IP Address Blocking When Using Web Scraping: How To Avoid It
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/12/14

Data scraping is one of the crucial techniques for modern analysis and building a competitive business. Different spheres, like SEO, marketing, or HR, can benefit from harvesting information. However, scraping is a difficult and complex task, and in the process, you may easily face restrictions and blocks from targeted sites. In this article, we will see how to get unblocked from scraping with proxy.


If you happen to deal with scraping projects, you have also probably faced situations where your scraping tasks and software were blocked. Targeted sites tend to use more and more advanced methods of protection from any form of data collection.

Situations like this can be frustrating, and you somehow wonder how to avoid these restrictions in the future. In most cases, problems of this kind can be solved with a couple of basic tricks. We will cover all the methods of unblocking your scraping and show you how to use a proxy for unblocking scrape tasks.

How to Prevent Website Scraping Block

Technology inevitably develops in all of the spheres at the same time. Websites developers create new and more advanced protective and tracking software to identify and ban scraping and other unwanted activity. However, developers of the best scraping tools are also constantly working on creating modern methods to prevent being blacklisted.

Nowadays, the main method of avoiding blocks is called IP rotation. This way, you can send all of your requests to different IP addresses. Special software will rotate the IP to a new one for every new connection. A technique like this can solve most of your problems and save you from being blocked in almost any case.

However, some of the sites can use more advanced and complex tracking systems. In this case, you should try to use mobile or residential proxies. This way, your requests will be sent from a legitimate-looking IP address.

On the side of the website, all of your requests will look like numerous real connections from different users. With a setup like this, your chances of being blocked tend to be zero, or at least low. For example, if you have a pool of a thousand residential IPs, you can surf any website like a thousand regular users.

Tips to Avoid Blocks While Rotating IPs for Web Scraping

Web scraping is a complex process that has lots of different parameters to keep in mind. Let’s talk about some of the tricks that you can use for your web scraping project. First of all, you need to remember to avoid using proxy IPs in a sequence. If your request is coming from IPs that lie in the same range, even the simple anti-bot system will block you.

Also, you shouldn’t rotate your IP or change the user agent after you log on to a targeted site. In this case, the site will already start to track you and create session cookies. If these cookies appear on any other IP, you will definitely trigger the system and flag both IPs.

Try to use a private proxy or special web scraping proxy for your projects. Anonymous proxies for scraping can reliably hide your IP address and submit the address of the server. This way, you can secure your privacy and perform any tasks that are protected. In most cases, this feature can also save you from restrictions and bans for your scraper.

How Proxies Allow Web Scraping Without Block Errors

Proxies are one of the most powerful and trouble-free tools for scraping without blocking. Basically, a proxy servers hides your real IP and allows you to connect to any website any number of times you want. If one of the IPs ends up blocked, you can move to a new one and continue to practice scraping any needed data.

So with datacenter rotating proxies, you can connect to the site over and over again to collect all of the data you want. Without this technology, you will be forced to make 10-30 connections in a second, which will instantly draw attention to the site block system. But with proxies, you can rotate your address as much as you want.

Web Scraping Without Being Blocked Using Proxies

To start using the best proxies for scraping and to be sure that there will be blocks in the future, you need to use proxies. As said before, for the best result on long distances, you should look at the benefits of rotating proxies and static residential proxies. Basically, you just need to find proxies that will satisfy all your requirements and integrate them into your proxies for scraping software. This way, you can integrate this solution into SEO tools and, for example, use proxies for Scrapebox to achieve the best performance in any related tasks. 

Rotating residential or datacenter proxies can help you get a new IP address for every new connection. Even if one of your IPs is banned in the process, the scraping process won’t stop, and you won’t need to interfere in any way. But some sites can utilize the most modern anti bot systems that will detect and suspect even this kind of connection.

In this case, you need to look at the residential proxy option. With residential proxies, you can be sure that all of your connections will look at the site as they would on a regular PC. This trick significantly reduces the risk of being blocked in any of the cases. Additionally, you need to use other methods, like changing the user agents or using web crawlers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • How can sites block your scraping activity?

    In order to detect and prevent any bot-like behavior, the majority of modern websites use specialized software and technologies. The security features can be fairly complex and require a lot of tricks to get past, depending on the website.

  • What proxies are the best for scraping tasks?

    You can use a residential proxy and get the best choice of locations and IPs for scraping. This way, tracking and blocking will be considerably more difficult because your connection will look just like any other.

  • What methods can be used to avoid blocks?

    To avoid restrictions, you need to use a number of tricks at the same time. However, proxies will always be the main component of bypass blocking.

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