6 Best Proxies for Scrapebox
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/09/20

If you ever came across the idea of scraping automation for your business purposes, the chances are very high that you either used or at least heard of Scrapebox as one of the most popular everyday tools for automating data extraction and posting practices.

What Is Scrapebox?

Scrapebox is an all-in-one tool for SEO experts (available for download from www.scrapebox.com). You can automate link building, online research, website analytics and even posting from the convenience of a single user interface. 

All of the efforts Scrapebox can help you with are directed at improving your standings in the SERP of Google, Yahoo or Bing or for data extraction for better business-related decision making. 

The most common use cases for Scrapebox include: automatic keyword suggestions (based on your competition), backlinks analysis, collecting social media metrics, commenting in blogs in a semi-automatic or automatic mode. And for all of these missions you will need to be identified as a legitimate user by the target websites, hence the need for a set of reliable proxies to proceed with scraping in a prompt and uninterrupted fashion.

Why Do You Need Scrapebox Proxies?

Like with most scraping scenarios, using private proxies with scrapers (be it datacenter or residential proxies) significantly improves the efficiency of scraping. With the right set of IPs  inside your Scrapebox you will be able to access more websites, collect more keywords, produce more backlinks and all of that without any risk of banning. 

Additionally, such proxies will allow you to proceed with scraping on the websites outside of your geo limitations. 

You can proceed with fast datacenter proxies or more robust static residential proxies to ensure zero hindrance from anti-bot protection systems on the side of the target websites. In all such cases, we recommend using only private (or dedicated) proxies since the risks of employing public or free proxies can be disastrous for your tasks. 

Best Scrapebox Proxies 2023

Having studied the experience of Scrapebox users related to proxies, we have compiled the following list of one of the best proxies for Scrapebox that meet the requirements of SEO experts around the World the most. The proxy providers in this list deliver the ultimate IPs for all sorts of Scrapebox-based tasks. You will learn the best features of each provider and uncover the reasons to use their IPs for your corporate purposes. 

1. PrivateProxy 

PrivateProxy has a long-lasting record for supplying reliable proxies for Scrapebox. You can learn the details of how to integrate the company’s proxies into Scrapebox from this article. The datacenter rotating proxies supplied by PrivateProxy will let you conduct all sorts of SEO-related scraping missions without being detected by the target websites. 

You will be able to choose from a variety of locations for residential proxies, should you decide to pick some specific areas for backlinks or blog posting. In all Scrapebox-related cases you will be recommended the ultimate set of IPs for your needs by the team of account managers with tons of experience in proxy management. 

And, if you are an experienced Scrapebox user, you will be able to gain instance access to the list of your IPs straight after you buy your set of proxies. Just copy the proxy credentials from the dashboard of PrivateProxy into Scrapebox to get your operation started. 

You will have an even better experience using the rotating proxies from PrivateProxy. In this case, you will be automatically served a new IP for each request and it will be handled on the provider’s side. This can add a potential speed boost when you scrape Google or any other site. 

Summary: Great selection of options to use proxies with ScrapeBox and outstanding tech support. 

2. Bright Data 

Bright Data is one of the well-known names in the proxy industry. The company boasts one of the largest networks of datacenter, residential and mobile proxies. It is famous for having a solution for each proxy-related problem.

But, just like with any large corporate proxy supplier, you can expect a more enterprise-oriented approach towards clients with large customers enjoying most of the company’s attention. 

As for Scrapebox proxies, you can go for rotating servers from the provider. With residential IPs you will be able to specify the number of proxies you need from a particular location (say, 10,000 US proxies) and proceed with scraping.  

The traffic-based datacenter proxies by Bright Data are fast, reliable and are very reasonably priced considering their performance characteristics. But once you go for unlimited traffic requirements, you will likely face much higher budget figures for your proxy pool. 

Summary: All types of proxies for Scrapebox applications ideal for enterprise-level operations.

3. Proxy Seller 

Proxy Seller is a very convenient one-stop shop for proxies. It has an easy-to-use interface for ordering all types of proxies right from its home page. You can select the required proxy by protocol (IPv4 or IPv6), or origin (ISP, residential, or mobile) and proceed to ordering a pool of IPs.

The interactive ordering menu on the front page is also extremely handy. Once you choose the type and location for your IPs, you can select the required period of operation and the number of proxies. The system will automatically calculate the price for selected proxies with all pertinent discounts. 

As for the quality of proxy servers, the company is rated by Trustpilot with 4.6 stars (as of September 2023) with most positive reviews praising the quality of IPs and services of the company. A few negative reviews from angry users that claimed that their proxies “don’t work” had been diligently dealt with by the tech support team of the provider. Which is always a good sign for any proxy company, big or small. 

