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"I have been with privateproxy.me since May 2023."

Daniel efforts in content creation have its niche in producing posts with focusing on the details of proxy and data functioning. His professional interests lie in the field of proxy solutions, applications, and deployment. If you want to learn more about Daniel expertise and interests, take a look at some of his latest posts on our corporate blog.


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  • Scraping data From Website to Excel

    Scraping data From Website to Excel


    If you are ever thinking of parsing and updating tables from different sites, Excel can provide all the needed tools for this. Web Query tool can help you to create parsing tasks and receive results with all the information in a spreadsheet. In this article we will discuss the basics of the Web Query setup and use for your tasks and talk about how to do data scraping using Excel.

  • 6 Best Proxies for Scrapebox

    6 Best Proxies for Scrapebox


    If you ever came across the idea of scraping automation for your business purposes, the chances are very high that you either used or at least heard of Scrapebox as one of the most popular everyday tools for automating data extraction and posting practices.

  • Facebook Login Proxy Server Problem

    Facebook Login Proxy Server Problem


    Facebook, for a long time, maintains its position at the top of all popular websites. No wonder that many schools, workplaces and organizations ban access to Facebook and other media. If you ever wanted to bypass blocks like this, proxy server setup and other methods can be your solution. In this article, we will discuss how to bypass proxy Facebook login and how to start using proxies in different operating systems.