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Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/08/23

Once you have decided on the fact that you need a set of reliable proxies for your online mission, you can proceed to allocating a budget for such IPs. But how exactly will you decide on what proxies would do the job in your particular case? What types of proxies to go for? Fast DC servers or static residential proxies? What if you need datacenter rotating proxies instead for your use case?

You are not a unique proxy user who has this type of concerns especially in the beginning of using proxy servers. But do not worry! We have rather extensive experience in the proxy business and can guide you to the right professionals in the industry, who will be able to assist you in getting just the right kind of digital solution.

Best Sites to Buy Proxies 2023

After talking to numerous customers and proxy users, we have come up with a list of priorities that companies and individuals share the most when buying proxies and matched these priorities with the points-of-sale of the most prominent proxy providers. Here, we were more concentrated on the issues related to the ease of proxy selection, rather than on the price-related concerns. After all, the cost of doing business is not the only factor in a service-oriented industry, which the proxy industry definitely is. 

So, meet our selection of best places to buy proxies covering top 8 proxy providers that proxy users are happy to deal with and come back to for more IPs for expanding their operations.

PrivateProxy. is a proxy provider with one of the best datacenter proxies and residential IPs ready to be delivered to SMEs and large corporate clients right from its website. You can be very specific about your use case requirements and find a well-documented use case scenario with a plan suitable for your particular needs. 

Also, you can start a conversation with a highly-trained account manager to describe your case and get IPs from a subnet of premium proxies for your exclusive use. What’s more importantly, the company does not have a vast pool of millions of IPs but can offer you private proxies for trial to ensure that they match your case. 

So, if you are in ad verification, reputation intelligence, recruitment or real estate data collection business, with IPs from PrivateProxy you will be able to get fast response from the company’s customer care team during the deployment. The provider is known for supplying one of the best proxies for web scraping, buying sneakers online, TV streaming and gaming. 

Conclusion: Top proxy provider with well-documented use cases and excellent tech support.


Oxylabs is one of the industry leaders with a huge selection of all types of proxies and proxy-based solutions. 

Most of the processes that are related to securing your pool of IPs are automated via the dashboard of the provider. You will have a great variety of IPs to choose from (the company boasts a whopping network of 100 million IPs) and the delivery of IPs to you will not be handled without any extra time-consuming procedures.

However, the provider is more concentrated on larger than medium clients and is not particularly suitable for teams with zero experience in proxy management. 

On the website you will also be able to find a set of tools most demanded by proxy users: well-documented APIs and scrapers to go with the IPs in case you do not want to build-in the servers into your own scripts.  

24/7 customer support also comes as standard with all proxy plans. 

Conclusion: Industry leader by the size of proxy pools and quality of proxies, oriented mostly to corporate clients.

Bright Data 

If you came for a pool of truly dedicated proxies, Bright Data is the right place for you. Originally established as Luminati, the company was rebranded in 2021, and now continues as Bright Data in the world of proxies. It serves over 20,000 small and large companies across the globe, including some big names from the Fortune 500 list. 

What you see right from the start is a well-developed and thoroughly documented website with all the product lineup similar to Oxylabs, Smartproxy or other market leaders. All types or proxies (including one of the best rotating proxies) and most demanded proxy-based scraping solutions are available right from the menu. The information on the pool sizes is impressive and is indicated here as well. 

The provider claims to have over 72 million IPs or residential proxies (from 195 countries) and around 770,000 shared datacenter IPs to choose from. According to the users of Bright Data, the dashboard for proxy administration is very convenient and easy to work with. 

You can choose a pay-as-you-go plan to start with in order to save your initial budget and later switch to a plan that will match your recurring proxy needs. Mobile proxies are also available for highly anonymous use cases. 

Conclusion: Reliable proxy company for all sizes of customers with a wonderful selection of IPs and proxy-related products.


ProxyEmpire has a fairly large pool of residential rotating proxies, being its primary product. It claims a network of over 5 million IPs with its own rotating mechanism. In the product lineup we can also see the usual static residential proxies (ISP proxies), mobile proxies and rotating datatcenter IPs.

In terms of proxy performance, the feedback from the market is rather good. Although, somewhat slower response rates are possible here. But considering that the initial plans start at $50, you can certainly live with that. Plus, you can always order a paid trial to make sure that these proxies are right for you. 

On the datacenter front, the provider has to offer over 70 thousand of clean IPs for your web scraping and data collection operations. The company has its own cloud service for providing reliable rotation of its IPs.

As for the proxy setup, you can have a Chrome of Firefox extension for easy IP management. The tech support is reachable and the proxy dashboard is also rather user-friendly with ProxyEmpire.

Conclusion: Good middle-range proxy provider with a simple but clear website where to buy proxy IP addresses is made easy for corporate or individual clients. 

High Proxies 

High Proxies offers both proxy solutions and VPNs. The provider has a selection of shared and dedicated datacenter IPs suitable for web scraping and one of the best residential proxies packaged by the use cases. For instance, if you are looking for a place where to buy proxies for Social Media, you can select a respective link right in the site’s menu and proceed to ordering servers suitable for multiple account management on social media. 