Proxy Seller features proxy packages for scraping Google that will be absolutely suitable for use inside Scrapebox. Such IPs go for $3.75 (for 1 IP) and the price goes down with bulk orders. These proxies can also be added to use web scraping to generate leads, perform HR, or do SEO tasks.

Summary: Provider with a vast selection of proxies by countries with an intuitive order panel. 

4. Smartproxy 

If we could describe Smartproxy with a single word it would be “self-service”. This proxy provider does whatever it takes to make ordering IPs, upgrading plans and tracking the proxy usage as effortless for its users as possible. 

And you have pretty affordable plans for all sorts of proxies to guarantee your ScrapeBox great performance during operation. Its residential IPs start from $8.5, ISP or static residential proxies for $28 a month, high performing datacenter proxies for $10 a month and even rare mobile proxies from $21. 

If you happen to have just a one-time Scrapebox project, Smarproxy will be ready to suggest a pay-as-you-go traffic-based plan with around $12 for 1 GB. This offer can easily qualify as a set of one of the best Scrapebox private proxies in the industry. 

All-in-all the provider is super flexible in terms of what type and number of IPs you need for your Scrapebox operation. With proxies from Smartproxy you will easily override Captchas of all types and go through geo-blocks that would otherwise make the target sites inaccessible. 

Summary: Strong contender among the leaders in providing all types of Scrapebox proxies with highly flexible payment plans. 

5. Oxylabs 

Oxylabs offers a whole variety of stable and high-performing proxies suitable for scraping. They all can be successfully used inside Scrapebox for link building and accessing sites with geo restrictions.  

This provider is super confident about its proxies, because it produces and offers a lot of scraping solutions themselves. You have API tools for e-commerce scraping Amazon and SERP data extraction right out-of-the-box on their websites that will be suitable for gaining access to the info on news, ads, hotels and trends right inside Google’s SERP, for instance. 

If you wish to power yourself with proxies from Oxylabs while performing a SEO mission with Scrapebox, you are likely to start off with a set of residential proxies that will be available through an automated checkout process on the website. The pay as you go plan here will cost you $15 per GB (with up to 50 GB of monthly traffic). 

A rotating ISP proxy from Oxylabs, that should work great with Scrapebox by allowing different IPs from the allotted pool on each request, will cost you $340 per month (Starter package). This set of IPs comes with 20 GB of traffic with unlimited concurrent sessions. You can easily upgrade to a large bandwidth plan as your mission requirements grow. 

Summary: Fantastic selection of scraping proxies suitable for Scrapebox. 

6. Rayobyte

If you decide to give a chance to a company with not as many IPs in the network like Bright Data, but instead ready to compensate for it with excellent quality of proxies and customer support, Rayobyte will be one of your first choices. 

Here you will learn firsthand from the support team on what type of proxies work best for Scrapebox and secure your pool of IPs ready to be deployed for all sorts of SEO missions. Rayobyte goes an extra mile to provide its customers with good, yet affordable proxies. Originally, the company offered datacenter IPs and now has a whole range of servers from ethically garnered residential proxies to mobile IPs perfect for web scraping. 

As for some cheap proxies for Scrapebox that you can start your project with, you can go for a Starter package for $15 for GB. But as your proxy capacity grows, the price drops significantly to as low as $1 for GB of bandwidth.

You have good city level targeting on your residential IPs (operating on HTTP and HTTPS protocols) from 130+ locations and the threads are also unlimited on all your proxy plans. 

Summary: Great choice for entry level Scrapebox proxy users. 

In Conclusion

While going after valuable SEO data and links on the Web you definitely need a set of good tools, like Scrapebox, powered with some fast and reliable private proxies. We hope that you learned a bit more than you already knew about the kind of proxies available to you for such missions from the most acclaimed and user-friendly proxy providers.  If you still have any questions as far as sourcing one of the best private proxies for Scrapebox, just let us know via the chat to your right. We will gladly respond within a minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is Scrapebox?

    Scrapebox is a universal SEO tool used by many professionals for automatic blog posting, link-building, and keywords analytics online.

  • What type of proxy is the best for Scrapebox?

    Depending on the specifics of your online operation, you can benefit from residential proxies (that will provide geo-specific access to some sites for ad verification or blog posting) to rotating ISP proxies (that will provide unique IPs for each request).

  • What is a Scrapebox proxy?

    It is a proxy that you can integrate into Scrapebox to proceed with geo specific and other scraping missions without a risk of getting banned by the target sites.

  • Is it safe to use a free proxy with Scrapebox?

    By using free or public proxies you significantly increase the risk of getting banned from sites with more or less sophisticated anti-bot systems. The desire to save some money by using free IPs may result in excessive spendings for solving this access problem afterwards.

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