How to Get Around Being Blocked on OnlyFans
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/11/09

OnlyFans is a highly popular platform for distributing exclusive content. The main option that allows users to subscribe and receive content directly from their favorite creators is the main selling point for OnlyFans. However, certain countries ban access to the platform and leave users frustrated. Luckily, with the help of proxies, you can evade any censorship of this kind. In this article, we will discuss how to get around being blocked on OnlyFans.

What is OnlyFans, and Why is it Blocked?

OnlyFans is a platform that launched in 2016 and has become popular recently. One of the main features of OnlyFans – subscription model, which helped the platform grow its audience in many markets. Every creator can protect their posts and videos with a paywall and monthly fees that range from 5 to 50 US dollars. This way, influencers can grow a massive income simply from fan support, without any advertising or promotions involved. The subscription model also gives enough flexibility in terms of prices. For example, a content creator can charge 5 dollars a month for access to text posts and comment sections and 20 dollars for all other content.

From the regular user point of view, this model is attractive because of the access to exclusive content. A lot of creators have active profiles on many social media platforms, but their posts are exclusive to OnlyFans subscribers. All of these features help OnlyFans stay popular much longer and grow a massive audience. As of today, more than 130 million users and 2 million creators use OnlyFans.

The main boost in OnlyFans popularity happened during the period of COVID lockdown. During this time, many of the most popular celebrities started using OnlyFans to sell exclusive content. For example, celebrities like Cardi B, DJ Khaleed, and Bhad Bhabie opened their own accounts and actively promoted them.

The other matter that helped OnlyFans grow their audience lies in the field of NSFW content. A lot of influencers and creators of this content started to use OnlyFans as the main platform for distribution. This trend started like a snowball, and now a big part of content on OnlyFans is built around NSFW themes.

This characteristic of OnlyFans also brings a number of problems. The main obstacle related to this lies in the restrictions in some countries. Authorities in certain regions tend to limit or ban access to any popular platform with NSFW content on it. In most cases, you will have a problem with your connection to OnlyFans because of the local restrictions. But this can be evaded with the help of residential proxies. This way, you will be able to avoid IP address blocking by changing your IP to one from another country without censorship.

But, can you get blocked on OnlyFans for other reasons? The answer is yes, and OnlyFans itself can restrict your access. Alternatively, influencers can block you from their page on the platform directly. There can be a lot of reasons for blocking, but usually they involve violating platform terms of use. So what happens if you get blocked on OnlyFans? Basically, you won’t be able to login to an account or interact with certain profiles.

If you face any kind of restriction, datacenter proxies or other IP-changing tools can come to the rescue. With the right proxies, you can create and use a new account without any trouble. In the next paragraph, we will look closely at the use of proxies for OnlyFans.

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Unblock OnlyFans with PrivateProxy with Ease

You can try to use PrivateProxy to get around being blocked on OnlyFans in almost any case. To start, we will talk about blocks directly from OnlyFans or from profile owners. First, you need to understand how to know if someone restricted you on OnlyFans. Basically, you need to open a need profile and see if it is accessible to you. If not, that means you were blocked. If OnlyFans directly restricts your access, then you won’t be able to login to your account at all.

In all of these cases, you can recover your access by signing in to a new OnlyFans account. The most convenient way to open a new account involves using static residential proxies or other IP-changing tools. You need to log off your current account, activate proxies, and create a new profile from a different IP. Remember that you will need to turn on proxies every time that you use this OnlyFans account. On certain devices, you can create an automatic proxy activation for all OnlyFans connections.

As we said before, NSFW content provokes authorities in certain countries to block OnlyFans or censor some content. Unfortunately, these obstacles can be overcome with datacenter rotating proxies or other tools for changing IP. This way, your request will be sent to the proxy server in another country first, and only after this to OnlyFans. With proxies installed on your device, you can access most of the blocked sites the same way. 

Nowadays, proxies can be used on most devices and operating systems. Usually, you need to find the settings app on your device and open the Options tab for networks. There, you need to find a button for proxy setup or for advanced settings. In the new window, you should write down the password, username, port, and IP of the server. After this, click save and go check if your original IP has changed to one of the servers.

Benefits of Using the Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous proxy solutions can be used in lots of different scenarios, both for casual and work-related tasks. For example, you can use a proxy for OnlyFans that was selected specifically for this platform. Besides evading blocks, you can use these proxies for your professional objectives, such as managing multiple accounts on one device or utilizing different bots to arrange activities for your profiles.

Proxies can be used as the ultimate tool for accessing almost all blocked sites. Your first request will be redirected to the server in the country without strong censorship, and only after this to the site. This way, you can use most of the sites that are censored by authorities in your region.

More than this, you can implement proxies in your working processes. For example, almost any scraping or data collection project will be highly dependent on the quality of the proxy. Otherwise, even at the start, your scraper can be blocked by the targeted site, preventing any additional access.

All of these features make proxies an indispensable tool for many online tasks. Plus, you can use one proxy server across all of your devices. Most modern systems can be easily set up to work with one or more different kinds of proxies. Overall, proxies can be your ultimate instrument due to their versatility and functionality.


OnlyFans is a popular platform for creators in different fields of art, but a large amount of NSFW content leads to censorship acts in certain regions. Conservative authorities tend to block access to OnlyFans or censor certain profiles on the platform. OnlyFans itself can also block your account, or you can be blocked directly by creators.

Luckily, any of these blocks can be evaded with the help of proxies. You can unblock access to OnlyFans in your region just by choosing a proxy server in a location different from yours. Also, with proxies, you can create a new account and use OnlyFans even if you were blocked previously. Moreover, with two or more proxy servers, you will be able to use multiple accounts on one device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why can your access to OnlyFans be blocked?

    Access to OnlyFans can be restricted for several reasons. First, your local authorities can ban platforms on a regional level. Alternatively, you can face a ban directly from OnlyFans or one of the creators.

  • What proxy is the best to use with OnlyFans? has a special set of proxies selected specifically for work with OnlyFans. This way, you can create new accounts, manage bots, and access OnlyFans from any place.

  • How can proxies help to evade blocks?

    Proxies is the simple solution that will help both to evade blocks and to create a new profile. This way, you can find a way to use OnlyFans with proxies in almost any situation.

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