Best Proxies for Sneaker Bots to Help You in 2024
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/12/12

Say you are set out to buy a pair of rare Yeezy Supremes during the upcoming drop at Yeezy Supply. What do you reckon your chances are to get one pair for yourself and another one to flip on the side later on when the kicks become an undeniable classic? To tell you the truth your chances are rather thin and it does not have much to do with luck.

The point is that your opponents around the World will be trying to do the same – win in this copping process – through using the latest sneaker bots and proxies to override the security system of the sneaker marketplace and conceal their real IPs. 

So, the real question is: Are you ready to stand up and continue fighting for your pair of coveted footwear online with a proper “weapon” in your hands? If the answer is “Yes”, then this guide for using sneaker bots is just right for you. We have compiled all the relevant info on what bots to select and what proxies to use when you are hunting for the latest sneakers during the drops across the Globe.

Here, we will go brand by brand giving you just the most needed information on how to set up your proxy server and sneaker bots for getting the job done. So, enjoy the guide and if you still have some questions left after reading it, we will direct you to the right people to have them resolved.

Where Can You Use Sneaker Bot Proxies? 

Before we get to the specifics of using sneaker bot proxies, let’s discuss the sneaker bots themselves. We will start with universal and brand-related bots to answer the general question: ‘What is sneaker botting?’ and to see how bots differ in terms of characteristics. 

Now, before we get into specifics of using bots, let’s talk about why we are using the bots in the first place. Good bots are expensive and before you shell out $150-$300 you need to justify this expense. Of course, if you are a real sneakerhead you, most likely, would want to participate in multiple drops and buy multiple pairs of sneakers per drop. In this case, this investment will easily pay off. 

But even if you want to buy just a single pair of rare sneakers and think that you will be able to outpace bots with manual payment at checkout – think again. 

Are Sneaker Bots Illegal? 

In the eyes of the law the sneaker bots are legal. However, most of the sites that administer drops have their own anti-bot systems and terms and conditions limiting the possibility of trading with bots on such websites. 

Important Things to Know Before Buying Sneaker Bots

There are so many sneaker bots out there that you should consider some of the most critical aspects before getting one for your online copping.

Regular updates. A good sneaker bot is getting updated on a regular basis. This happens primarily because sites that prevent bots from conducting purchases always introduce new features for detecting such bots. So, if a sneaker bot is very old or does not get regular updates – avoid buying or using such a bot. 

Compatibility issues. There is no one universal sneaker bot that will work on all sneaker sites. Yes, some bots are good on some major sites and you can save yourself some cash buying such a sneaker bot (for instance, AIO Bot or EasyCop Ultimate).

Support of multiple accounts. In order to cop several pairs of sneakers you will need a bot that supports trading from multiple accounts. In this case you will need to buy proxies for sneaker bots to complete the deals. And if you want to trade from a single account, you might not even need a sneaker bot in the first place. 

Support of multithread trading. A good sneaker bot also supports multithread bidding. This is a process of concurrent purchasing of several items from one device and on a range of footwear sites. It is similar to handling multiple tasks at once and, of course, this process also relies on some good shoe bot proxies. 

Segmentation of the Most Popular Sneaker Bots

Proxies for Sneaker Bots: Why and How to Use Them

Since most sneaker bots are made specifically for a certain website or brand it would be useful to cover some bots by segments. 

Nike sneaker bots. Nike is really famous for adding ultra-modern technology to prevent fast trading by bots. It has recently introduced augmented reality in its app for buying sneakers online. However, some bots are still able to override the security system of Nike website and complete the check out. Here some of the most popular Nike bots on the market: 

Ghost AIO, Better Nike Bot, and ANB Nike SNKRS Bot.

Adidas sneaker bots. Adidas has recently introduced a new version of its sneaker app with a virtual queue that makes it difficult for bots to make multiple purchases. However, some bots are still successful in overriding this system and getting the job done for you. Here are some of the Adidas sneaker bots that sneakerheads recommend: 

AIO Bot, yCopp bot, and Backdoor bot.

