Top 10 Proxy Providers in 2024
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/11/30

As a proxy provider with over a decade of successful operation and thousands of active users we believe that we have learned a great deal about what exactly regular users are looking for in an “ultimate” proxy company out there.

With that in mind we went to our users and asked them several questions to find out what they value in the proxy services they experienced working with. We also considered tons of reviews and information available on the top names of the industry online. 

As it turns out the most critical points when selecting a proxy provider for a long run are: service reliability, proxy network and pool size, customer support, pricing policy and online reputation.  

We have also discovered that once a customer finds the right price-to-quality ratio with a provider they are likely to stay with this provider for as long as they can, generating great LTV (lifetime value) figures for this company. So, clearly, a win-win strategy is vividly expressed in the proxy business. 

Here is our list of the top 10 proxy providers with the best proxy service in the industry this year. They are all winners in respective categories for their loyal customers and their position in the rating is rather sporadic and does not reflect any points. Our goal was to present you with the best places to buy proxies through giving a representative cross-section of the market without any “racing contest” involving the proxy providers. 

1. PrivateProxy. is not a new player in the market and now positions itself as a reliable provider of elite private proxies for customers all over the World. 

It features a rather wide pool of IPs with one of the best residential proxies covering all the major locations (cities and states) across Americas, Europe, UK, and China. The datacenter proxies offered by PrivateProxy are famous for high speed and good performance. But the most outstanding quality the provider is famous for is its technical support. The award winning customer care team of Privateproxy is made up of seasoned account managers ready to react to your proxy-related issues momentarily. 

As far as the pricing, the unspoken motto of the provider is ‘private proxies at affordable prices’, which can be absolutely true considering that some of the proxy plans allow you to create your own pool of proxies for an online operation with customized performance requirements. 

Now, as for the areas of application, the proxies from Privateproxy will be perfect for all sorts of data scraping, info harvesting on the Internet, sales and reputation intelligence mission and ‘not-so-exotic’ things these days such as buying rare sneakers and ordering tickets from various locations around the World. Also, most of the bots that you might already have would be compatible with these proxies and, if not, the company explicitly tells about it on its website.

Main Features

  • Top quality DC and residential proxies with proprietary rotation mechanism 
  • Fairly good selection of access locations (cities and regions in USA, UK, Europe and China)
  • Great and user-friendly dashboard for tracking your traffic and proxy parameters
  • Unlimited bandwidth and connections on most plans  
  • One of the best rotating proxies in the market with easy to set up sticky and rotating sessions
  • Great API support

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $5 per month (Newbie plan) for 1 IP
  • Datacenter Proxies – $9 per month (Newbie plan) for 3 IPs

Free Trial Availability  

  • Free trial available for most B2B applications on demand. 

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a highly reputable proxy provider with years of reliable service track. It features all sorts of highly-demanded proxies in its arsenal, including residential IPs from multiple locations, fast datacenter and mobile proxies.  

Let’s give you a more detailed look into the offerings of the company. The provider claims to have over 40 millions IPs from 195+ locations worldwide (with 50 United States covered as well). It makes the company one of the best residential proxy services providers on the market. You can order both shared and dedicated datacenter IPs and ethically sourced mobile proxies from 130+ locations. 

The response time and success rate of the residential IPs is one of the top in the industry. As far as proxy management, the company produced its own browser extension to serve as a dashboard for managing your proxies. 

This, clearly, one of the best proxy server providers is also famous for having a great customer support team and rather affordable pricing policy to meet the requirements of most customers out there. 

Main Features

  • Massive coverage of locations around the Globe
  • Great pool of mobile proxies 
  • Own data centers for providing ultimate quality of DC proxies
  • Smart tools like browser extensions and IP address generators

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $8.5 per month
  • Datacenter Proxies – $10 per month 
  • Mobile Proxies – $50 per month

Free Trial Availability  

  • Free trial available upon request 

3. Bright Data

If we are talking about size, Bright Data can be easily called one of the largest proxy suppliers on the planet. You can find the whole range of topical proxy-related products in its lineup: residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies. As for datacenter addresses, they can be shared, rotating or dedicated. All-in-all the provider has the second largest network of proxies in the World under its control. 

The company used to be called Luminati and with new branding also came new strict ethical standards and explicit priorities towards meeting high security and compliance  benchmarks. 

As far as the proxy management tools, the provider features some of the most sophisticated browser extensions in the industry and great API support. On the other hand, you can be somewhat intimidated by so many technicalities if you are new to the proxy industry. 

