How to Bypass Instagram IP Ban: Full Guide
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/10/24

Social media has grown way beyond mere exchanging of your travel photos and pie recipes. For a lot of people Instagram has become the platform No.1 for generating leads and doing business online. With so much put at stake here, a lot of Instagrammers try to find ways to manipulate the system in their favor with predictable outcomes such as the notorious Instagram IP address ban. 

In this Guide we put together a comprehensive list of all possible reasons that may get you in trouble while you post content and perform other activities on Instagram. We will also explain the nature of Instagram IP bans. Why they occur and, of course, how to get around instagram IP ban. 

Finally, we will give you a guideline on what private proxies would be your ultimate choice should you decide to manage multiple accounts on Instagram.

But first of all, as we always do in our Guides, let’s go through the terminology and the meaning of the key elements of the subject to make things a lot more comprehensible.  

What Does It Mean: Instagram IP Banned?

Just like any other social media, Instagram has its own terms and conditions that are meant to regulate what users can and cannot do on the platform. And, while you are playing by the rules, commenting and liking posts through an app or your web browser, you may expect nothing unusual from the media. However, once your activities are flagged as suspicious, you may get an action block or even a ban of your account. We will talk about reasons for such bans in just a minute. For now, let’s recap what an IP is and how it can be banned.

As you may remember, any device online is assigned a number called an IP (Internet Protocol address), which allows it to perform connections with other online entities called servers through a process that is literally called a handshake. Now, this IP is given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can be traced to your machine. Your physical location is also visible to web admins through your IP.  And sites can limit your access to some information based on your IP data as well. 

An IP block occurs when a site (or a social media platform) imposes restrictions on your particular IP due to some deemed violations. In case of getting an IP address banned from Instagram you can’t log into your account as you normally would for a considerable period of time before the ban is resolved. 

Reasons why you can get your IP address banned from Instagram

Now, let’s consider the main reasons that may lead to getting IP banned on Instagram in the modern social media environment. Again, if you are a simple Insta user with occasional posting and browsing, there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if your business is directly depending on the platform’s account, you need to make sure you know the terms and conditions that relate to your particular case. 

Direct Violation of instagram’s Terms and Conditions 

You can clearly get an Instagram banned IP address by posting something that crosses the network’s terms and conditions, like excessively violent content or nudity pictures. Once your posts are identified as violating the rules of the platform, your account will be suspended. 

Another type of violation is connected with the time period allowed between the posts. If Instagram considers that you post content way too frequently, you may get red flags. You need to verify the allowed number of posts per hour or per day to stay within safe limits. 

Running Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Instagram also has a limit on the number of accounts that can use the same IP for logging into the platform. This threshold is normally limited by the maximum total of accounts from a single wifi hotspot (or router). If you go beyond this number, you will get an imminent ban from the system. This may also get reflected on other users from the same IP, so be careful with running multiple accounts from the same location. 

Heavy Use of Mass Liking and Mass Following

If you start engaging in such techniques in hope to grow your presence on Instagram, the platform will eventually detect it and respond with an action block. This means that you will not be able to comment or like other posts for a while. Repetitive violations of this matter and a range of related actions blocks may result in getting your Instagram IP banned. 

Running Instagram Bots

While automation is generally considered a good practice, it is not exactly welcome on Instagram. So, if you try to use a bot to scrape Instagram or for liking, posting and messaging your potential clients, your account will most likely get banned by Instagram once the bot’s behavior is identified. 

Receiving User Complaints 

Instagram features a built-in tool for reporting any violations on behalf of other users. Once your account is reported as breaching the normal course of the app usage by other users, you may expect a ban. The same is true about copyright infringement. 

Tips on How to Fix Instagram IP Ban

Instagram IP Banned: Full Guide on How to Bypass This Issue

The following information should prompt you on how to remove Instagram IP ban. Here is what you should do first, when such a ban occurs.

Reach out to Customer Care

Yes, your complaint will be dealt with not exactly momentarily and you may need to spend some time waiting for the response, but it will follow. This will give you some explanation on the type of ban and on your further steps for removing it.

Getting a New IP Address

Another valid option for solving the matter of IP ban would be through getting yourself a new IP from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, changing your IP will mean that you will have to buy a static IP address from the ISP’s data center and it can be rather costly. 

Deploying Instagram Proxies or VPNs

Using special proxies or a VPN service can be another remedy in this situation. The right proxy can be a good Instagram IP ban fix. It should have an IP outside of the pools of your ISP’s addresses. This way you will appear as an absolutely different person who accessed Instagram. 

