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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/09/05

MoreLogin is a powerful browser built around privacy and anonymity online. We at PrivateProxy are happy to announce our partnership with this service. With the MoreLogin browser and a set of proxies from PrivateProxy you can safely browse the Internet and manage multiple accounts on social media at the same time. 

MoreLogin has several unique features that can be a significant help in your everyday tasks. For example, MoreLogin download options will prevent any harmful files from appearing in your system. Plus, all the pages opened in MoreLogin stay in the sandbox environment. This way sites are always isolated from the system and can’t access additional data from your device. 

Plus the sandbox tools allow you to create and manage separate environments inside the browser. This way, you can make multiple different instances in the browser that will be running simultaneously. All of them will have their own cookies, cache and browsing history and all other data. Every of these instances also isolate one from another and from your system, so you can manage all of your online tasks privately and securely. 

MoreLogin also provides unique fingerprints for every of your profiles. With this technology, you will look like a completely new user while browsing. You can stay protected from fraud attacks or attempts of hijacking in every of your online sessions.

More than this, MoreLogin anti-detect browser also has extensive opportunities for team collaborations. You can rely on management of access rights for each member of your team. With the help of a built-in password manager, you also can utilize autofill and allow your team to access work profiles even without obtaining the password. All the passwords in the browser are heavily encrypted and stored with the help of a special user key.

Buying Private Proxies

You can follow steps from this instruction to purchase and use your proxy in the MoreLogin browser. 

  1. Open, create a new or login to an existing account. After this, click on the “Buy proxies” button and select any type you want to use. Here you can also choose the country, package and other kinds of options. 
  1. When your purchase is done, you can find all the needed credentials of your proxies in the “My Proxies” tab.

Setting Up Proxies in MoreLogin

From here, you can start your MoreLogin browser and create a new profile to use with a purchased set of proxies. 

  1. Click on the “+ New profile” button and MoreLogin will create a new set of fingerprints specifically for this profile. After, select “Advanced Create” and “Custom Proxy type” options.
  1. Now choose the type of the proxies you will use and fill the “Proxy server format description” section. 
  1. Click on the “Proxy detection” to run the test and see if both proxy and browser work in proper order. If everything is running as you planned, press OK to save your configuration.

  1. Additionally, you can add batch proxies through the “Batch add” button. 

Now you can start using the MoreLogin browser profile with your proxy setup.

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