How to Use LinkedIn With Proxy
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/11/30

LinkedIn keeps its position as the primary platform for professional collaboration and other business related tasks. Lots of professionals around the world utilize LinkedIn as their main tool for posting and sharing content. All of this makes LinkedIn a good tool for growing an audience or promoting products and services in different markets.

The constant growth of the LinkedIn audience also created a need for special instruments for this website. In this article, we will see how to use LinkedIn with proxy and the benefits of using proxies for this purpose.

What is a LinkedIn Proxy?

Proxies for LinkedIn can be described as regular proxy servers that have been customized to work with Linkedin-based tasks. Any server works as the gatekeeper or intermediary for all of your connections. Regularly, you will connect to the needed site directly without the possibility of hiding your IP or data related to it. Proxies let you route connections through different computers. In this manner, the website will only be able to view the IP address of the proxy server and not any personal data from your original device.

This brings up another question: How to use proxy for LinkedIn? Basically, you can set up proxies the regular way, like any other type of proxy. In most cases, this can be performed through the network settings of your system. 

When Should You Use LinkedIn Proxies?

A long time ago, LinkedIn started the practice of banning certain accounts and IP addresses determined by internal information. This way, the site is trying to restrict companies and users from creating several accounts and pages at the same time.

LinkedIn is targeted at maintaining rules for accounts that correlate with one person. So, in some cases, certain IPs and connections can be flagged as suspicious or even bot-like activity. This makes it very simple to identify and ban any LinkedIn accounts that appear questionable.

But if you use LinkedIn with a proxy or a VPN, any of those regulations can be evaded. Basically, you just need to set up unique proxy servers for every account. This way, you consider utilizing datacenter rotating proxies to get updated IP addresses for any of your Linkedin related tasks. This type of proxy can also be used for different professional software, like LinkedIn lead generation bots or other tools.

Benefits of Using a LinkedIn Proxy

Proxies can offer an extensive set of benefits based on the circumstances. For Linkedin related work, you can look at two main benefits. The first lies in improved privacy during all of your work. With proxies, you can secure IP address and other sensitive information. LinkedIn’s privacy policy allows them to collect a lot of your data, so proxies can help eliminate this tracking. Most modern online services build their apps around user data, so proxies overall can be a good addition to your everyday browsing. For instance, LinkedIn may identify your region and set of contacts based only on your IP address.

This is also important in the case of web scraping or any other business related task that involves LinkedIn or data scrape. With a regular connection, your IP will soon be blocked. Proxy servers allow you to use different IP addresses and get around safety barriers like captchas.

All of this makes proxy technology a crucial instrument for online security and protection. Even the smallest bit of data can expose your personal information not only to LinkedIn but also to ad companies and other organizations that you wouldn’t even know about.

In the case of Linked in proxies, they can also be particularly helpful when managing multiple accounts and profiles at the same time. If you’re using a LinkedIn account only for basic and day-to-day tasks and interactions, there might be no need for you to use two or more accounts.

But, for example, if the manager is put in charge of launching a new campaign and needs to use some of the representative accounts, he won’t be able to do this. Regularly, LinkedIn may suspend or restrict this account in some way. This can cause a temporary block of both accounts, which will take time to settle.

With a private proxy, none of these tasks will be a bother. You can just access each new profile with a new proxy server and a new IP address. This can also be a good choice and tool for remote workers or for teams that work in different time zones.

With residential proxies, you can change almost any region to make a needed connection. This way, you can monitor different region specific information or manage the work of the team.

LinkedIn Proxy’s Most Common Use Cases

A LinkedIn proxy may assist with a variety of tasks in different scenarios. Most of the professional tasks related to LinkedIn can be performed better and more securely with a proxy setup.

You’re able to set up and handle several accounts on LinkedIn through proxy in this manner. These profiles can be used on a single system by utilizing distinct IP addresses, emails, and API. For example, multiple accounts can help you manage activity in different apps related to LinkedIn. You can use datacenter proxies for this task and get the best performance for any account management task.

LinkedIn groups can also be automated in the same manner. Proxy may be an excellent instrument for passive community growth around your account. You can also utilize static residential proxies to choose a different country for your account and reach out to people in specific regions. This method is particularly beneficial to businesses that plan to reach new markets. Proxies are additionally helpful for automatic postings in your profile. You can make a proxy LinkedIn login and schedule posts and forget about them while focusing on other tasks.

Remember that some of your profiles can be blocked or restricted if you do not follow several simple rules. First of all, you should avoid spamming or promoting the same product or service on different accounts. LinkedIn can detect this kind of activity, so spamming will highly likely lead to the ban of all accounts. In this situation, proxies are powerless to assist you or shield your profiles from being banned.

It’s important to use each account separately in order to avoid any internal interactions between them. Overall, it will be a good practice not to write to any of your clients first, especially from proxy-powered accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • How can proxies be useful for LinkedIn?

    Proxies can be a good tool for both regular and professional use of LinkedIn. In any case, proxies will increase your security and provide you with the ability to use several accounts on one system.

  • What kind of proxy is the best to use with LinkedIn?

    You can use most of the popular proxy types on LinkedIn. You can also consider using proxies created specifically for work in LinkedIn related tasks.

  • What kind of task can you solve with LinkedIn proxies?

    Proxy servers for LinkedIn can be used for managing multiple accounts at the same time or for automated postings in your profile. You can also automate your work with groups and other tools to constantly grow your network and contacts.

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