With the right kind of proxy for Instagram, you will be able to remove your ban and continue with the service. Our practice shows that the ultimate choice for your Instagram use would be a residential proxy that will not be easily detected by the platform. 

If you decide to consider buying proxies for Instagram to override your ban, please consult with our account managers to offer you just the right IPs for your particular situation. 

Ways of How to Avoid Instagram Banned IP Address

If you are thinking about why Instagram banned my IP in the first place, and is Instagram IP ban permanent, here are a few basic rules that help you be on the safe side in the future. 

  1. Follow the terms and conditions set out by the platform. This means that you should not post any content that is restricted by Instagram (i.e. images of explicit violence or nudity).
  2. Do not infringe upon the copyright law through posting or reposting other users’ content. 
  3. Keep pace between the posts. Do not abuse the system by posting too frequently. Keep the number of likes and comments within the allotted limits. 
  4. Also remember about the limit on the number of accounts you can run from the same IP. You are allowed no more than 5 accounts. Anything beyond this number will cause you trouble. Also, it does not make sense to use rotating proxies with Instagram, unless you use a bot that needs a new IP for every session. 

Using Multiple Instagram Accounts Without Getting Banned

If your business requires you to run multiple Instagram accounts for posting and commenting you will need more than one Insta proxy with a single IP address. For that you want to have a set of reliable social media proxies. These proxies will feature IPs that will let run accounts from each of them, without a risk of getting banned by Insta. 

The level of anonymity of such proxies is the highest possible, ensuring minimum chances of being detected by Instagram’s anti-bot system. If you want to learn more about anonymous proxies please read this guide on “What is an anonymous proxy?” that we have put together for you. 

We will be glad to help you figure out the optimum number of accounts and residential proxies to remove the Instagram blocks and stay within your budget.

Remove Instagram IP Ban With PrivateProxy 

We help our customers all over the World to remove bans from their social media accounts using our proxies. We realize the users’ concerns and understand that sometimes your business entirely depends on the Insta page. That’s why our ‘remedy’ is fast and effective. If you have any further questions on “What are private proxies?” and “How can they remove my account ban on Instagram?”, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • Can Instagram ban you?

    Unfortunately, yes. You can get banned on Instagram after a series of violations of the terms and conditions of the platform. In this case Instagram will send you a warning, followed by an action block and, eventually, an IP ban. The period of such a ban can last from several hours to several weeks depending on the severity of the violation.

  • Why is my IP address banned from Instagram?

    This can happen due to a range of reasons. The most common include the violations of the platform’s terms and conditions, such as engaging in mass following and mass liking practices. Also, you can get banned for running multiple accounts (over 5 from one IP) and for using bots to automate your activities on Instagram.

  • Is it safe to buy all my Instagram proxies from the same provider?

    Yes. Once you receive a good set of IPs that solve your Instagram related task and you feel happy with the service you receive from this particular proxy provider, you can easily move all your proxy business to this company with exclusivity terms of customer support.

  • Can I use bots to automate Instagram?

    Yes, you can use Instagram bots for scheduled automatic publications on the platform. Such bots let you concentrate on your content and marketing strategy development, while making all posts published right on time.

  • How long does an Instagram IP ban last?

    The duration of your ban on Instagram can last from several hours to a few weeks depending on the severity of your violation. In case of minor violations like mass following and mass liking your initial action block can be from 24 to 48 hours. The situation can be aggravated if you had prior history of blacklisting by Instagram for other types of violations.

  • How to know if your IP got banned from Instagram?

    Instagram will send you a message, saying that your IP was banned from the system and you no longer have access to your account until the situation is resolved with the Customer Care unit.

  • What proxies are the best in overriding an Instagram ban?

    The ultimate type of proxies here would be residential proxies with IPs selected for the required region or location. You will need to consult your account manager to get just the right type of proxies and IPs for this mission.

  • Can other users IP ban me on Instagram?

    Not directly. However, if other users find your behavior abusive or violating the rules of the social network, they can report it and your account may be suspended or blocked as a result of such a report.

  • Can I use bots to automate Instagram?

    Yes, you can use Instagram bots for scheduled automatic publications on the platform. Such bots let you concentrate on your content and marketing strategy development, while making all posts published right on time.

  • How do I know that I got an Instagram IP ban?

    The fact that your IP got banned on Instagram becomes obvious when the platform rejects all your attempts to access it. Basically, your app will fail to load and a message will appear, confirming the IP ban.

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