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Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/08/02

With this text we start a series of articles to show you how PrivateProxy compares to other big names in the industry and what kind of advantages it has over even the most acclaimed leaders in the market. 

Here, you will learn the pros and cons of dealing with Bright Data as a proxy provider, as well as find out more on how Privateproxy can be instrumental in covering your back when it comes to proxy solutions. 

We will start with facts and figures on one of the market leaders and proceed with comparative analysis that will include both technical and customer-oriented sides of dealing with proxy suppliers. 

Proxies from Bright Data

Bright Data is a long-established name in the industry and is definitely one of the top proxy providers. The company supplies all sorts of proxies and proxy-based solutions to its clients. The customers of Bright Data (mainly the corporate sector) enjoy high quality solutions with features that can be super helpful for productive scraping and data collection.

The product range of Bright Date includes residential and mobile proxies from 195 countries with pools of 72 million+ IPs, which is super impressive and demanded by corporate users worldwide. This makes the provider a strong player among other Bright Data competitors in today’s proxy market.  

The offered proxies are known for their high quality and performance. They are tested continuously by the company and independent reviewers for response and success rates and demonstrate excellent results. 

The dashboard for proxy monitoring featured by Bright Data is also world-class, with all the information the customers need available at their fingertips. Users can easily see the proxy usage, performance figures to decide on the number of proxies they need for the operations. 

Benefits of Bright Data 

The major advantages from working with Bright Data can be experienced if you are a big business with huge proxy-related requirements. So, if you are a small or midsize business, it surely makes sense to look for a Bright Data alternative in the proxy market.  

The volumes of IPs that the company is capable of operating with is impressive, and you will likely hugely benefit from the ability of choosing and replacing your IPs as they get banned. This can be rather expensive, but some companies would rather have this option available. 

Also, you have a range of scraping tools and solutions that are ready right out-of-the-box and can be downloaded straight from the site of Bright Data. Yes, some of them are also quite expensive, but here you can be sure that they are fully compatible to run with the proxies of Bright Data. 

As for the customer support, it is rather tricky. If you are a major client, you will get personalized care, but the complaints normally come from small to midsize clients that fail to get timely support from Bright Data via the email and ticket system of the provider with thorough verification requirements.

Advantages of

Now, when it comes to summarizing the advantages of PrivateProxy when comparing to such an industry colossus as Bright Data, it is clearly not only about the technical features of the proxies themselves.

Yes, Bright Data offers IPs from a huge pool of proxies, including IPv4, IPv5 and IPv6 residential proxies, but IPv6 proxies can be easily detected and banned when it comes to scraping sites with anti-bot systems. PrivateProxy offers IPv4 residential static proxies with highly reliable performance. For our customers, it means fewer proxies to be paid for and less hassle for proxy swapping. 

Bright Data does not hide the fact that it is interested in huge corporate clients with big appetites for proxies. We at PrivateProxy are happy to cater to small and medium size clients with strict requirements as to the quality of proxies (both residential and datacenter proxies). That is why we have built and constantly update our proxy monitoring dashboard for easy handling of all our IPs (including setting rotations on our datacenter rotating proxies). So, in addition to plans for small and midsize clients, we at PrivateProxy have a range of proxy-based solutions tailored for large corporate clients as well. A lot of big enterprises enjoy the full advantages of our products daily and renew their IP pools on a regular basis with “fresh and clean” proxies. 

And last, but not least, is the customer care and technical support system that we have established at PrivateProxy. Our proxy users can easily reach out to us right from the website. They will be directed to the account manager, who is aware about the pool of this particular client and can help right away. Our customers with proxy pools exceeding 15,000 IPs also enjoy individual account management with 24/7 access to their managers. Bright Data is simply incapable of meeting such customer support requirements with the size of their clientele and ticketing system. 

Final Comparison of Bright Data and

In the table below, we placed Bright Data vs to demonstrate how the two providers compare in various fields. 

ParameterPrivateProxy.meBright Data
Type of customersAll business sizes (from SMEs to large corporate clients) and individualsMostly large corporate clients
Pools and types of proxiesTested and verified IPv4 proxies in medium pools for variety of purposes All types of proxies from vast pools of millions of IPs
Customer supportIndividual tech support with easy-to-reach account manager website accessTicket system for regular users and individual support for large corporate clients
Pricing plansFlexible plans for large and midsize clients, affordable pricing for small clientsPremium pricing oriented towards large budgets of big corporate clients 

In Conclusion

Although Bright Data can first appear as a one-fits-all solution in proxies, we can see that it is a better fit for rather large corporate clients that can afford to operate with huge pools of IPs. This way, there is no need for direct access to the tech support, since the proxies will be operated with technically savvy personnel on the client’s side. 

With PrivateProxy you will have more direct access to the customer care team of the provider to resolve any proxy-related issues when and if they occur. With IPv4 proxies from PrivateProxy you will have fewer bans during operation, resulting in less swapping hassle on your side. This makes PrivateProxy one of the best places to buy proxies and a go-to choice for all types of businesses with proxy-powered online missions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • Why are we talking about Bright Data alternatives?

    Bright Data is one of the leaders in providing proxy services in the World, featuring one of the largest pools of IPs. It sets the benchmarks for other providers for proxy performance and customer service requirements. Other proxy providers look up to it in order to improve on their service and find ways to differentiate from its offerings.

  • How is PrivateProxy different from Bright Data?

    Apart from large corporate clients, is a provider oriented towards small to midsize clients, a sector which is somewhat ignored by Bright Data. With pricing plans and customer services oriented towards SMEs as well, PrivateProxy is geared up to properly service this market sector with high performing IPs.

  • What kind of customers does Bright Data service?

    Bright Data mostly targets large corporate customers with huge budgets for private proxies. The company also features out-of-the-box scraping and other proxy-powered solutions for its clients.

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