Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial & Review
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/11/15

If you are reading this article, it means that either you are strongly considering investing in one of the best cross-platform shoe bots for copping sneakers in the industry called Nike Shoe Bot (NSB), or you have already bought this app and are ready to deploy it. 

To answer some critical questions first, we want to say that it can turn out as one of your best investments for buying rare items online, and, yes, it is far more than just a single brand bot. In fact, ironically, it is not currently recommended to use Nike Shoe Bot with Nike sites (like Nike web shoes) or the SNKRS app featuring sophisticated Nike anti bot technology (the bot does not guarantee successful copping here), though, NSB covers a whole range of other sites, platforms and brands (Footsites, Shopify, Supreme to name a few) that any other bot would envy. 

As for UX/UI, NSB features an extremely intuitive user interface and amazes users with its simplicity. Also, the bundle comes with an invite to the NSB discord group that will keep you updated on new releases of sneakers, topical Nike Sneaker Bot instructions and can be worth a lot more than the retail price tag of NSB ($499 per year subscription) in itself. 

In this tutorial we will try to answer all ‘how to use NSB bot’ type of questions and offer you advice on proper sneaker proxies that would give you an edge over other thousands of NSB users out there during copping. 

Reasons to Buy Nike Shoe Bot? 

Using Nike Shoe Bot makes a whole lot more sense now since it is an all-in-one sneaker bot (AIO bot) that pioneered the copping industry and has historically demonstrated a high level of success rate. 

Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial
Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 2

The primary reason for purchasing this bot is its platform support range. NSB can be used for over 100 sneaker sites. First, it supports Shopify, which already makes it a rather universal tool. Then, it also works on platforms like Footsites, Demandware, Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Adidas and much more. 

Successful copping on all of these platforms has been proven multiple times and NSB’s Twitter boasts hundreds of tweets to prove its efficiency.

Originally, the bot was developed to target Supreme and Footsites, which explains why NSB has a great success rate on these platforms.

How To Use Nike Shoe Bot (NSB) – All the things you need to know

In this section we will cover all the items present in the NSB’s interface and their functions. But let’s start with the things that concern most of you: how to get the bot at a discounted price and how to easily install it on your system?

Buying Nike Shoe Bot 

The good news about using NSB bot is that you will be able to buy a copy of the bot at any time. Unlike other bots with limited licenses, you will always be able to buy a Nike Shoe Bot for $499 a year. Getting this bot at a discount would mean joining a sneaker group for a group buy at $325. Also, a $75 will be available for you if you send a direct message to the NSB channel on Twitter.  

Installing NSB 

Once you buy the bot, you will need to install it. Among the emails that you will get from NSB, you will have a Discord invite (token and key) and a downloadable file of the bot. With the emails you will be able to follow the Nike Shoe Bot instructions to connect your bot to your Discord and download it to your machine. Once you have a NSB connection to your Discord established, your bot will be initiated and bound exclusively to your system.

NSB Interface – Tasks

Now, let’s go through NSB’s interface tab-by-tab to find out how you can set up and use Nike Shoe Bot. It is always a good idea to understand the meaning and purpose of each section before you start using the bot. 

The Task section represents the bot’s attempts to search and complete a check out. Basically, each of such “tasks” should result in a checkout to be reset later. So, logically speaking, the more tasks you run, the more chances you have to cop your rare pair of sneakers. 

Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 3

Click “Create Tasks” to generate a new task for copping. Here, you will need to enter info about your botting, like: the site you target, shoe size (or sizes), billing profile and proxy provider. Once the tasks are set, you will be able to start them based on the information from the NSB cook group on Discord. 


Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 4

Now it’s time to tell you how to use proxies in Nike Shoe Bot. In the tab called ‘Proxies’ you will be able to enter your freshly bought footsite proxies that will power your copping. Such IPs will help the bot override the hurdles on the way to checkout. The general advice about using proxies with NSB is to procure high-performing static residential proxies from a reliable proxy provider. Private proxies with fast pings will do a good job during copping. With them you will have higher chances of winning your desired kicks. In the next section we will tell you more on what proxies would be optimum to be used with NSB. 


Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 5

The information in this tab will be able to increase the number of your checkouts. You will be able to use several credit cards or Privacy cards here. Using multiple accounts increases the chances of successful checkouts. 

Another tip here would be to alter your address info for different sessions. Even replacing “Street” with “St.” for your next order will reduce the cancellation rate significantly.


Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 6

NSB Captcha Solver requires an active and aged Gmail account to be used for solving Captchas. This is important, since otherwise your bot will be detected and banned from the target site. To connect your Gmail to NSB, click “New Solver” and sign in with a Google account. 

Also, the bot features one useful password function that will let you inject Nike passwords right in the tasks that you currently run. 


Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 7

In this section pick a channel that will have a website monitor. You can use the bot’s NSB monitor, or use the progress monitor of a cook group. Monitors allow crawling the sneaker websites to jump start the copping once the drop is active. Theoretically, this should automate the copping process completely, but in practice it rarely happens as expected.


Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 8

In the Profile section you will be able to upgrade your NSB version once the latest update is out. You can trigger the manual update if it fails to do so automatically.


Nike Shoe Bot Tutorial - 9

And, finally, Copped is the most cherished section. Everyone wants to see more items that you managed to log here representing your successfully copped sneakers with this bot.  

Pros and Cons of NSB

Below we have listed some of the major benefits and drawbacks of Nike Shoe Bot that our customers revealed after extensive use of the bot.  


  • Significant range of time-saving features that make it an absolute win over manual attempts to cop sneakers online. That list includes auto-checkouts and captcha solving. 
  • An unmatched variety of platforms and e-stores where the bot can be launched and used successfully.
  • Great user friendly interface that is absolutely intuitive and does not take an IT developer to get around and start copping.  
  • Relative affordability compared to other bots in the same category.  


  • No guarantee for successful copping due to the huge popularity of the bot among sneakerheads. 
  • Risk of bans in case of improper use or while powered by unreliable and untested proxies. 
  • Requires finding a cook group (a special group of sneakerheads, normally on Discord, that helps you in organizing activities to increase the chances of buying rare kicks) in order to improve your copping.

BTW, if you have any difficulty navigating through the slang words for sneakers, make sure to check out this glossary that we put together to help you in copping with bots.

What Proxies Would be Optimal for NSB?

Now that you know your way around Nike Shoe Bot, let’s cover the subject of the best proxies for NSB that you can get to make your copping productive. 

Clearly, for effective geo-targeted purposes you will need private residential proxies, so that you could use an IP next to the physical server of the target platform. To answer your question: “How do residential proxies work?”, follow this link to learn more about such proxies. 

In some cases you could benefit from using rotating proxies for fast periodic checkouts. In each such case, please consult with the customer service of your trusted proxy provider to make sure you know how to handle proxies properly inside the bot. 

Here’s Why You Should Consider PrivateProxy Services  

PrivateProxy has been around the proxy industry for over a decade by now. Over this time we have secured the reputation of a trusted private proxy provider across all possible use cases: from lead generation and ad management to copping sneakers online and social media scraping. 

Our customers are located around the World and boast highly distributed businesses in various sectors. We carefully study the needs of our clientele and offer one of the best round-the-clock customer support in the industry. 

As for the ultimate NSB proxies for your sneaker copping, we have a whole selection of residential IPs that cover most of the demanded geo areas to help you buy your limited edition footwear. Let us know what botting strategy you have in mind, and we will offer a pool of proxies that will be perfect for your particular use case. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What proxies should I use with Nike Shoe Bot?

    We recommend using private residential proxies with geographical targeting. Such proxies should be located as close as possible to the tarteed servers of footsites to ensure successful copping. Avoid using free proxies at all costs for the risks of immediate bans of your bots.

  • How much does a Nike Shoe Bot cost?

    The off-the-shelf price for the bot is $499 for an annual subscription. But you will be able to get a good discount if you join a group buy. The price here would be $325. A personal discount will be also available, if you approach NSB through their Twitter account. This way you can knock off $75 of the initial offer.

  • How many footsites are supported by NSB?

    Nike Shoe Bot supports a whole variety of footsites and sneaker platforms. Look at the list above or visit the official website of the bot to find out if your particular target website is supported by this bot.

  • How to use NSB bot?

    After having Nike Shoe Bot purchased and installed you will need to set up “Tasks” for accessing footsite and completing checkouts. You will also need to include your proxies into proxy lists and connect your Gmail account to the bot to run the Captcha Solver. You will have special access to NSB Discord cook group to be able to monitor and participate in the hottest drops of rare kicks.

  • How do I know if I bought something on NSB?

    In the bot itself you will have a Copped tab that will show you the successfully copped sneakers from each of the tasks.

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