How to View Instagram Private Profiles
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/08/04

Instagram for years holds in line with top-rated online platforms for both regular users and businesses. Every day, numerous users use Instagram as the main platform for sharing their content. And while some users are willing to share their posts with everyone, others prefer to use private functions and control the audience. So, today we will cover the topic of how to view private Instagram profiles without following them.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

There are a number of things that can cause you to want to know how to view private profiles on Instagram. Some of the cases might succeed from the straight approach. For example, it is wise to just try to subscribe to the account you need to see. With some probability, a person can grant you access to the profile, and you will be able to observe all the wanted content. If the user blocked you, there is also a possibility to check his posts by creating a completely new account.

So, is there a way to view private Instagram profiles if none of these tricks seems to work for you? Yes, and this option involves third-party solutions that can solve this task. Digital age provides tools for almost any problem you need to solve. You can find a good number of services that will allow you to easily watch private content. It can be hard to choose from all the services, so we will look at some popular options available on the market right now.

Best Instagram Private Account Viewer

Most simple and fast way of observing users’ publications will involve software that was designed for tasks like this. Most tools on the market grant you the ability to track any wanted private content without any significant preparations. Tools of this kind are fairly simple and don’t demand any special knowledge. 

But you may ask – “How to view private Instagram profiles on PC?”. Hopefully, a major number of the tools can provide you with a mobile app or a desktop option to watch users’ publications from the browser. You can also consider using a datacenter rotating proxies in order to hide your IP and browse profiles more securely. 


This viewer is created for tracking private content and can allow you to look at any profile needed. Software provides you with the ability to see all the information that is stored in the targeted profile. More than this, you can watch any user stories that were published in the last 2 days. 


mSpy can be a right fit for a parent that is concerned about their child’s Internet activity. Software can help you with trekking your child publications and control his subscriptions, even in private settings. This way you can check your child’s internet activity and enclose him from disturbing content more carefully.  


If you are looking for an answer to the question – “How can I view private Instagram profiles?”, xMobi can be just the right tool for this job. This software can provide you access to posts with any private data without troubles. Service, claims to operate independently from Instagram and by providing more secure tools. 


EyeZy has become a pretty popular service for tracking private content in recent years. You can begin exploring by typing only the username of the needed profile. Except for regular data, you will also be able to watch recent followers of the user. 


Gwaa can provide one more answer to the question – “How to view Instagram private profiles?”. This service can become your entrance into all wanted profiles. Gwaa is accessible through any browser and doesn’t require installation of additional software. 


Instalooker software can give access to needed profiles without any surveys. More than this, with the right Instalooker setup, you can start comfortably downloading any content that you like.


Inflact provides you with easy-to-use software for viewing and searching through private profiles. This service also supports notifications and multi account usage for more detailed work. 

Insta Stalker

Insta Stalker is one more tool for observing private data. This software needs only the username to suggest different ways for getting in to view private content. One of the useful tricks that Insta Stalker provides can help you to access several posts at the same time and download them in zip format.

Private Insta

Private Insta also can give an opportunity to see insides of any private posts. This app has an easy interface, but exploring a profile also will depend on surveys. With help of Private Insta you also can try to search for users comments and likes.

Private Photo Viewer

This software is fairly new and also can help you with observing private content. However, this tool also forces you to take surveys. After all these procedures, you will have access to all needed private posts.


IstaPrivate is one another instrument for you to access data in profiles. This software requires filling surveys, but saves you from creating a new account.


IGLookup also can grant you needed functionality without the requirements for creating a new account. However, you will need to fill a number of surveys before starting to work. 


Picuki is yet one more online service with functions for tracking private profiles. Like some of the software we already discussed, this app won’t require creating a new profile for starting your work. 

Use Google Search

Google search also can be the instrument for you to explore private content. In the first place, you should try to search for content that was published before the profile became private. With help of these tricks, you may discover one or two posts that can interest you. You also can consider using residential proxies, for searching in different geolocations.

If that won’t work, try looking for people’s profiles on other popular platforms. Copy the username and search it across all major platforms. It is possible that someone you are looking for will publish photos both on Instagram and Facebook. Either way, this method can grant you entrance to some other photos or videos that weren’t posted anywhere else. Some platforms might be IP banned in certain areas, so it is wise to try and use static residential proxies to bypass these restrictions. Also, proxy can help you to stay legal while scraping social media.

Use a Fake Instagram Account

Another approach that might be interesting for you lies in the field of developing a new and fake profile. But, in this process, you need to pay attention to the looks of the profile to not arouse any suspicion. After this, the only thing left is to subscribe to the user and hope for a positive outcome in the end. For more secure search, you can try to create a profile in a new browser with setup of datacenter proxies over it. This way, you can have access to both of your profiles at the same time or try to scrape Instagram accounts.

You can be creative while constructing a new profile and try to somehow impress the user. This tactic is often used by businesses to look for new influencers in the market. Companies can make a background check before reaching out to bloggers directly. 

Borrow Other People’s Account

One more tactic involves borrowing the profile of your friend or colleague to view content of someone they are subscribed to. But, this will only work if friends of yours are willing to lend their profiles. Otherwise, you can ask a friend to just send or email you photos that can be interesting.On the other hand, you can go and make friends or just follow the subscribers of the wanted account. With enough mutual friends, you will start seeing reposts from the private user profile. It is also wise to make sure that your friends that are involved in this process understand your motives, and you won’t have a misunderstanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a private Instagram account?

    Instagram has two main types of accounts: private and public. In a public account, any user can see your stories, posts and other information. If you choose the private option, only users you have given access to will be able to see your posts. However, these limitations can be bypassed.

  • What are the best proxies to use for viewing private Instagram profiles?

    Depending on your tasks, you may use different private proxy setups. For example, you can try to create a new Instagram profile in a new browser with setup of residential proxies over it. This way you securely use both of your accounts.

  • How can I view private Instagram profiles?

    You view private Instagram profiles by simply trying to follow them or by borrowing your friend's account. Otherwise, you need to use a special software for accessing private information.

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