How to Connect to a Game Server Through a Proxy
Artur Cheremisin
Artur Cheremisin Published: 2023/11/24

As an avid online gamer, you may have heard you are better off connecting to games via gaming proxies. But what does this actually mean? Why are these servers such a good idea, and how do you play a game through a proxy?

What is a gaming proxy?

The best way to play games online is to set up an online profile via gaming proxy. These servers are a secure gateway between you and the internet to keep you safe. Think of it as your best line of defense from intruders while you play games anywhere in the world.

Why do you have to play online games through a proxy?

It is all about privacy. Internet gaming allows the right balance between connecting with other gamers and anonymity. The right proxies will hide your IP address. That way nobody can doxx you by finding your true identity and location.

Recommended proxies: Private proxies for online games

Private proxies are essential for web-based gaming, as only one user can access the servers at any given time. You are in complete control over how many accounts to set up, where to connect from, and how to run the proxy for your own benefit.

How to set up your computer to play online games through a proxy

Once you have your new gaming proxy ready to use, set up is simple. Go into your Wi-Fi network settings and find the one you want to modify. Then go into the advanced options, select manual, and enter your hostname and port. Then select allow game to connect to proxy server. This should have you connected and ready to go.

How to use Steam in a proxy network.

Another common question when learning how to play a game through a proxy regards the use of Steam. Steam is a treasure trove of titles if you’re in the right region. Change your IP address to get an appropriate profile, click on the game you want, and save your progress to the proxy server.

Learning how to run a game through a proxy isn’t difficult. With the right private proxy downloaded, you can change your internet settings and build that strong barrier for your IP address. Before long, you will be connecting to new titles in foreign regions, campaigning via multiple profiles, and dominating with complete anonymity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • Proxy server or VPN?

    You might ask why you should use a proxy rather than a VPN. VPNs offer better protection from incoming traffic, but servers are specifically designed to handle online gaming. This could mean greater reliability when figuring out how to connect to a game using proxy. It is always worth having both at hand as needed.

  • Can you have multiple accounts on one server?

    Yes. This is where you gain an advantage as you enter an online game via a proxy. Each account looks like a separate user, which can help you take advantage of strategic online RPGs and bypass restrictions.

  • Residential or datacenter proxy?

    You will find different types of proxy servers out there. Some prefer residential proxies for their heightened security. Still, datacenters have the faster connections you need.

  • Is it expensive?

    Gaming via proxies is manageable with pay-per-use services. You can track your usage and pay per IP or GB, depending on the service

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