7 Best Captcha Solvers
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/09/07

If you ever encountered a Captcha, you would know the sole purpose of it. This is a mechanism that a website resorts to in order to verify that you are a legitimate user and not a machine. And this is not a big deal if you just need to login once and forget about it. But what if you need to scrape some business-related data from a website and the Captcha is on your way? 

To help you handle these kinds of hurdles, developers came up with tools called Captcha solvers, presented as add-ons, browser extensions and APIs.  

In this article we reviewed the top Captcha solvers in the market to give you a better understanding of their functionality and key features. 

What are Captcha Solving Services?

A Captcha Solver is a script or software that allows you to employ the state-of-the-art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques or engage humans in solving Captchas to provide you with flawless execution of your scraping missions. 

How Does a Captcha Solving Service Work?

The principle of operation of a Captcha solver bot is rather straightforward. You need to supply the Captcha your bot encounters to the API (or service) and it will process it in one of two ways: with automated character recognition and/or with a human, solving the elementary problem. 

In most cases, you need to register with such a service, integrate the API into your scraper and feed the Captchas to the solver. The output would be a text solution to the Captcha.

The following is our list of the Best Captcha Solver Service providers and their products. They have proven their efficiency in the world of overriding Captchas and gained acclaims from the users across the Globe.

1. CapSolver 

CapSolver is one of the fastest automatic Captcha solving engines in the industry. It would be a perfect choice for corporate scrapers looking for a high rate of Captcha solving (up to 99%). 

Now, you can use this solver against reCAPTCHA V2, reCAPTCHA V3, hCaptcha, hCaptcha Click, FunCaptcha and more. The best thing about CapSolver is that it works virtually in real time. This means absolutely low latency in submitting and solving Captchas. 

And all of that can be yours for a considerably low budget. You start with a trial plan from CapSolver and proceed with scraping, and later upgrade to a plan that suits your needs the best. For instance, reCaptcha V2 tokens will cost you $0.8 for a 1000 request, and the solving speed would be around 5 seconds.

2. 2captcha

2captcha is one of the biggest names in the industry of human-powered Captcha solving. It is fast, accurate and easy to use. For you, as a user, it will take just to register with the service and start feeding your Captchas to it. The output will be a text-based solution to the Captchas you sent. 

All of it is done using the APIs of the system (with most languages supported, including PHP, JavaScript, Golang, C#, Java, and Python) and the communication with 2captcha is done in HTTP(S) protocols. 

The service is great for resolving reCaptcha, where you will be able to pay by the Captchas that will be solved by the system. All other types of Captchas, including but not limited to TikTok captcha, hCaptcha and FunCaptcha can also be solved by 2captcha easily.

3. BypassCaptcha

BypassCaptcha may first seem like a highly succinct and technical service, but this is what you actually need when what you are looking for is efficiency in solving Captchas online. 

BypassCaptcha has its own proprietary system for Captcha solving, which can be integrated for free into scripts written in a range of languages (including Ruby, JS, Python, Perl, C, С#, etc.).  

In order for the system to start solving your Google’s V2 and V3 reCaptcha, you need to feed the Captcha parameters via the API and get the results within seconds. What is also remarkable about BypassCaptcha, is that you can integrate it inside your scraper with datacenter or residential proxies and get a full stats report from the service on the submissions (or requests) and balance details. 

4. AZcaptcha

AZcaptcha is easily one of the best captcha solver extensions in the market. It is accurate and cheap, making AZ a great choice for Captcha solving while browsing or scraping. It is primarily used to solve v2 and v3 reCaptcha from within an application or a bot.

It can be automated and coupled with a highly effective datacenter rotating proxies to pass through zillions of Captcha images. The sequence of operations would be familiar to any Captcha solver user: you will integrate the AZ’s API into your script and the text answers to Captchas will be fed back to you. The efficiency rate of AZcaptcha is in the range of 90-95% depending on the types of Captchas you are solving.

As far as the pricing goes, you can pay $24.9 per month for an unlimited plan. 50 Captchas can be solved for free to test out the service.   

5. Best Captcha Solver

To have Best Captcha Solver in the top list of the best paying captcha solvers sounds like an ironic but logical move, but clearly you need to earn this name in the market. 

Best Captcha Solver is an old player in the industry. Over the seven years of its existence it has become a leader helping you avoid Captcha. And this service is super good in human-based recognition of Captchas without the use of the browser on the client side. 

Another great feature of BSC is its customer support working round-the-clock. Some stats that the service is sharing is the response time of solving Captchas. The normal rate is 14 seconds for regular Captchas and 46 for reCaptchas. 

The plans for the service start from $0.8 per 1000 images ($2.5 per 1000 for reCaptchas) and a free trial is possible only as a demo project.   

6. Anticaptcha

Anticaptcha is definitely one of the leaders in solving Captchas. What makes it one of the best captcha solver software packages is super fast response rate (around 7 seconds) and great success rate (around 99%).  

How is that possible? The answer lies deep in the process setup of the service. Anti features a vast base of human solvers available across the World 24/7. This makes the solver perfect for overriding reCaptchas during scraping missions, especially with rotating or static residential proxies for successful execution. 

As far as the integration, you will need to hook up an API into your app. Then, select a plan with unlimited uploads. Anti will assign a human solver to your project and the answers will be fed back to you as text. 

Anti is great for solving all types of reCaptchas and hCaptchas. JavaScript Captchas are also well resolved. The payment is pay-as-you-go with per Captcha plans. You can also buy a plan for 1000 images (from $0.5).

7. EndCaptcha 

The uniqueness of EndCaptcha is its positioning. This Captcha solver service is the only one in the market with a Service Level Agreement with a quality assurance manager in charge of your account. 

The service has a strong engineering support of the human solvers and this ensures high response rate and millions of Captchas solved daily, making it one of the best text Captcha solvers on the market.

EndCaptcha also insures its work, so that you can get a full refund if you are unhappy with the service or its speed. 

To start working with EndCaptcha, you can sign up for the free plan with 1000 Captshas. For more requests, you can apply for a plan from $11.99 (for 3000 Captcha credits).


Captcha solvers can be a crucial and very useful part of your web scraping missions. The level of automation that they have to offer can hugely benefit your projects. 

In order to increase the efficiency level of scraping operations even further, we are offering both residential and datacenter proxies that can be successfully coupled with your bots, scripts and Captcha solvers in order to let you obtain the needed data in a timely and prompt fashion. I hope you enjoyed our selection of the most efficient and fast Captcha solvers. Make sure to check out more of our articles on subjects related to private proxies and their applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a Captcha Solver?

    A Captcha Solver is a software tool that helps solve Captcha puzzles as a service. This is carried out by involving advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and/or human Captcha solvers.

  • How did you compile the list of TOP CAPTCHA Solvers?

    We have studied the Captcha solving services that are used and recommended by proxy server users around the World. The main criteria for using the best Captcha solvers revolve around the level of service and tech support that the top applications provide in this sector.

  • How can a Captcha Solver help me with a scraping project?

    Scraping on a high-load project can involve overriding Captchas that the website feeds to a scraper to avoid non-human access to itself. Using a Captcha Solver can automate the process of bypassing Captcha puzzles by real humans or OCR tools embedded into the APIs.

  • What is the one most common feature among the Top Captcha solvers?

    All of the companies in the lists provide Captcha solving solutions with great response and success rate (in the range of 90% accuracy). But one most common feature is the high level of service tech support that regular users can expect from them.

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