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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/04/29

Capsolver is an advanced captcha solving tool that utilizes modern machine learning and AI technologies. With the help of Capsolver, you can cover a wide range of captcha types to meet the expectations of any user. This way, with the help of one tool, you can solve all of the popular captcha types, like reCAPTCHA or hCpathca, along with more niche ones like FunCaptcha or DataDome.

At the moment, Capsolver can provide tools for both regular captcha solving and more advanced approaches. For example, you can enjoy functions like image-to-text recognition or solving Cloudflare and AWS Captcha. All of these functions are available through the API options and can be integrated into your own projects.

For users with little or no coding experience, Capsolver can offer special browser extensions. You can install these tools for your Firefox or Google Chrome browser and solve any captcha related problems in seconds. This way, all of the functionalities will be available to you without you writing any code. A browser extension can solve most of the popular captha types and regular captchas with coded letters and numbers.

Overall, Capsolver can be useful for different professional and day-to-day tasks. First of all, captcha solving is crucial for consistent and effective work in the field of e-commerce. Online retailers tend to employ more and more capthas bariers to guard even the simplest tasks. If you are looking for smooth and stable shopping without any intervention – Capsolver is a tool for you.

Also, captcha solving tools are extremely useful for data harvesting tasks. Most of the modern companies heavily rely on the quality of the data scraping they perform. Captchas can easily interrupt and stop your scraper from performing as intended. This is where the integration of Capsolver can help support the work of your scraper as long as needed. Paired with rotating proxies and Capsolver, your scraper will be able to work autonomously on even the most complex tasks.

Buying Private Proxies

To purchase and utilize proxies in the Capsolver, adhere to this simple guide.

  1. To begin, visit and register for a new profile or sign into one that already exists. After choosing all necessary proxy server options, click the “Buy Proxies” option. For instance, you can select the package, type, and country.
  2. You are now able to access the “My Proxies” tab through your user account. You can access all of your additional connections’ login credentials here.

Setting Up Proxies in Capsolver

Now that we have all the connection-related data, we can begin configuring Capsolver with a proxy. Capsolver supports all of the popular proxy protocols, like HTTP/S and SOCKS. If you are planning to use an IP address authentication proxy, you need to add and addresses to your whitelist.

You can add your proxies to Capsolver two ways. First, you can try to use proxyType, proxyAddress, and other parameters to activate the proxy server. Or you can utilize proxy parameter concatenation directly. This setting should cover the basic setup and allow you to utilize proxies with Capsolver.

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