And, do not expect cheap proxies from a provider this big. Most of the plans are priced above the market for having premium quality of service. 

Main Features

  • Leading provider of proxies with a vast pool of IPs with locations around the Globe 
  • Great proxy management and traffic metering tools coupled with one of the best proxy services
  • API support for integrating proxies into various tools and programming languages 
  • Round-the-clock customer support 

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $15 per GB
  • Datacenter Proxies – $0.11 per GB 
  • Mobile Proxies – $24 per GB

Free Trial Availability  

  • 7-day free trial for business users and 3-day full refund for individuals. 

4. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is one of the best proxy providers in the industry with a whole range of solutions targeting commercial data scraping and web crawling. It has a wide pool of reliable and high-performing proxies in its arsenal for all sorts or applications and covering all the demanded locations around the Globe.  

The proxy types Oxylabs offers include residential (both static residential proxies and rotating IPs), datacenter (including shared and private and datatcenter rotating proxies) and mobile proxies. All of the IPs demonstrate great success rate and response time.

The company is also concentrated on the quality of its service. And, keeping in mind that it has mostly mid-range and large corporate clients, it dedicates a lot of effort to customer support. As for the pricing policy, it may not be “ideal” for newcomers into the proxy world. You definitely need to have a large budget to benefit from all the features and proxy-solutions Oxylabs has to offer.

Main Features

  • Top name in proxy industry with great selection of all types of proxies
  • Claims to have over 100 million of IPs in residential proxy pools covering locations in 195 nations worldwide and definitely is one of the best residential proxy service provider in the industry
  • Proprietary tools like AI-powered Web Unblocker for bypassing anti-bot systems 
  • Full-range API support for integrating your tools and infrastructure 
  • Customer support with top satisfaction rates 

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $15 per GB
  • Datacenter Proxies – $0.65 per GB 
  • Mobile Proxies – $22 per GB

Free Trial Availability  

  • 7-day free trial for corporate customers and 3-day refund for individuals. 


As for SOAX, it is a rather new player in the proxy space. It has been around since 2019 but has already established a good name in supplying residential, mobile, and US-ISP proxies.  

As for residential proxies, SOAX currently features over 100 countries and cannot boast super-large pools like its major rivals. And as for ISP (datacenter) proxies, it is represented by US-based providers only.

As far as proxy performance, the research shows that SOAX’s proxies demonstrated an overall boost of 300% in speed over the last 2 years. And what can also be described as an outstanding feature of SOAX is that it allows setting geo-targeting on the city level without any extra charges (some providers charge double the price for such features), which makes it one of the best proxies to use for geo-targeted missions. 

And the customer service in the case of SOAX is one of the best that we have seen in the industry as well. It is not a big surprise, considering that most of its clients are businesses. At the same time, the prices start at a rather high threshold. The average price tag here is above similar offerings from Oxylabs or Bright Data. 

Main Features

  • Increasing performance on all residential proxy from a newly established provider
  • Powerful rotation mechanism 
  • Great pricing on geo-specific proxies for select regions
  • User-friendly proxy monitoring and control dashboards
  • Smooth tech support for all corporate users 

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – around $12 per GB
  • ISP (Datacenter) Proxies – $99 for 6 GBs
  • Mobile Proxies – $33 per GB

Free Trial Availability  

  • 3-day trial for $1.99 per proxy available. 

6. Webshare

Webshare is all about affordability when it comes to supplying proxy solutions to the market. It is also a new player in the industry just like SOAX but has not been a worthy rival to the leaders of the market up until last year when it rolled out a new line-up of residential proxies that demonstrated radical improvement over the previous performance figures.

As far as the pools and network capacities, Webshare is ranking in the middle of the list, with just over 30 countries among its supported locations. And from the usability perspective, it is all about self-service and simplicity of use. You can customize your order, pick the number of IPs you want to use, and tweak other parameters related to proxies (like locations and required bandwidth). Also, the swapping process is automated, so that you do not need to contact the support for replacing your falling proxies during use.  

Overall, this provider can be described as the best cheap proxy supplier for the beginners in the world of proxies with very affordable proxies with plans starting below the market average figures. 

Main Features

  • Best proxy provider for proxy users new to the industry 
  • Affordable pricing on residential and datacenter proxies
  • Easy-to-use interface with customizable features for self-service

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – around $7 per GB
  • ISP (Datacenter) Proxies – $1 per IP

Free Trial Availability  

  • Free plan with shared proxies (10 IPs)

7. Infatica

Infatica is a proxy provider with very clear and narrow positioning. They sell only residential and shared datacenter proxies. The company is serious about documenting its use cases related to scraping and you can find a lot of relevant information related to data gathering from major social networks and search engines right from its site. 

