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The following Code of Conduct sets standards for how the company interacts with itself, makes decisions and works with partners.

As company executives, we will conduct ourselves in a manner that respects appropriate decorum. Namely:

  1. We encourage responsive and attentive listening. We are committed to positive and constructive forms of interaction.
  2. We adhere to an honest and open approach with our partners in accordance with the rules and agreements that were established during the initial interaction
  3. We recognize that differing viewpoints are healthy in the decision-making process.
  4. Our work with the team is carried out on the basis of mutual and complete trust in each other. Each member of the organization has the right to vote, make proposals and give honest and constructive criticism for further consideration
  5. We always provide the best terms to our partners based on the principles of mutual trust and understanding
  6. We treat our customers with great respect and try to provide them with the best service possible, as well as an individual approach based on the needs of each one
  7. We come to any meetings prepared and informed about the upcoming issues and stay on task as to be respectful of everyone’s time
  8. We support the work and life balance of employees and also respect the personal time of our contractors
  9. We always adhere to the agreed deadlines when fulfilling obligations
  10. When discussing terms with the partners and clients, we always take into account each other’s capabilities and try to find compromise solutions
  11. We we keep to the principle of Diversity. It is based on respect for different races, nationalities, gender and orientation
  12. We support all human rights established by the UN, which are aimed at ensuring the protection, dignity and freedom of each individual
  13. We treat all our employees with respect and dignity and provide decent working conditions. In our activities we comply with internationally recognized labor standards
  14. Our employees temporary or permanent have formal agreements that specify conditions of employment, including working hours, overtime pay, wages, frequency payments.
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