies called Yeezy proxies. Now, Yeezy proxies can be public, semi-dedicated and dedicated.

Public and semi-dedicated proxies are shared proxies. In the case of the public ones – you will always have trouble with such IPs, since they will be available to the whole Internet. And semi-dedicated are also shared with other users and their reliability is also questioned.

Dedicated or private Yeezy proxies (or Adidas dedicated proxies) are the most reliable and high-performing proxies normally supporting unlimited bandwidth and blazing access speeds. They are considered the best proxies for Adidas in terms of speed and security and can be safely used for copping shoes.

Although you can find some dedicated Adidas proxies for free for a limited time, you should know that you will have bandwidth and security limits on them. But once you decide to buy Adidas proxies you will have a range of advantages granted to you by your plan:

  • You will be able to buy multiple pairs of sneakers per drop by changing your IPs (concurrent purchasing of footwear);
  • Faster speed of conducting transactions, letting you be ahead of the crowd while acquiring your Yeezy pairs;
  • Full compatibility with all popular top performing Adidas sneaker bots.

The bottom line is that good Adidas proxies cost money but they are worth every penny for letting you resolve security (no Captchas or red flags) and speed issues while you are buying online. So, if you are looking for the best proxies for Yeezy Supply and Adidas marketplaces, your clear choice is paid dedicated Adidas proxies. They will let you buy the whole range of Adidas collectable sneakers (including NMD, Ultra Boost and, of course, Yeezy).  

Now, another important aspect is the location of Adidas servers. When you are looking for the best proxy location for Adidas shops, you should keep in mind that the closer your proxy IP is to your Adidas account IP at eshop servers, the better. For instance, we provide both Adidas US proxies and Adidas EU proxies to our customers depending on the server location of the marketplaces that they want to shop at.

What Else You Should Remember Before You Buy Adidas Proxies

Before you commit your funds to Adidas proxies, you should remember that the best Adidas private proxies are residential or ISP. Even considering the fact that datacenter proxies are cheaper and faster, they will be much easier to detect and raise red flags. When you buy from Adidas and Yeezy stores speed will not be so critical because these marketplaces have their own queues once you register in the drop. 

You really need to invest in proxies if you live in a country without Adidas official online stores and slow Internet connection. Of course, you can try your chances of winning a pair of Yeezys without bots or proxies but considering the odds, you will be on a safer side to get into the queue with Adidas proxies and shoe bots. 

Now, if you want to engage rotating residential Adidas proxies for multiple purchases, make sure you request rather fast proxies from your provider for the country of the marketplace and activate sticky sessions when your IPs will be changing once every 10 minutes or so. This will be an important option for a backconnect or rotating Adidas proxy server. 

How to Use Adidas Proxy Servers for Effective Sneaker Botting

How to Set Up Best Adidas Proxies and Sneaker Bots

In this section we will share with you some tips on how to use Adidas proxies. Since, you will most likely use a sneaker bot to cop Adidas kicks, we will show you how to integrate our proxies into such bots. Again, the main reason to use Adidas bots is to automate the process of placing bids to increase your chances to buy several pairs of the coveted footwear. 

Working with proxies in most bots starts with simple copy & pasting the proxies from your provider’s dashboard and into the bot. Later you will be able to assign tasks to such proxies and normally you will have at least one proxy IP per task. 

Proxies in case of Privateproxy appear in the following format:

IP address and port:, 

(other providers may have another format: Hostname and port:

In case you are using a range of IPs, with ‘IP + port’ format your IP will be changing from one proxy to another, and in case of ‘hostname + port’, it’s the port that will be changing and the address will remain the same.

In some cases the port will be followed by a username and password when authentication is required for a certain proxy (example:

With some bots you can set up the threads for concurrent trading using multiple proxies. This should let you increase your chances of purchasing your wanted footwear. 


In terms of bots available for Adidas sneaker copping one name stands out. AIO bot is considered an all-in-one universal bot that can be used for buying a whole variety of sneakers from various sites.  

This bot has helped millions of users in copping sneakers in over 150,000 drops. It is highly acclaimed in the area and has thousands of positive testimonials. 

EasyCop Bot

Another popular bot that you can use for shopping footwear on all renowned platforms including Adidas, Footlocker, FootAction, etc. The best thing about this bot is that it supports multiple accounts that significantly increases your chances of winning in the queue. 

Another great feature of this bot is the restock monitor that lets you know when to start your bidding process. 

Regardless of the bot configuration that you use, you will need some high-performing Adidas residential proxies to place them into your bot and proceed with copping some limited-edition sneakers.

Consider PrivateProxy Your Trusted Partner

We at PrivateProxy have assembled a huge collection of positive use cases of our customers who buy our proxies for various business purposes. We want you to know that when you are thinking where to get Adidas proxies for your online shopping, you will be able not only buy the best Adidas proxy servers but also get a full range of insights on how to use our proxies with bots and tools.

Another important thing is that regardless of proxies you buy from us for shopping at Adidas marketplaces – rotating or static proxy – you will always have 24/7 access to our experienced tech support experts who will gladly guide you through the process of proxy selection and setup for sneaker shopping online. 

And, finally, we keep our pool of Adidas proxy networks at very high levels, so that you will always have a choice of proxies to select from. You want to get the best for your buck and we know it!

Final Thoughts 

We hope by now you have a better idea about how to choose the right proxies for buying Adidas footwear online. if you are still asking yourself: How to use proxies for sneakers? and How to set them up? – you are always welcome to find the answers in our articles and FAQs as well as directly from our account managers who are ready to help you online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What are the best proxy types I can use for buying Adidas sneakers online?

    Since it is very important to locate your proxy IP address right next to your marketplace server, the most reliable private proxies to use for sneakers are static and rotating residential proxies. if you decide to use datacenter proxies for this mission, you are likely to get red-flagged and banned from the marketplace.

  • Is it safe to buy all my Adidas proxies from one source?

    Well, if you are happy with your relationship with the provider, it is absolutely safe to buy all sorts of proxies from him. If you buy a lot of IPs from a single source, most likely you will benefit from a special plan on such proxies.

  • How do I set up your Adidas proxies inside my bot?

    Normally, this procedure is an easy plug-and-play (copy and paste) setup. You will need to have access to your proxy addresses and from there you will need to paste them into your bot. Note that you will need to place username and passwords as well if you use proxies requiring authentication.

  • Are your Adidas proxies compatible with my bot?

    Our Adidas proxies are compatible with all most popular bots that you can use for purchasing sneakers online. If you have a custom-made tool or a special version of a bot, please consult with our tech support to make sure our proxies will be compatible with it.

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