BitBrowser Partnership
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/09/08

BitBrowser is a software that helps you stay secure and private online in any scenario. We at PrivateProxy are thrilled to announce our partnership with BitBrowser service. With the setup of BitBrowser and the proxies from PrivateProxy pool, you can easily operate different user profiles and stay secure all the way. 

Bit Browser can offer several different key traits that can help you perform fast and secure net surfing. For example, you can use BitBrowsers options for avoiding IP association and improving account security in your e-commerce or everyday tasks. 

BitBrowser has an advanced set of technologies designed specifically for preventing IP associations and cross site tracking. With the help of anti-detect browser functions you can simulate real user behavior, randomize your user agents and use other tools for avoiding tracking in any of your activities. 

More than this, Bit anti-detect browser can provide you with instruments for clearing cookies and cache with just one click. With these settings, you can clear all of your online traces in seconds and at any time. 

BitBrowser also has functions that can be helpful for tasks that involve managing lots of e-commerce accounts. For example, you can try to utilize multiple account options and execute the ability for batch operations. These functions can also be useful for social media marketing or managing advertising programs. 

Also, the browser has a built-in solution for differentiated fingerprints for every new account. Plus, you can use a region matching tool to always set the right language, time zone, latitude and other options depending on your tasks. 

Grouping and account allocation instruments will help you share all the browser advantages with your team. Also, you can try options for real-time synchronization of data and ability to import batches. With instruments for automation, you can easily manage several profiles and operate them with ready-made batches. You can also use the BitBrowser download and upload option to manage lots of batches at the same time.

Buying Private Proxies

Now try to stick to the steps from this guide to buy and use proxies in your BitBrowser setup.

  1. Go to site and create a new account or login to the one you already have. 
  2. After this, press the “Buy proxies” option. On this page you can select the type of proxy, country and other possible settings. 
  1. When you are done with the purchase, go to the “My Proxies” tab. There, you can see and copy all the credentials that are needed for connection to the proxy server. 

Setting Up Proxies in BitBrowser

Now we can start setting up proxies in BitBrowser on your computer. 

  1. First, open the browser settings and find the “Browser Profiles” tab. 
  2. Then, press the “Add” button to start setting up a new profile for your proxies. 
  3. Choose the proxy type and protocol you want to use.
  4. Then, copy needed credentials from site and paste them in the proxy settings window in BitBrowser. You also can make additional settings in the next browser window if needed. 
  5. Now, click on “Confirm” and test if the setup is working properly. 

Finally, you can open the “Browser Profiles” tab again and click on the “Open” button to start using BitBrowser with the PrivateProxy set of proxies.

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