Shopify sneaker bots. When you want to cop sneakers on Shopify, it is also recommended to use bots and sneaker proxies. However, unlike Adidas and Nike where residential proxies for sneaker bots are recommended for use, here you will be able to buy datacenter proxies and use them for missions related to scraping. The most frequently used bots for Shopify are: 

Heatedsneaks, Dashe, and Kodai bot.

Supreme sneaker bots. Supreme is, of course, also active in integrating anti-bot systems (with sophisticated captcha) to prevent buying of multiple pairs of their footwear by a single person. However, there are some bots that make it quite possible. The most popular names of the bots are: 

Supreme Hot Bot, ForceCop, and ANB Supreme Bot.

Footsites sneaker bots. There is a whole collection of sites where you can buy sneakers online that have their own anti sneaker bot protection systems in place, requiring you to use bots for copping sneakers. These sites include EastBay, Footlocker, Fastaction and similar e-shops. Bots that will be effective on such sites include: 

Nike Shoe Bot (more information on using NSB bot can be found following this link), Soleslayer, Cyber AIO, and AIO Bots.

How to Use Proxies for Sneaker Bots

Now, it may sound really obvious but not all proxies are suitable for use with footwear sites. Considering the presence of anti-bot systems on many of them, you have to beware of being identified as a bot powered by a proxy. So, what are the best proxies for botting online?

These would be residential proxies that will be good for use on Nike, Adidas and Supreme sites. And, datacenter proxies will be able to do the scraping work on footsites for you just fine. One thing for sure, it is never appropriate to use free public proxies for shopping sneakers online. Such proxies may get your account blocked by getting momentarily red-flagged.

Another important aspect of the best residential proxies for sneaker bots is their speed. You will be competing against other buyers with fast proxies, so make sure your proxy provider gives you a set of ultrafast residential proxies suitable for copping sneakers. 

Also, like Harold Samuel used to say ”Location, location, location”. We are ready to supply you with residential proxies right next to the servers of the footsites. You will be able to secure your purchase from such locations as the UK, and a number of specific cities of the United States such as Ashburn in Virginia and several spots in New York.   

Filling out the Information in a Sneaker Bot

Botting is a very sophisticated process. Before you start using your sneaker bot you need to prepare all the materials prematurely to integrate them into the bot correctly. The point is that once the bidding starts you will have literally a few seconds to complete the transaction with all your active settings. 

So, prior to the drop you need to double check the critically important information in your bot (i.e. proxy IP address and authentication information, credit card info for completing the checkout). You will be shocked by how many people fail to cop sneakers just by putting these details wrongfully inside the bots. 

Getting the Best Proxies for Bots 

We have already established earlier that it would be virtually impossible to compete for rare sneakers during drops without such “weapons” as sneaker bots and proxies. 

Now we need to understand what proxy parameters we need to track to get the best proxies for bots from our proxy provider. Three main parameters that you should consider carefully are: proxy type, location and latency. 

As for the type of best botting proxies we have learned above that you should target dedicated residential or ISP proxies for most of the sneaker bots. Only in some cases related to footsite scraping you will be OK with datacenter proxies. Also, make sure you buy a set of proxies in case you need to replace them. With some bots you will be able to use backconnect or rotating proxies that will change your IP for each session. 

The location of your proxy IPs will depend on the placement of sneaker eshop servers. If you are targeting Adidas or Nike servers in the USA, you might want to buy US proxies for such missions. The same would be true for Europe. You will need European IPs for copping sneakers in the EU. 

And the latency parameter goes hand in hand with the location of the proxy. If your proxies for bots are located far away from the marketplace servers you will have a hard time competing for the sneakers. So, make sure that the ping time and the latency period between your proxy server and the target shop is minimized. 

Now if you are asking a question: “How to get proxies for bots that would be right for me?” The best way to resolve this concern is to contact your proxy provider directly and describe your use case. This will allow the provider to cater to your particular needs and will get you just the right proxy set for your online mission. Also, we took the liberty of compiling a comprehensive glossary of sneakerhead terminology to help you navigate the copping business. So, enjoy!

