Top 8 Linkedin Lead Generation Bots in 2024
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/12/14

Linkedin with its user base of 800+ million registered users, 57 million companies and over 65 million decision makers simply cannot be ignored as the primary data repository for your business perspectives. 

No wonder that thousands of marketers worldwide scout the digital realms of the platform on a daily basis in search for new business opportunities. And software developers also understandably came into light, offering a variety of scraping tools that are meant to automate the process of data collection for lead generation. 

Since we provide high performing proxies for lead gen practices to our users, we decided to compile a list of the most popular tools used for data scraping and parsing on Linkedin and similar platforms. And just like with all purpose-oriented proxies (like Twitch proxies or one of the best SOCKS5 proxies for Reddit), Linkedin proxies are all hand tested before they are supplied to end users.

This list will show you the main areas of application of the best Linkedin bots, outlining the advantages and disadvantages thereof. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the TOP 8 Linkedin Bots for Lead Generation. 

Top 8 Linkedin Bots You Can Use for Lead Generation in 2023 

Here is our list of the most frequently mentioned Linkined bots by our proxy users for lead generation practices in 2023.

1Phantombuster“Clear winner of the breed”
2Dux Soup“A Chrome browser extension bot that rocks”  
3ProxyCrawl “Ultimate crawler for coders”
4FollowingLike“All SMM efforts that go beyond scraping” 
5WebScraper“Elegant tool with a point-and-click interface”
6Octoparse“Easy-to-use contact scraper with proxy rotation”
7Evaboot“Ultimate Sales Navigator-based scraper”
8Waalaxy “Cool browser-based automation bot”

While working on this list we evaluated each bot from the perspective of ease-of-use, UX/UI qualities, frequency of mentions, pricing and affordability.

1. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is an ultimate all-in-one tool for automating lead generation tasks for you. Here, you will be able to create your own scraping sequence of the most renowned social media platforms, or rely on the tool’s dozens of pre-made automations to do the job for you. The resulting spreadsheets of prospects will be just a few clicks aways. And what’s even better, the system can also automate the outreach process, so that you can plan your communication with the leads as well. 

This tool can be successfully used as a Linkedin recruiter bot or Linkedin profiler view bot depending on your mission requirements. 

Another great feature of Phantombuster is its ability to integrate with your CRM. The system is also absolutely code-free, so there is no need for hiring a developer to produce a script that will suit your business purpose. As a part of the package you will enjoy great round-the-clock tech support. And, you can get a 14-day trial in order to appreciate the service before committing your funds.

On the downside, some users found it inconvenient that select patterns of automation produce results that are not 100% compatible. You have different sequences of columns, and naming differs as well. That normally happens when the automation patterns have been compiled by different agents within the system. Other than this, Phantombuster is clearly the number one choice in Linkedin automation so far. 

Price: from $48 a month for a Starter package

2. Dux Soup

The main advantage of Dux Soup is that it works as a Chrome Linkedin bot, thus all of your Linkedin lead generation activities can be seamlessly integrated with browsing. 

Once you set up the extension, you can directly proceed to your Linkedin profile for scraping and reaching out to your prospects. The killer feature of Dux Soup is mimicking human-like behavior when scraping. It lets the bot stay below radars on Linkedin. 

This Linkedin connection bot is great at creating and executing personalized lead gen campaigns. You will have prompted sequences of emails supervised by the tool to your prospect decision makers on all critical communications. 

Dux Soup also features integration with CRMs, which makes it a perfect Linkedin messaging bot. Although, this appears to be a standard practice in all the bots that we have mentioned in our review.

Price: from $11.25 a month for a Pro Dux package, free trial available 

3. ProxyCrawl 

ProxyCrawl, which is now a part of Crawlbase scraping platform, is a Linkedin scraping tool for advanced users with coding experience. Crawlbase offers a whole variety of scrapers for all possible social media websites and search engines. 

The crawler for Linkedin offers a highly sophisticated crawling engine and APIs to be able to avoid authwalls on Linkedin while scraping. With the right residential proxies, you can also reach out to all regional subdomains of Linkedin (AU, DE, etc.) to be able to collect info on prospect clients or business leads across the World. 

ProxyCrawl is a great tool for those advanced users who are not scared by the perspective of writing their own scripts and integrating proxies. This bot for Linkedin demonstrates great potential in overcoming captchas and antibot systems. By the way, we have a great article for you on how to get rid of recaptcha when using bots for business. 

Price: from $29 a month, first 1000 requests are free

4. FollowingLike 

FollowingLike is not just a mere scraper for Linkedin lead generation. It is also a social media engagement tool that should help in growing your follower base across the most influential social media including Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Quora. So, for the purposes of this review, think of it as a Linkedin like bot with great SMM potential.  

One of the best features of FollowingLike is its SMM panel integration feature. Of course, it is more topical for managing accounts on Meta’s Instagram and Faceebok but it is still worth mentioning if you decide to expand the use of the tool beyond Linkedin. 

