Facebook Login Proxy Server Problem
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/09/13

Facebook, for a long time, maintains its position at the top of all popular websites. No wonder that many schools, workplaces and organizations ban access to Facebook and other media. If you ever wanted to bypass blocks like this, proxy server setup and other methods can be your solution. In this article, we will discuss how to bypass proxy Facebook login and how to start using proxies in different operating systems. 

5 Facebook Proxy Tricks and Tools

To access your Facebook account and avoid possible blocks, you can try to use several useful tricks. First, try to access the mobile site of Facebook through your phone’s browser. Sometimes, firewalls do not include the mobile version of the site with the “m” letter in the address. So if www.facebook.com is completely blocked, m.facebook.com may still be accessible without any additional settings. This might also work with other blocked sites. 

Otherwise, try to use a so-called proxy website. For this, you just need to paste the Facebook address in any site of this type. The problem of this method lies in the proxy site itself. Most of them probably will be blocked by your company’s firewall too. Others are packed with ads and may even carry malware threats. Instead of sites like this, you can try to utilize static residential proxies or other kinds of proxy access. This method will guarantee access to Facebook and any other sites over a long time. 

One other option lies in using proxy browser extensions. This way you can access sites restricted in your area or workplace by several clicks. Extensions like this may also be blocked in your work, but if not this can be a good tool. The only problem you can face is a poor performance and access error of some plugins over time. 

VPN service might be another solution to blocking problems. Through a special application on your computer or phone, all of your traffic will be redirected to the servers in another location or country. At work, you probably will need permission to install any software like this. Alternatively, you can consider using datacenter proxies, to unblock access to Facebook without additional apps on your system. 

Lastly, if none of these methods work, you can try to connect to your Home PC from work. This method can also be blocked by your company firewall, but you still can try to use special apps or sites for remote access. In any case, this method is not very comfortable because you need to leave you at home turned on and logged in to Facebook. 

How to Unblock Facebook

If the regular methods are not working for you, try to utilize more advanced options. First, try to modify the DNS server of your system. You can find the needed DNS address on the Internet and change it in the network setup of your system. Before starting, you need to make sure that you are changing DNS to one different from the one your company is using at the time.

Also, you can try to make changes in the file dedicated to hosts. Facebook domain may be blocked through this file. To eliminate any block, find and open this file in any text editor. In this document, you need to delete lines that mention Facebook. Otherwise, try to access Facebook directly through the IP. You can track this IP by pressing the Win + R keys and putting this command in: “Ping facebook.com –t”. 

Alternatively, try to utilize shortened URLs to get needed access. There is a chance that Facebook and other sites are blocked in your workspace only by their full URLs. In this case, you can try services for shortening URLs and bypass blocks. 

Additionally, you can try to track your updates with email notifications from Facebook. To enable email notifications, go to the account settings and manage this setting from there. Facebook gives you a choice of notifications that you can receive. 

It is also a good practice to look into your system task manager and see if any suspicious processes will pop up. You can delete any of the processes you find and see if that will grant you access to Facebook. 

However, before all these methods, you can try to use a proxy server to access Facebook from any network. Residential or datacenter rotating proxies can completely solve the problem of accessing any website. Plus, in the process, you can stay more secure and anonymous compared with your regular connection. You can face Squid proxy facebook problem in the login process or on the other steps, but most of the proxy setups should work fine in any system without troubles. 

Using Proxies With Facebook

Your daily routine on the Internet can easily benefit from utilizing proxies. You can not only unblock access to any site needed, but you also can increase your privacy on the web with the help of proxies. Residential proxies can be one of the best types of proxy for Facebook, due to more flexibility for daily use. This way, you can also avoid any Facebook login proxy server problem. To bypass the Facebook block network, you can try to follow the instructions from below.

For Windows:

Setup of the proxies on Windows is fairly simple. First, you need to look for “Proxy Settings” in your system. In this menu, you should see two options: Automatic and Manual setup. 

For Automatic settings, click on the corresponding button and choose the script option. Then you can paste your script for connection and click on Save. Manual setup will require you to press the “Use a proxy server” button to start. After this you need to write the address, port number of your server and credentials to get access. This way, your server should start working as the system proxy for all apps on Windows. 

For Mac:

In Mac OS start with opening the “System Preferences” and going to the “Network” settings. Now choose the “Advanced” and “Proxies” tab. From this menu, you can select needed proxy protocols and write down server address and port. Now click on save and check if the proxy starts working. 

For Mobile:

For mobile devices setup will be as easy as in desktops. In iOS, go to your Wi-Fi settings and find the network you want to use. Click on it and scroll down to the “HTTP Proxy” menu. Now you can choose the connection type and add the credentials of your proxies. In Android based systems, you can also make these settings through the Wi-Fi menu. First, go to your Wi-Fi settings and find the network you want to use. Then go to the advanced options and find the proxy button. Tap on it, paste all needed information for connection and tap on the “Save” button. Now, all of your connections will be redirected through the private proxy server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • How proxies can help to bypass Facebook block?

    Proxies serve as the gate between your PC and server in the other area. If in your network, Facebook is blocked by a firewall, the proxy can redirect your traffic to the server where no blocks can affect you.

  • What proxies are the best to unblock access to Facebook?

    For bypassing Facebook blocks, you can use residential proxies. They can guarantee flexible and fast connection over a long time.

  • What other tools can grant access to Facebook?

    Instead of a proxy, you can try to use a VPN or mobile version of Facebook. However, the choice of bypassing methods depends on each specific case.

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