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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/05/15

European proxies stand among one of the most popular options in terms of locations for any proxy server. Browsing the web with EU-based IP brings a lot of benefits, and we will discuss all of them in this article. Also, we will see what the best EU proxies are that you can find at the moment and how you can use them for your benefit.

What is a European proxy?

You could define a European proxy as any proxy server that is situated within the EU. Static residential proxy that are intended to scrape EU intellectual property are typically found in Europe. 

There are servers in practically every one of the 27 EU member states that make up the EU at the moment. Remember that the EU region includes nations like the United Kingdom that are not members of the Union. European proxies are another name for servers located in these nations.

Advantages of EU residential proxy

A European residential proxy can provide a list of benefits for anyone who needs an IP address in this region. First of all, you can access European region-located content from outside. The rotating proxy server works as the gate that gives you a real IP and changes it to an EU one, so sites cannot detect your real location.

For example, this way, you can watch streaming shows or access local authority sites. Plus, the EU has more loose content control policies, so you can access lots of content that might be banned in your country. 

Plus, this trick is useful for different kinds of professional tasks, like scraping or marketing work. With IP in the EU region, you can collect any information related to this area without additional trouble. The same way, with a datacenter rotating proxy, you can perform geo-realized tasks like tracking prices or ad placements in this specific region.

Best Europe Proxies Providers

Now, let’s see what kind of options the modern European proxy market can provide.


You can be certain that PrivateProxy will provide you with a good selection of European IPs for any task you may have. These servers are all constantly prepared to satisfy the highest standards for fault tolerance and dependability. 

PrivateProxy’s extensive network of partnerships with ISPs and data centers throughout the EU allows it to offer the best server performance and response times. In this manner, you can guarantee that every connection you make will yield excellent results.

Furthermore, PrivateProxy can ensure that you have complete control over proxy servers you have purchased. Put another way, you will have complete control over the proxy and its connections, and your server’s IP address will remain private.

Additionally, you can always rely on excellent customer service. The managers at PrivateProxy Support are available to assist with any additional issues you may be experiencing and to provide all connection setup instructions.


Smartpoxy can also be considered a well-established player on the market, with a large pool of proxies available in the EU region. Here, you can be sure to find a server that will fit all of your requirements in terms of geo-targeting and response times.

Smartproxy can also provide you with an option for pay-as-you-go plans. This can help to balance your budget for the project or simply test servers in different conditions. You can find this option especially useful for tasks that do not require high performance or for smaller projects and companies.


Oxylabs is another proxy provider that can boast a large pool of IPs available in Europe. Right now, users can select from several million addresses across all popular European locations. 

In its turn, Oxylabs can provide a good feature for large-scale or diverse teams working on one project. This feature allows several users to comfortably use one server in parallel and not face traffic limits in the process. 

Bright Data

In the European area, Bright Data boasts one of the biggest networks of proxies. Usually, you can target a status or even a postcode with your tasks. But remember that business use cases shaped the majority of the Bright Data options.

Because of this, the majority of well-known professional use cases include documentation, making it simple to change your setup and carry on with your work. Furthermore, Bright Data offers an API that allows you to link servers to additional tools in your toolbox.


Although SOAX’s proxy range is a little bit narrower than its competitors’, millions of IPs in Europe are still available for selection. It is important to note that SOAX offers a strong and adaptable toolkit for server IP rotation. You can adjust the rotatiting parameters to determine which rotational option best suits your current workload. 

However, when it comes to the server protocols, you may encounter some issues. Generally, SOAX will give the HTTP(s) precedence over other available protocols, so you should monitor this setting. 


The Webshare provider is well-known for offering a proxy self-service option. This implies that you can create a subscription plan that is entirely tailored to your needs. For instance, you can pay for how frequently your server changes IP addresses rather than the proxy itself.

You can anticipate a pool of several million European IPs with Webshare, just like you would with other providers. Additionally, you should anticipate all of the well-liked features, such as rotation or total server control.


IPRoyal has been focusing on small projects, groups of people, and individual users for a considerable amount of time. A large selection of IPs and the ability to pay as you go are to be expected, allowing you greater financial flexibility. 

In addition, you can find support for IP rotation and API integration in your projects. All things considered, IPRoyal will be a great place to handle erratic work or kick start small-scale projects.

Using Europe Proxies

You can add and start using EU datacenter proxies on almost any modern device. In most cases, you will need to open the settings app on your device and find the network setup option. There, you will be able to locate special settings for proxy servers. You can add all of the credentials needed for a connection and start enjoying your improved privacy and anonymity online. You can also check if the proxy is working properly by opening a special IP tracking site that will tell you all the important details about your current connection.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free European IP Address

On the market, you can find providers or sites that will offer you free proxies in the EU region. At first glance, this can look like a good deal for simple tasks or for one-time-use scenarios. 

But, even with short-term connections, these proxies can steal lots of your personal information for further resale. Any residential or datacenter proxy server requires financial investments to maintain its operation. In the case of free proxies, these investments are usually based on the resale of your personal information to ad companies.

More than this, with free IP, you usually share one IP address across several users. This way, the response time and overall speed of connection will always be on the down side. Plus, you can face sudden blocks from popular sites that can be used by other people in parallel with you.

Why You Might Need an EU Proxy

As said before, the main point that might interest you in this case is a European IP address. With an EU proxy, all of your activity online will look like connections from the European region. 

This can be useful for lots of different tasks. For example, accessing geo-restricted content, performing HR or marketing tasks targeted at a specific region, or scraping content from Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What does the European proxy mean?

    A European proxy is basically any proxy server located in the EU region. In other words, an EU server can be located in any European country.

  • What kind of European proxy is the best to use?

    Overall, residential proxies will be the most universal and convenient way to browse the web with an EU IP address.

  • What kind of European proxy can you use?

    Usually, EU proxies come in residential form, but you can also find the option for datacenter proxies located in the EU region.

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