How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/12/02

Spotify has long become a world-wide leader in audio streaming. It lets over 430 million users around the Globe jam and chill out to an unfathomable number of tracks on a daily basis. Yet, millions of people cannot access the service due to its geo restrictions imposed on select countries and regions. 

An ethical and legal way to overcome these restrictions would be through using geo-specific proxies that would hide your original IP address and let you access the service.  

In this article we will cover all aspects of using Spotify via a proxy. You will find out why such a method is acceptable for scraping the service and the kind of valuable data that can be obtained in the process. Also, what proxy settings Spotify considers proper and how to overcome access errors that may be caused by your firewall. And, finally, we will share with you the benefits of using private proxies with Spotify instead of risky ‘free’ alternatives scattered over the Web.

What Can I Use a Spotify Proxy For?

Now, let’s dive into some details about the essence of a Spotify proxy and find out how users can benefit from such servers.

Apart from the obvious reasons for using proxies for Spotify to bypass country restrictions and access to the otherwise restricted streaming of popular tunes, people can use proxies to collect data from the service with the help of special web scrapers or scripts. 

If you start using a web scraping bot on Spotify without a proper proxy, your activities will be red-flagged and eventually banned. So, you want to proceed cautiously and extensively with a set of good static or rotating proxies from reliable pools. 

People scrape Spotify for all kinds of business and marketing goals that can be influenced by the data in the fields described below and more:

  • Most influential, mentioned or cited artists as we speak; 
  • Most popular tracks, songs and compositions trending on the Web at the moment;
  • Heritage collection of hits sorted by year, artist or genre;
  • Playlists and favorite songs of celebrities and trending radio stations.

It is virtually impossible to collect this kind of data in the required amount elsewhere. So, companies use Spotify proxy settings from another country to source information for fine-tuning their advertising campaigns taking into account the music preferences of millions. For that they run customized bots powered by proxies in stealth mode to give them an edge over the competition.

By now, it should become clear that Spotify also knows how this data can be used and attempts to stop all sorts of unauthorized scraping. So, if you attempt to proceed with data collection using some randomly picked “free” proxies, the chances that you get banned are close to 100%. For a successful scraping mission you may need to buy residential proxies from a trusted provider with unlimited bandwidth to cope with all the requirements.

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What Proxy Settings Should I Use for Spotify?

If you want to change proxy settings Spotify features in Google Chrome to be able to access the service, proceed with the following actions:

1. Make sure you have a reliable private proxy purchased from a trusted provider. You should have its IP and port combination handy, plus credentials (username and password).

2. Go to the Settings menu of your browser by clicking the three dots in the task bar and select Settings.

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App

3. Type in “proxy” to be able to access the manual proxy settings in the “Open your computer’s proxy settings” menu. 

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App - 2

4. Enter your proxy parameters in the Manual proxy setup section here.

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App - 3

4. Now open Spotify in a new tab and get an account. You should be able to listen to the music and create playlists now. 

Once your two weeks of free usage expire, you will need to specify your country in the Spotify web player itself. For that you will need to enter your proxy settings for Spotify in the app. 

Follow these steps to do that: 

1. Open Spotify and go to Edit – Preferences.

2. Proceed with Advanced settings below.

3. Open Proxy server section and specify your proxy type here (drop down list): type in your IP and port combination. 

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App - 4

4. Click Update proxy for the changes to take place and restart the application. 

This operation on proxy settings on Spotify should help you continue to use the app without restrictions for the duration of your proxy. Now, if you want to check your proxy server address, read this article to find out how.

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How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings (Error Code 17)

In this section we will consider the most common problem that you may encounter while using Spotify with proxies. 

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App - 5

It is called Error Code 17 and can be caused by your firewall settings. The Spotify proxy settings your firewall may affect can be resolved the following way. 

To change your firewall settings in Windows 10 proceed as described below (if you are a Mac user, skip this section and go straight to the next one):

Fixing Error Code 17 in Windows:

When a firewall may be blocking Spotify, you can fix the conflict of your firewall with Spotify proxy settings in Windows like this:  

1. First, right-click your Start menu and click Run.

2. Type in control firewall.cpl in the command line and press Enter.

3. Then click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App - 6

4. Proceed with Change settings in the Allowed apps list. 

5. Select Spotify and mark both Private and Public boxes. 

6. Click OK for the changes to take place.  

Relaunch the application and verify its operation. 