If we are talking about customer orientation, Infatica is almost 100% centered around corporate users offering them residential proxy solutions at affordable rates if compared against the premium offerings in the market. And when it comes to shared IPs, the overall savings can be tangible once you scale up your order. 

The payment and billing is subscription based. And the user experience from the dashboard is below average. For instance, the charts fail to demonstrate the traffic used right on the first screen and you need to go through some tabs to find this information.

Main Features

  • One of the best proxies for web scraping with a complete set of documented use cases 
  • Good choice of worldwide locations for residential IPs 
  • Round-the-clock support for all B2B customers
  • User-friendly interface of proxy controls, requiring minor improvements  

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $12 per GB
  • Datacenter Proxies – $3 per IP

Free Trial Availability  

  • 3-day paid trial period for $1.99 per IP.

8. Rayobyte

Rayobyte is a versatile type of proxy provider with a whole range of products offered both to corporate and individual proxy users. In its arsenal you will find one of the best anonymous proxies (or private proxies) like residential and datacenter IPs (both static and rotating) from an impressive network of 300,000+ IPs. The residential IPs come from over 150 countries and cover the most demanded locations worldwide. 

The tests performed on the Rayobyte’s datacenter proxies revealed rather good quality of servers with almost impeccable success rate, making the provider a worthy rival to the leaders of the industry. Although, the residential IPs appeared a bit on the slow side of the spectrum.

As far as usability, the dashboard for proxy control of Rayobyte is praised by its users, featuring all the necessary stats (including bandwidth usage and requests logs) and proxy performance data. 

Main Features

  • Good selections of IPs from 150 countries around the World 
  • One of the best datacenter proxies with somewhat slower residential IPs
  • Industry-level live chat, email or ticket tech support 
  • User-friendly dashboard with useful proxy stats 

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $15 per GB
  • Datacenter Proxies – $0.8 per IP

Free Trial Availability  

  • 2-day free trial period.

9. NetNut

NetNut is all about large corporate users with big budgets allocated for online projects involving proxies. It has rather large pools of IPs to serve this purpose and features residential proxies from nearly 150 locations.

Over the past few years NetNut has demonstrated a significant leap in performance of its proxies and now we can definitely say that with its network infrastructure (named DiviNetworks that the company is so proud of) it has a remarkable success rate of its proxies. The residential proxies from NetNut have doubled in speed over the past year. 

As far as customer care, the provider charges extra for dedicated tech support and customized proxy plans. This, again, makes it a clear choice for large enterprise customers. As an extra bonus, you will also get a more advanced version of your proxy dashboard with an enterprise proxy plan. 

And as for the word ‘premium’, yes, with the price range of this provider you can definitely say that it relates to the offering. 

Main Features

  • Supplier of the most demanded types of proxy for corporate clients
  • Features some extra functionality for extra pay that B2B client can enjoy 
  • Gradually improving performance of its IPs 

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $20 per GB
  • Datacenter Proxies – $1 per GB
  • Mobile Proxies – $30 per GB

Free Trial Availability  

  • 7-day free trial period available.

10. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is a long-standing proxy provider from Israel with one of the widest pools of IPs available to its customers. Its residential proxy network boasts over 2.5 million IPs covering most of the World’s locations. This alone makes it one of the best residential proxy providers in the industry. 

The provider offers all sorts of residential proxies through its website. Here you have a selection of good residential IPs, datacenter proxies and mobile servers. As for the residential proxies, you can choose from IPs from 130 countries.  

Other products that make GeoSurf stand out from the rest of the proxy crowd are Mobile and Desktop VPN. This product became topical lately with a lot of country bans on popular social media platforms. The VPN products are based on the standard protocols like OvenVPN and cover 120 locations worldwide. 

As for the pricing policy of GeoSurf, we can clearly see here rates above average, charged for the expertise in the market. It is justified and cherished by the happy customers all over the Globe.

Main Features

  • Wide selection of locations for residential proxies spanning over 130 nations
  • Extra products in the line-up like Mobile and Desktop VPN. 
  • Remarkable performance of private proxies.  

Starting Prices

  • Residential Proxies – $12 per GB
  • Mobile Proxies – $25 per GB

Free Trial Availability  

  • No free trial available so far.
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    It is a combination of great tech support, range of proxy-related products and overall customer satisfaction that can make a proxy provider stand out in the industry and eventually make it a prominent name in the market.

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