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Our company keeps up with the times. We try to take a responsible approach to the principles of ESG.

Environmental criteria

We prefer to work with the suppliers which adhere to the principles of sustainable development, and which try mainly to use renewable energy sources for their servers (solar energy, wind …).

Our office also meets all of the environmental requirements. Almost all the equipment complies with the “Green Technology Inside” standard including lighting that runs on energy-saving sources. Some of our colleagues are vegans and environmental volunteers. And when hiring new employees, we always ask questions about their attitude to Sustainable Development Goals.

Social criteria

Many of the principles of our work are described in CoC. Here we could add that we really value our reputation as a reliable proxy provider with a lot of positive feedback. The success of our cooperation lies in impeccable service, individual approach to each client and identification of his needs and capabilities. We always meet our customers halfway and never make promises that we cannot fulfill.


Some of these principles are also described in CoC. One of the main principles of our company is that we always act within the law and moral and ethical standards.

As for internal management, like any modern IT company, we adhere to informal communication with strict subordination. Any of our employees has the right to vote and can submit any questions, suggestions and constructive criticism for consideration. We listen to the opinions of our colleagues and this allows us to maintain an exceptionally high level of trust and to avoid any disagreements.

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