Fixing Error Code 17 on Mac:

Now, if you are a Mac user, do the following actions to allow Spotify to receive data:

1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Select the Security & Privacy tab and go to Firewall.

3. Unlock the editing by clicking the lock icon at the bottom. It may require you to enter your username and password. 

4. Select Firewall Options.

How to Fix Spotify Proxy Settings and Unblock Access to the App - 7

5. Add Spotify into the list of allowed apps by clicking Add Application and Spotify.

6. Click OK to approve the changes.

Restart Spotify and relogin. This should solve the Error Code 17 problem.  

Common Factors Blocking Access to Spotify

You may encounter a number of other errors for having your Spotify account blocked. Below we have listed some of the most common reasons for this to happen. Make sure you pay attention to this list before you decide to reinstall your app or reject the proxies you are currently using.

Possible ProblemSuggested Remedy
Wrong proxy configuration or errors in proxy settings blocking Spotify.To solve this problem go to proxy settings as described above and verify your IP, port and credentials. Confirm the changes and restart the application.
Wrong country settings in Spotify.If you are using a geo targeted residential proxies and your Spotify country settings conflict with it, make sure you adjust the country settings of the app to match the proxy settings. Also, datacenter proxies may not be quite suitable in the case of Spotify. So, check with your proxy provider before installing them.  
Proxy system settings conflict. This Spotify proxy settings error may occur if you use other settings for your Windows account than the ones specified inside Spotify itself. Disable your Windows proxies and try running the app again.  
VPN and proxy conflict.If you are using both VPN and proxy on the same machine, it may result in an error with Spotify. Try disabling your VPN to resume normal operation of the app.  
DNS server conflict. Your system’s DNS server settings also may be in the way of using Spotify. Try modifying them through the Control Panel of your system. Replace the existing values with and for the alternate DNS server. Restart the system and try running Spotify again.  
Outdated or glitchy version of Spotify.And, finally, in some cases the errors may be caused by using an old version of the app. Try reinstalling Spotify to update it and solve this type of problem.  

If you happen to encounter some specific proxy errors and would like to know the proxy error meaning, follow this link to learn more about this error.  

Consider PrivateProxy Services

Getting a set of properly working proxies for Spotify can be tricky if you are not quite sure about what geo-specific parameters to request or how to set up proxies inside your system. 

We are here for you 24/7 to address exactly these concerns. If you are serious about scraping data from Spotify or just want to get access to the music streaming service from your location, we will suggest the right package of proxies for you. A lot of parameters will depend on your mission specifics, so describe your use case to our account manager to be able to cater just the right proxy solution. 

It is that simple: express your desire to use Spotify and our proxies will do the rest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • How to change proxy settings to allow Spotify?

    If you want to set up a private proxy to be able to run Spotify on your system, change the proxy settings of your browser. For most browsers it can be done in the advanced network settings (read the article above for Google Chrome settings). Once you access your proxy settings menu, type in your proxy credentials and restart the app.

  • How can I access Spotify from a restricted country?

    To do that you need a proxy with geo specific parameters to change your IP for an address of a country that does not fall under restrictions. Consult our account manager to suggest a proxy to solve this problem.

  • What do Spotify proxy settings do?

    Spotify proxy settings allow you to use IPs that can allow access to the app from the countries with otherwise restricted access.

  • Why does Spotify say you seem to be using a proxy service?

    This error may occur due to several reasons. Most common include using improper Firewall settings or having a VPN/proxy conflict. Follow the steps above to change the firewall settings or disable your VPN for proper proxy settings to take place.

  • How can I access Spotify content available in another country?

    For that you need a proxy with an IP representing a specific country. Contact our account manager, specify the country you want to access Spotify from and enjoy a high performing proxy for this location.

  • How can I change Spotify proxy settings in the app itself?

    Go to system parameters of Spotify (through Edit - Preferences) and change your proxy settings in the Advanced menu here. Restart the app for the changes to take place.