Incogniton Partnership
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/12/06

Incogniton is one of the top performing anti-detect browsers available in the market. And we are glad to announce our partnership with the developers of this service. With Incogniton powered by proxies from PrivateProxy you will be able to run multiple profiles on social media platforms and marketplaces while staying absolutely safe and anonymous. 

We are ready to offer a huge discount on our IPs to Incogniton users. Top claim your discount, activate your “INCOGNITON” promo code at the checkout.

Buying Private Proxies 

Follow the steps below to buy and set up your proxies with Incogniton:

1. Go to to log in to your account. Click Buy proxies and choose the type of IPs (static or rotating, residential or datacenter proxies) you need, select a package, purpose and country. Type in the promo code above to get your discount.

Incogniton Partnership

2. Once you pay for the proxies, open My Proxies tab and click IPs. Here you will see a list of your proxies with all the required credentials.

Incogniton Partnership - 2

Setting Up Proxies in Incogniton 

1. Now launch your Incogniton browser and create a new profile with our proxies.

2. Click on New profile and fill out the profile parameters. Name your profile and select the operating system that you will be running it on. In the version drop down list choose the “Latest” version of the browser. 

Incogniton Partnership - 3

3. Now click on Proxy in the left-side menu and select the protocol for your proxies from the Connection type list. Enter the proxy parameters below: your IP and port combination as well as proxy credentials (username and password) like in the case with residential static proxies. Check the “Rotating proxy” box if you are using a rotating proxy

Incogniton Partnership - 4

4. Click Check proxy and enjoy the high performing IPs from PrivateProxy with your Incogniton anti-detect browser

5. Click Create Profile to complete the procedure and you will see your new profile with your proxies from PrivateProxy in the list of profiles. 

Fantastic! Now you are all set to perform your online missions safely.

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