Consider PrivateProxy Your Trusted Partner

Now that you have decided that you need reliable sneaker bot proxies for your online operations, we want to assure you that you have come to the right place to secure your set of sneaker bot proxies. 

We have been supplying the top of the line proxies to sneakerheads all over the World since the start of the e-commerce frenzy. Our premium residential proxies help you cop the rarest models of shoes from the Globe’s most prominent marketplaces. 

And the best part of being our customer is an overall support from our side during the whole lifetime of our proxies. You will be able to source necessary help from us just when you really need it. So, do not hesitate and describe your use case to our account manager. We will be able to get you just the right type and number of sneaker bot proxies. 

Final Thoughts  

Sneaker botting and copping shoes online can be a disastrous endeavor unless you get yourself a range of proper tools to overcome all the hurdles placed between your and the coveted kicks. 

In this article we covered all major aspects of setting up and buying processes using sneaker bots. And if you still have any questions remaining as to how to set up and use proxies with bots, our tech support is here for you to explain the details. Just start a conversation in the chat box in the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

And have a great time getting new items online for your awesome limited sneaker collection! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What are proxies for bots?

    Proxies for sneaker bots are proxies that are meant to be used inside bots for buying footwear during drops. Such proxies help you disguise your original IP to be able to access footwear eshops and checkout several pairs of the most wanted sneakers during drops on popular footwear sites such as Footlocker or Yeezy Supply.

  • Do you need proxies for bots when you buy sneakers online?

    Yes, most likely you will be unable to use your sneaker bot effectively without having a sneaker bot proxy. Such bots increase your chances of checkout by automating all of the processes that normally consume time online.

  • Is it safe to buy all of my proxies from the same proxy provider?

    Of course, first run several proxies from one provider to make sure they are reliable, and if you are satisfied with the quality of products (various proxies) and tech support service, you can definitely move all your proxy related business to a single proxy provider.

  • Do bots really need proxies?

    If you want to use bots for fast checkout, you will need proxies only if there are geo restrictions on the e-shops where you place orders. Also, if you want to trade from multiple accounts you will need a separate IP (and proxies for bots) for each such account.

  • How many proxies do I need for Sneaker Bot?

    This entirely depends on the type of bot that you are using. Normally, for a regular fast checkout you will be good to go with just one proxy per task. With bots supporting multiple accounts, you will need a proxy for each account that you will be trading from.

  • What type of proxy is the best for sneaker botting?

    Normally, it is a residential proxy for being the most hard to detect by anti-bot systems. But there can be cases when datacenter proxies can be used instead (like when buying footwear from Shopify). Please consult our tech support team to find out which type of proxy will be right for you.

  • Do I need proxies for AIO bot?

    AIO bot is one of the most popular and universal sneaker bots. It can be used on various marketplaces like Adidas and Nike and, therefore, it is recommended to use it with a good and reliable dedicated proxy to purchase sneakers from such eshops.

  • How do sneaker proxies work?

    Proxies that you can use for botting sneakers are normally installed and launched from inside the bots. For that you will need to enter the proxy credentials into the corresponding fields of a bot. Once the shoe bot proxies are initiated, you will be able to cop sneakers under a different IP.

  • Are sneaker proxies legal?

    There are no explicit legal actions against the use of bots with proxies on sneaker sites. Yes, most sites feature restrictions in their terms and conditions as far as the use of bots. However, to answer the question: ‘Are sneaker bots illegal?’, you need to remember that as long as the purchase and checkout are done through the same digital channels as regular transactions, the use of proxies is not considered illegal.

  • What is the best sneaker bot?

    If you want to know how to buy bots for sneakers that meet the highest standards, consider the following. The best sneaker bot is the one that delivers results on a regular basis. If you want to rely on your bot for copping sneakers, power it with a proxy from a provider with a proven track record. Also, make sure that you will have 24/7 access to tech support for resolving proxy-related issues and consulting you on how to use sneaker bots effectively during your most critical drops.

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