Top 10 Anti-Detect Browsers in 2024
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/12/19

In today’s world of hyper-connectivity and total reliance on your computer for storing personal data and all sorts of online communication, your privacy and data security become your utmost priorities.

How can you ensure your online protection while still enjoying all the benefits of your Internet presence? One of the solutions can be to use an anti-detect browser or add-on that is equipped with tools to properly manage your social media and ad accounts, e-commerce data, and more.

There is a whole variety of such tools on the market, ranging from free-to-use options to paid alternatives. In this article, we will cover the most popular and reliable anti-detect browsers and tools that have a proven record of trustworthy performance with their users.

What is an anti-detect browser and why is it worth using? 

An anti-detect or anti-fingerprint browser is a web browsing tool that is originally based on a more conventional browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Mozilla that is meant to ensure your anonymity and full confidentiality online. Its primary function is to avoid leaving your browser fingerprints on the resources you are accessing. Also, it normally lets you do multiple-account management for various online tasks related to browsing, scraping, and other types of content management. 

The main reasons for using anti-detect software would be very clear for proxy users. Such tools are meant to safeguard your private information (like real location and IP) from the resources you are targeting online. Plus, you can successfully use them to eliminate the risks of intrusion and hacker attacks. So, think of them as your ultimate anonymity browsing tools.

Top features of the best anti-detect browsers are as follows:

  • Ease of use – such browsers are very easy to install and deploy;
  • Minimized risk of cache theft – the internal encryption and data allocation mechanisms allow anti-detect browsers to isolate data and traffic, so that it is virtually unhackable from the outside;
  • Anonymity guarantee – your device’s fingerprints become altered or removed to ensure safe anonymous browsing;
  • Multi-accounting – you will have an ability to run several accounts of your social media or marketing campaigns based on your preferences; 
  • Access to banned resources – when powered by proxy, your anti-detect browser will be able to access otherwise banned or unavailable online platforms. 

Top 10 Anti-Detect Browsers You Can Use in 2023 

This review includes the most frequently used anti-detect browsers that have a proven track record of reliability and user satisfaction. 

Here is our list of top anti-detect browsers picked from the market of 2023.

1GoLogin“Young ambitious newcomer” 
2Incogniton “All-in-one browsing solution”
3BitBrowser“An expert in multi-accounts”
4Kameleo“Profile galore with mobile options” 
5AdsPower “Power of automation
6MoreLogin“Social media champion”
7Sessionbox“All the right tabs in all the right places” 
8Dolphin{anty}“A modern Swiss Army knife in browsers”
9MultiLogin“Old is gold”
10VMLogin“Leaves no traces”

While compiling this list we looked at such parameters of anti-detect browsers and applications as:

  • Ability to handle multiple accounts and profiles;
  • Ease of use and UX/UI quality;
  • Fingerprint and cookie management;
  • Customer support and regular updates;
  • Price and payment plans.

In most of these browsers you can use and set up your static or rotating proxies right-out-of-the-box. And should you have a question on how to proceed with our IPs, we will be more than happy to assist.  

1. GoLogin

A lot of people consider GoLogin to be a more affordable alternative to MultiLogin that does not sacrifice any of its efficiency. For $24 a month you get a program that does a great job replacing your fingerprint parameters for truly anonymous browsing.  

GoLogin is easy to download, use and set up. It comes equipped with dedicated proxies and can be a reliable solution for most online missions. Difficulties may be detected only when you try working with the most sophisticated websites with anti-bot systems. 

You also get an Android app for mobile browsing in the package. With GoLogin you can get a free plan with only 3 profiles (even the initial paid plan offers 100 profiles). Team plans start at $99 and you will have an ability to customize your features with special plans that start at $149 a month.

Price: from $24 a month (trial available)

Supports: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, cloud version

2. Incogniton

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser of the new generation. It is based on Chromium, just like GoLogin. Apart from the traditional features of multiple account creation and management, you also get functionality for importing cookies and an incredibly easy-to-use intuitive interface.

One of the great features that is worth mentioning is its ability to fill out forms using the “type like a human” option. This can help you bypass even the most sophisticated anti-bot systems. 

