Using a Residential Proxy for Online Games
Artur Cheremisin
Artur Cheremisin Published: 2023/11/20

Online multiplayer gaming has become a massive phenomenon, with millions of passionate gamers worldwide spending hours battling friends and foes. However, public IP addresses can cause problems for even the most devoted gamers. A residential proxy service provides an easy solution to get the best online gaming experience while keeping your identity hidden and securing your connection. This guide will explore how residential proxies work, the advantages they offer gamers, and how to set one up for your online games. Whether you want to avoid IP bans, reduce lag, or stay anonymous, a residential proxy for online gaming can take your online gaming to the next level.

What Services Do You Need for Online Games?

Playing online games requires a stable internet connection and access to the developer’s dedicated game servers. Your computer connects to these servers using your IP address.

This allows the game servers to identify your computer and facilitate multiplayer matchmaking. However, using your public IP address also exposes your location and identity. Savvy gamers use a residential proxy service to obscure their IP address while gaming.

What is a Gaming Proxy?

So what is a residential VPN or proxy for gaming? A gaming proxy is simply a residential proxy configured for online gaming. Residential proxies are IP addresses leased from real home internet connections. When you connect through a residential proxy, your traffic gets routed through a real home’s internet line.

This masks your real public IP address, replacing it with the residential proxy IP. To reduce lag and latency, gaming proxies provide IP addresses optimally located near game servers.

Why Would a Gamer Use Proxies for Games?

There are a few key reasons for gamers to start using residential proxy for online games:

Avoid IP bans after being reported for cheating, toxicity, or other offenses.

To bypass regional restrictions and access games or content unavailable in their country.

To reduce latency and lag by connecting through IPs closer to game servers.

To hide their location and remain anonymous to other players.

Proxies allow gamers to switch IP addresses on demand easily. Changing your IP can quickly circumvent IP bans or regional blocks. A new IP can also provide a better connection if your public IP is far from game servers.

How Can Proxies Be Useful for Gaming?

Setting up a gaming proxy is straightforward for eager gamers. After subscribing to a residential proxy service, configuring your gaming platform or computer to channel traffic through the proxy IP address is the next step. Even the cheap residential proxy offer several advantages for online gaming, including:

Bypass IP Bans

If a game administrator bans your public IP address, you won’t be able to play the game. However, connecting via a different proxy IP lets you bypass the ban and keep playing.

Unlock Region Restricted Games

Some games limit access based on your geographic location. Proxies let you route your traffic through IPs in other countries, allowing you to play region-locked games.

Reduce Lag

Connecting to distant game servers can cause lag, rubber banding, and other connectivity issues. Choosing a proxy IP close to game servers gives you a faster, lower latency connection.

Stay Anonymous

Proxy IPs hide your real location and identity from other players. This lets you avoid stream sniping or harassment and keep your gaming life private.

Access Game Sites

Schools, workplaces, and countries often block access to gaming websites and platforms. Proxies allow you to bypass these restrictions.

A dedicated gaming proxy provides a simple solution for improving your online gaming experience. The anonymity, flexibility, and optimized routing let you game without limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a residential proxy?

    A residential proxy is an IP address leased from a real home internet connection. When you use a residential proxy, your internet traffic gets routed through a real home's IP address instead of your own. This masks your true location and identity.

  • Can proxies get you banned from online games?

    Using proxies is not cheating and does not directly get you banned. However, proxies allow you to circumvent IP bans applied to your public IP. So, banned gamers can use proxies to continue playing games they've been prohibited from accessing.

  • What should you look for in a good gaming proxy service?

    To get the best gaming experience, you want proxies with high speed, low latency, proximity to game servers, and a rotating IP inventory. High availability, reliability, and connection limits suitable for gaming are also important.

  • How can proxies help reduce lag when gaming?

    Connecting to game servers far from your location causes lag and latency issues. A proxy server near the game servers provides a shorter, faster route. This results in a smoother, lower latency connection.

  • Do you need special software to use a gaming proxy?

    Most residential proxy services do not require any special software. You configure your device's network settings to route traffic through the proxy IP address and port. Some services offer browser extensions or apps to simplify proxy connections.

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