How to Use Discord Proxies
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2024/01/12

Yes, you heard it right. In this chapter of our blog, we will talk about how and why you should use proxies with Discord – your favorite messaging and streaming platform on the Web.

Apart from the obvious use cases of using proxies with Discord, like overriding the geo bans and bot management, we will cover the most frequently asked questions, like: What are the most suitable proxies for Discord in general?

So buckle up and enjoy the ride to the intricacies of using state-of-the-art proxies with one of the most popular communication platforms on the Internet.

Why Use a Proxy for Discord

Now, let’s start with the question of why we need to use a proxy with Discord in the first place.

Override Geo-Restrictions

First and foremost, users like to override all possible geo-restrictions with the proxies. Your proxy can alter the original banned or restricted IP address of your machine, and you will be able to freely proceed with using Discord even if the use of the service is prohibited in your area.

Access Restricted Servers

Another obvious use case for proxies is granting yourself access to otherwise restricted servers. With a proxy, you get an IP that will be whitelisted for such servers, thus granting you access to the most coveted server destinations.

Run Multiple Accounts

Using Discord proxies to run several accounts on the system is also a must-have. This is done through the use of Discord bots, where each will require a separate IP, which will be represented by a proxy.

Gain Extra Security

Also, the use of proxies will add a whole new layer of security, which will prevent hacker attacks and the planting of malware into your system.

All of the above cases combined make the use of proxies absolutely justified with Discord, as you might have already noticed.

How Do Discord Proxies Work?

Once you set up a proxy for Discord properly in your system, and we will cover it a bit later, your Discord will be good to go with a new IP to let you proceed with your day.

So, for instance, you need a proxy to get access to a server that otherwise would be off-limits to you. You will, most likely, need a residential IP (more rarely a datacenter proxy) to integrate into your system to allow that server to see you as a legitimate user.

As you probably know by now, a static residential proxy is the one that can make you appear on the web as a legitimate individual user. That being said, any server that you attempt to access will think that you are just a simple user from that neighborhood trying to access the server. It’s that simple.

So, what is under the hood of such a proxy? Your provider does that for you. You receive an IP as a gateway for accessing the provider, and you will be routed to the address that will represent an ethically sourced IP. Via such an IP, you will be able to ‘lease’ access from that user and access Discord.

How to Use Proxies with Discord

In order to know how to use Discord proxies properly, you need to buy one or several IPs from the proxy provider. This process is super simplified for you, so you will be able to access your dashboard once the payment comes through.

From within the dashboard, you will see the IPs (proxies) available to you. From there, you can copy and paste the proxy credentials into your system and engage the proxy. This process varies from system to system. We have compiled a detailed click-through guide with all the pertinent settings for Windows and MacOS users here. After this, you are good to go with launching Discord for the IP changes to take place.

We are also able to assist you with a whole variety of other proxies from our network for scraping, including datacenter rotating proxies (on SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) protocols) and many more.

If you experience any problems, our seasoned tech support and account managers will always be on your side to help you out with the proxy setup and engagement process.

Happy Discording!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a Discord proxy?

    А Discord proxy is a proxy server that lets you access Discord from geo-restricted locations or lets you run multiple accounts on Discord via bots.

  • What type of proxy is most suitable for Discord?

    The most common proxies for Discord are residential proxies, since this type of proxy lets you ‘pretend’ to be an individual user from a certain location.

  • Can using a proxy improve my Discord connection speed?

    It is possible that using a proxy may improve your connection speed if it allows you to connect to a server that is closer to you or has less traffic. However, it is also possible that using a proxy may slow down your connection if the proxy server is located very far.

  • Will using a proxy prevent Discord from tracking my activity?

    Using a proxy can help hide your IP address and location from Discord, but it will not necessarily prevent them from tracking your activity within the platform. Discord may still be able to track your account activity and messages.

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