Incogniton is a very affordable browser to start with. It offers a hefty 10 profiles in the free anti-detect browser version and a rather nice price range for initial versions with teamwork features ($79.99 for 3 team seats). 

Price: from $29.99 a month (free plan available)

Supports: Windows, MacOS

3. BitBrowser

BitBrowser is an excellent choice for those looking for fast, secure and reliable performance. It is built over the Chromium engines, giving it the browsing might of Google Chrome in the world of anti-detect browsers. 

The main feature of BitBrowser is its ability to handle multiple accounts. Here you will operate with windows, and each one will represent or simulate a different computer with its own IP. This way you will have a set of completely independent and isolated systems right in a single browser to avoid blocks. 

The way BitBrowser works with proxies – it deeply anonymizes the IPs, so there would be zero correlation between the “windows”. With proper private proxies you will guarantee yourself complete anonymity online. 

BitBorwser can be launched on a range of popular platforms where you will benefit from multiple accounts, including Facebook, Amazon, Shopee, Tiktok and a bunch of others.

It features functionality for efficient teamwork and social media automation. You will find the ways to conveniently simulate the manual browsing activities via RPA (Robot Process Automation) here for each user. It is super useful for tedious tasks like adding friends, browsing product pages or liking. 

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Price: from $10 per month for two additional team members and 50 accounts (free version with 10 accounts and 1 additional team member)

Supports: Windows, MacOS, Linux, and others

4. Kameleo 

Kameleo is a stealth browsing platform that supports all major names in browsing: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. It features a range of base profiles for creating unique fingerprints for browsing. Another great feature of Kameleo is the unlimited number of profiles with any paid plan. You can also automate the browser using Selenium, similar to MultiLogin. A mobile version for Android is also available in the package. 

The collaboration with Kameleo is virtually unavailable: all plans support only one seat and your data will be stored only locally. 

Price: from $59 a month (7-day trial)

Supports: Windows, Android

5. AdsPower 

If you are looking for a browser that will be able to help you with managing multiple social media or e-commerce accounts, you should consider AdsPower. It is originally a Chinese anti-detect browser that has been recently localized into English and gained popularity worldwide.

AdsPower features a user-friendly interface that can import multiple accounts. Its built-in programming tools let you automate your browsing processing without any need for coding. For instance, you can task it to click on some links and add things to your cart in a completely autonomous mode. 

On the downside, the free plan of the browser has only two profiles. But the entry level pricing plans are very affordable, starting from $7.2 per month with 10 profiles. Collaboration plans are also featured, with very flexible pricing strategies.      

Price: from $7.2 a month (trial available)

Supports: Windows, MacOS

6. MoreLogin

MoreLogin has a clear positioning as a great browser for managing multiple accounts across platforms and websites with a unique real canvas fingerprint technology. With the help of fingerprints from real web users, you will be able to stay undetected while performing a variety of actions on all target sites. 

The browser developers have gone an extra mile while describing the use cases for its browser. You can easily use the browser for e-commerce applications. With a sales team running several sessions at once, you will be able to expand the market exposure of your business on Amazon and the like. 

MoreLogin can also be useful for publishers and content managers of affiliate campaigns. You simply set up an account with a unique fingerprint for each campaign or product and off you go! Multiple accounts can also help you in earning your share of crypto awards without risking getting banned.

And the usual social media use cases are also present here: multiple accounts for accessing Facebook, TikTok and more without leaking your original user info. The browser offers team collaboration and a wide API integration possibilities (including popular Puppeteer and Selenium frameworks). 

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Price: from $9 per month for two profiles and two users (free version with 2 accounts and 2 users)

Supports: Windows, MacOS

7. Sessionbox

If you like the idea of tabs, this anti-detect browser will be your primary choice. This way you will be able to organize your sessions inside multiple browsing identities the way that will be more convenient for you. In terms of handling fingerprints, Sessionbox demonstrates good and efficient results. From the UI/UX perspective, this browser features a highly intuitive internal design that lets even novice users feel right at home. There are two versions of the browser available: a workstation version and an extension. You can also easily add your premium proxies into the browser that you bought from us, since it does not come equipped with proxies out-of-the-box. 