Other “market-based” categories of proxies include Classified AD proxies for ad management and verification, Shopping Proxies, and Ticketing Proxies. You can also go for unfiltered Private or Shared categories for general purposes. The Private and Shared VPNs are also available from the same plan selection menu.

The provider is rather new to the market but still has a reputation as a reliable supplier of proxy-related services. The main downside is its ticketing system for account management. However, the response rate was not as low as expected. 

Conclusion: Provider with well-packaged proxies for web scraping, social media and ad management with VPN services offered and sold from the same menus as proxies.


Proxyseller is a relatively new player in the proxy industry based in Cyprus. It positions itself as a provider of affordable yet high-quality IPs on the market. 

And, yes, it delivers to the expectations of the entry-level users who want to customize their first package of IPv4, IPv6 or SOCKS proxies right on the homepage of their website and see how much savings to expect if they start upgrading their plan. So, it makes Proxyseller’s website a place where to buy best proxy servers is a super easy task to accomplish.

The tech support of Proxyseller is available even via its social media accounts, or the chat-box on the website. This means that you will not be left in the dark when you need to swap or fix your proxy servers. 

As for the payment options, you can choose from a variety of ways to pay for your IPs. The provider even accepts crypto payments if you are willing to spend some of your Bitcoins on proxies. 

The only downside is that you do not have a free trial here. All you can get is a promo code for a discount to get your hands on the proxies from Proxyseller.  

Conclusion: Lucrative alternative to the big names in the industry for proxy users. Easy-to-use interface for proxy selection and purchasing. 


SSLPrivateProxy is one of the well-established names in the proxy industry. The company provides not only anonymous proxies but shared VPNs as well. In the proxy circles it is known as a provider with a huge network of dedicated datacenter IPs. 

As for the quality of the proxies from SSLPrivateProxy, they are normally described as fast and reliable and are suitable for social media scraping and multiple account management as well as for lead generation online. It makes SSLPrivateProxy a trusted place where to buy fresh proxy that no one can see is made real. 

The website of SSLPrivateProxy features an interactive slidebar plan selection system, where you can set the desired number of private proxies in your plan (from 5 to 1000 IPs with increments). Then, the interface tells you the monthly payment rate, so you can proceed with the checkout. 

No free trial is available but you can get a refund on unused proxies easily.

Conclusion: Well-established proxy provider with a handy system for buying proxies and a fairly good selection of shared and dedicated datacenter proxies. 


Originally known as Blazing SEO, Rayobyte is a large international proxy provider with a distributed team. It is recognized in the industry as one of the largest US-based proxy suppliers. Rayobyte is famous for its great selection of ISP and residential proxies, as well as for the company’s proprietary tools for web scraping.

From the marketing and sales perspective the provider is customer-oriented by offering a free trial on its unlimited bandwidth proxies, so that you can appreciate the response rate and the performance of its IPs before committing with them. 

Rayobyte claims to have a large pool of ethically sourced residential proxies to choose from. These can be made available to you through a range of plans starting at $15 per GB (with a free 50 MB version to try out). Once you have decided on your proxy requirements, you can proceed to registration within the corporate dashboard, where you can pay for the proxies and manage the IPs. 

If you happen to have any questions related to your IPs, available locations or any other concerns, you can raise them with the tech support right from the dashboard. 

Conclusion: Top US-based provider of web scraping ready private proxies. Good selection of IPs from international pools with a generous trial period. 

What to Consider Before You Buy Proxies?

The main things you need to know before buying proxies are closely related to the use case that is pertinent to your particular online mission. The best way to do that would be through approaching an account manager of your provider of choice, especially if you are somewhat new to proxies.

Some key guidelines in selecting proxies would be to choose dedicated rotating or static datacenter proxies if you are planning on engaging in a web scraping mission on a social network, e-commerce website, classifieds platform or a search engine. Rotations will allow for fast swapping of IPs to avoid bans. 

If your target website has a sophisticated anti-bot mechanism, then you will be better off with a geo-specific residential proxy. This way you will trick the target into believing that you are an individual user from a particular area and not red flags will be raised. The same types of proxies are also perfect for bot-based and individual use for copping sneakers or rare apparel online.

The key thing here is that if in doubt, do not wait for far too long and proceed with a consultation involving an account manager of your proxy provider. All of the companies that we have listed above have properly trained managers who will be more willing to assist you in using the proxies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What did you use to compile this list of Top Proxy Providers to buy IPs from?

    In order to make this Top 8 list of the best proxy providers to purchase proxies from, we use opinions of proxy users who experienced different level of service from various providers. We also studied open sources and websites to appreciate the UI/UX and collect info on how proxy users behave and proceed with purchasing various types of proxies.

  • What is the common among the top proxy sellers in your list?

    Well, all the companies in the top list of proxy sellers have a good representation of their services right on their website. All their offerings are well-documented and the dashboards for monitoring and purchasing proxies are in place.

  • What does it take to become one of the best proxy sellers in the industry?

    Apart from the obvious proxy technical quality related matters, you also should pay attention, as a proxy provider, to the road map of a user in buying a pool of proxies or a plan. The companies in the list of top proxy sellers have both great levels of service and tech support for the proxies they provide and the ease of buying the IPs from the websites.

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