As for LinkedIn related features, you get the usual functionality that lets you collect info from posts, profiles and groups. You can also easily set up queries for gathering business intel based on skills, likes and other parameters of your prospect business leads. 

All the scraped data is 100% exportable and you are not limited only to one Linkedin account with FollowingLike. 

Price: from $76 a month for one account on Linkedin 

5. WebScraper

WebScraper is a perfect example of an elegant browser extension scraper that employs a point-and-click interface for gathering info right from the pages that you open. Here, no coding is required. This method makes it easy to perform data extraction from dynamic sites on all levels: you can finetune the scraper to work on categories and subcategories to go deeper into the content.

This bot was written specifically to handle scraping from JavaScript sites. Where other scrapers fail to do the job, WebScraper feels absolutely in its element. It has pagination handlers and can even execute scroll down mechanisms for going further into the site. 

As for data representation, you can always export your scraping results in CSV format right into your browser. In addition to that, you can use the scraper via its API and create XLSX or Json format databases. 

Price: from $50 a month for a Project account (with support for 2 parallel tasks and dynamic sites), free browser extension for local use is also available.  

6. Octoparse

Octoparse was built around the idea of fast and hassle-free scraping with no coding requirements. And it does just that by turning multiple websites into sensible datasets for further business research. 

This bot is especially good when it comes to locating and extracting data from profiles and groups of LinkedIn. In no time you will have a database that will be exportable to any convenient formats (MySWL, JSN, XLS and CSV).  

Some of the great features worth mentioning in Octoparse is schedule-based scraping and a proprietary proxy rotation mechanism for residential or datacenter proxies for avoiding authwalls. You also have a desktop or a cloud version of the scraper to choose from. 

Price: from $89 a month for a Standard Plan (for 100 tasks), free version is available for “simple” projects. 

7. Evaboot

Evaboot raises the browser-based scraping to a whole new level. It is closely integrated with Linkedin Sales Navigator and is launched with just a single click. It is not a mere Linkedin company name collector bot or a simple Linkedin Sales Navigator bot. Instead it has functionality that will be appreciated by any Linkedin scrapers. 

The top features that make this bot stand out are automatic lead cleanup. You will not need to retouch the names or titles from the list in order to further use them in your outreach.  Also, it has an automatic filter for sorting out unnecessary leads. You can finetune this filter to automatically tell you that a certain lead represents a different industry or region. This makes Evaboot a great Linkedin message bot in this list.

Plus, you will have an email verification feature to server test the addresses of the prospect leads. This way, your outreach will not bounce back upon launching. 

And, of course, you have a teamwork mode, where all your sales team efforts can be multiplied by having all active participants partner up inside the tool.

Price: from $49 a month for a Small Plan (for 2K emails with a verifier), free trial version 

8. Waalaxy 

Ever thought about a proper tool for managing mass-mailing without limits? Waalaxy does just that. This wonderful browser extension has multiple sequencing for automating your Linkedin and mailing activities. And this makes it one of the top Linkedin auto message sender bot in this review. 

Everything here starts with importing your contacts into the bot and the system takes it from there. It recommends prospecting over several channels. Only this way you can get your offer to the attention of the lead. 

Waalaxy can be easily integrated with your CRM or emailing tool. This way you will have total control of your communication with the prospects. Also, the bot features an intuitive dashboard that shows nice-looking useful stats. 

On the downside, this Linkedin automation bot does not let you create any of your own custom scenarios. But, at least you can use the bot for free with 100 invitations per month limit. 

Price: from $30 a month for a Pro Plan (with 800 invitations per month), free 100 a month invitation plan. 

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And if you are not so sure about the type of proxy you need for Linkedin automation, reach out to our account manager and we will gladly guide you through the proxy selection process. We can also advise you on the basics of ethical scraping in order to avoid any possible hurdles on the side of the target platform. This way you will be able to collect the data you need in a prompt and hassle-free fashion, while staying undetected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does Linkedin think about using scraping bots?

    Although Linkedin unambiguously prohibits scraping, you can certainly use the platform for gathering the business-related data. But if you do so, please proceed with caution and scrape ethically, without overloading the site and violating the law on handling personal information.

  • Are your proxies compatible with my Linkedin bot?

    Most certainly. Our proxies are compatible with all renowned and popular bots that can be found in the market. If in doubt, give us the details of your online mission and we will advise you on the best proxies to use in your particular case.

  • What type of proxy is the best for Linkedin scraping?

    When it comes to scraping geo-specific information from Linkedin you are likely to use residential proxies. And if you are looking for high-speed and high-performing proxies, then your choice will be with datacenter proxies. Also, you will be able to set a certain time frame for using one or another IP by employing rotating (or backconnect) proxies. Such proxies will allow you to scrape with sticky sessions when it is critical to use the same IP over a certain period of time during the same session.

  • How do I set up your proxies in my bot?

    All you need to do is copy the proxies from your easy-to-use dashboard on our site and paste them into your bot. Should you have any specific questions remaining as to how to integrate the proxies into your custom-built tool, ask our tech support team for advice.

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