Price: from $3.99 a month (extension), $59.99 a month (workstation), free version for non-commercial use

Supports: Windows, MacOS 

8. Dolphin{anty}

The first time you open Dolphin{anty} you will be surprised how much this industry has stepped forward. This antidetect browser was created to make life easier for users who work in various online areas, as it has all the necessary tools for efficient work.

You can create many unique profiles and manage them all in a few clicks, such as change proxy, install browser extension, launch, delete, export cookies and more.

There is a team management function with the distribution of roles and accesses, automation of actions using the constructor, as well as management via API, Selenium, Puppeteer or Playwright.

It is also worth mentioning the unique statuses that can be assigned to each profile, such as “banned”, “verified”, “working”, etc., so that you can quickly understand the status of an account within that profile. Notes are also well implemented, you can always write important information in them, such as login, password, etc. In short, using Dolphin{anty}, you will be able to take a fresh look at a tool such as an anti-detect browser.

  • Use the promo code PRIVATEPROXY during registration and get 10 free profiles forever, as well as a 20% discount on your first payment!🔥

Price: from $10 for every 10 profiles or $89 for 100 profiles for a month

Supports: Windows, MacOS, Linux

9. MultiLogin

With MultiLogin you can feel the whole might of a fully-fledged anti-detect browser even if you start with a Solo plan for $99 a month. Basically, you will have two browsers inside (based on Chrome and Firefox) that will provide great fingerprinting functions. MultiLogin supports 100 or more profiles with an ability to manually change the parameters of each one of them. Also, it has a team option with up to 10 people who can oversee the accounts. MultiLogin is popular among developers for its ability to create thousands of profiles in the automatic mode. 

On the downside, the browser is a bit expensive among its peers. The team collaboration features start from $199 a month. So, if you are looking for something less sophisticated and with less browser accounts supported, read on. 

Price: from $99 a month for Solo package

Supports: Windows, MacOS

10. VMLogin

In VMLogin you can find a range of familiar features that are expected from an anti-detect browser. It is rather effective when it comes to concealing and replacing your fingerprints and it also can be used for automating digital browsing processes with the help of Selenium. 

It can function as an account sharing tool for multiple team members and all of that can be managed from a single user-friendly environment. On the down side, it is only available for Windows without any mobile or MacOS version.

Price: from $99 a month (3-day trial available)

Supports: Windows

Other Decent Anti-Detect Browsers

We think that it’s worth mentioning some more browsers and browser extensions along the names that made it into the top list. Most certainly, you can easily order and use our datacenter or residential proxies with most of them. 

  • Accovod – this is a tool for managing multiple social media accounts. Each of such accounts gets a unique IP and a user agent. 
  • AntBrowser – a fairly good anti-detect browser for handling multiple accounts and spoofing fingerprints.
  • The Che Browser – a desktop app for replacing your system’s fingerprints.
  • FraudFox – a good alternative for an anti-detect browser that can be used for altering user agents and spoofing fingerprints.       
  • Ghost Browser – an affordable Chromium-based browser with its own easy-to-use workspace.  
  • Marketer Browser – great browser for managing multiple accounts from the same environment.
  • MuLogin – compact anti-detect fingerprint browser that mainly provides independent fingerprints and environmental isolation for each account. It is a simple, elegant, yet extremely agile tool.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is an anti-detect or anti-fingerprint browser?

    An anti-detect or anti-fingerprint browser is a web browsing tool that lets you alter your system’s fingerprint to be able to access multiple accounts of social networks and other online services.

  • How can I manage several social media accounts from one browser?

    Anti-detect browsers can help you just with that. You can open and/or generate accounts inside such browsers with each account being unique and supplied with a different fingerprint and even an IP address.

  • What are the best proxies for anti-detect browsers?

    This entirely depends on the specifics of your online mission. If you need to handle several geo-specific social media accounts, you will need a pool of residential proxies for such locations, for instance.

  • What an anti-detect browser can be used for?

    Anti-detect browsers are used for handling work on several social media or other online accounts (with unique fingerprint parameters for each such account), while minimizing the risk of intrusion into your system from the outside.

  • Can I use my proxies with anti-detect browsers?

    Yes, most browsers allow you to add proxies for handling multiple accounts and for accessing target websites.

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