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"I have been with privateproxy.me since May 2023."

Daniel efforts in content creation have its niche in producing posts with focusing on the details of proxy and data functioning. His professional interests lie in the field of proxy solutions, applications, and deployment. If you want to learn more about Daniel expertise and interests, take a look at some of his latest posts on our corporate blog.


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  • How to Set Proxy in BlueStacks

    How to Set Proxy in BlueStacks


    What is BlueStacks?

    Do you remember the times when mobile and computer apps were like spacecrafts that started together, but landed on the neighboring planets? You couldn’t automatically use contacts from the Android-based messenger in your PC or launch your favorite mobile game on a bigger screen, because it was made for Android. 

  • How to Scrape Shopee With Proxy

    How to Scrape Shopee With Proxy


    What Is a Shopee Proxy?

    Shopee is a multinational e-commerce platform operating in East Asia and Latin America. It implements a hybrid business model combining B2C and C2C marketplace operations.  

  • How to Play Roblox with a Proxy

    How to Play Roblox with a Proxy


    Roblox is an irresistible gaming platform that has won the hearts of millions of players due to its wide variety of user-made encounters. This online service, mainly targeted at children and teens, provides endless possibilities of virtual worlds visitors can create on their own or stumble across. And yet what if there are very restrictive limitations preventing you from experiencing the whole virtual world offered by Roblox? This guide is about why you should use fake server (proxy server) to help improve your Roblox experience when playing your favorite game.