How to Use Google Translate as a Proxy?
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/08/28

From time to time, you may face a need for overpassing the restriction of your school or workplace on web browsing. If you urgently need to get access to a website for a short time, you can try to use Google Translate as a proxy server. In this article, we will discuss ways of using Google Translate as a proxy for accessing restricted web pages.

What are Proxy Websites?

Any website that can act as the gate in the middle of your system and the other site you need to access can be called a proxy website. Students and employees can easily face a problem of limited admission to sites or step on the firewall in their network. In this case, utilizing Google Translate as a proxy can be a temporary solution to urgently get access to some of the information. For continuous and comfortable use, you can consider buying a static residential proxy

Sites like Google Translate can serve as a middleman for providing dedicated connections for your system. Websites with this ability can’t store any information from other sites but provide you with a way to see it. Site will act like a retransmitter in this case. 

For example, you can see sites that are restricted in your local network with the help of simple tools like Google Translate. The site will reroute your URL through the servers and provide you with a way to browse through the site you originally wanted to see. Ultimately, using Google Translate as a proxy can be a bright idea, but if your network uses a high level of restrictions, like ISP or IPS, this method can be blocked too. In the next paragraph, we will see how to use Google Translate as a proxy to watch youtube videos or access any site online. 

However, even if this solution works, accessing sites with this method is only suitable as an unstructured and temporary measure. For comfortable browsing over a long time and viewing any blocked sites, you can use a residential proxy. This way, you will also be able to protect your system and hide your real IP from many online threats. 

Google Translate as Proxy Server

Let’s see how to use Google Translate as a proxy server. The setup is fairly simple and doesn’t require use of any code, json file or etc. For starters, you need to type this command in search bar of your Google Chrome or other browser:|en&

To get past the restrictions you need to change the part of the URL of the wanted page. With this method your request will be transmitted to Japanese and back to English, after this you will see the needed site. Accessing sites through Google Translate as a proxy mobile can be done just the same way.

If, for some reason, you don’t know the URL address of the needed site, you can try to use the second method. For this, try to type any of the approximate addresses in any language other than English and then transmit it into English. You should get a link to the site that will use Google services as proxy. If none of these methods is working, you can try to use a datacenter rotating proxy and get unlimited access to all websites you want. 

Google Web Light as a Proxy Server

Now that we learn how to use Google Translate as a proxy, we can talk about one more specific proxy website. Google web light service can be used in the same way for overcoming any blocked access to sites. Google web light is a software for transcoding the primary code of the pages to a more lightweight and structured format. This way, even the slow and powerless devices can get fast enough access to any page on the Internet. This also can help in cases of slow connections or other malfunctions. This service allows you to load pages much faster in any environment while saving about 80% of the data. 

To start using Web Light as a proxy, you need to add the URL of the site you need to see in the end of this link: way you should be able to see the wanted site in lightweight mobile form. Site, will be opened through the Google services, so you should be able to see all the needed information on the page. With this method, you also should be able to open any site you want. Otherwise, you can consider using a datacenter proxy to access any of the restricted websites fast and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • How do proxy sites work?

    Proxy sites work by simply connecting your device and the site you originally want to see. This way proxy sites serve as the middleman to providing you with access to blocked pages.

  • What proxy solutions can replace a proxy site?

    Basically any proxy of your choice can replace a proxy site. But, with a regular proxy you can not only overcome restrictions, but also hide your IP and get protection from online threats.

  • In what cases is it better to use proxy sites?

    You can use this method instead of Oxylabs, Smartproxy or any other proxy provider in some urgent cases. For example, you just need to take a quick look at some blocked sites. Then this method of overcoming the restrictions can be a good choice.

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