How to Get a USA IP Address
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2024/05/07

Whether you want to watch Netflix just like a regular American or need to run a web scraping operation on US-based servers, you will need a proxy to help you do that job successfully.

The traditional and conventional US IPs lie in the range of to Such IPs can be obtained as residential proxies validated by US Internet Service Providers. Over 8 million reliable addresses are in this range that can be verified by a traditional proxy checker. 

Although VPNs step into this arena of streaming handling (like in the case of Netflix and Hulu), you can power your browser with a proxy to do just the same. And for web scraping, having a good and valid United States IP is a must have. 

Read on if you want to know how to access US websites from abroad without getting blocked. 

What Is A US IP Address?

Technically, an American IP address is an Internet Protocol number assigned to an online device located on US soil. The WWW Consortium has assigned a certain range of IPs (some are mentioned above) that represent computers and devices connected to the Web in the USA.

Why would you want a US IP address?

For digital marketers and video streamers, those are golden IPs since they provide you access to data from one of the most prosperous markets in the world. 

Among the reasons why you would want to have a US IP are the following:

  1. Access to geo-restricted content in the US. There are a whole number of streaming services that are country-specific and are only available to users inside the USA. With a US IP, you can overcome this hurdle and get access to the content that is otherwise not available to you in your country of residence. 
  2. Shopping in US-based marketplaces. If you care about special deals and discounts available only for US customers, you can get a US proxy to access such e-stores and web shops to take advantage of the exclusive offerings on your purchases. 
  3. Internet at high speeds. Sometimes, it makes sense to use a US proxy to speed up your Internet within the US. With datacenter proxies and some premium residential proxies, you will be able to increase your speed significantly. 
  4. Reliable access to US-based services. With US proxies, you will have uninterrupted access to online banking, streaming platforms, and social media networks located on US soil. You may not have this opportunity without proper proxies because of your country’s geo-restrictions.  

To summarize all of that, having a set of high-performing reliable US proxies really pays! You will have options, and flexibility of using content from the US from any location.

Get a USA IP address

You can approach one of our qualified account managers via the chat box below to advise you on the USA IPs that will better suit your needs. You will be able to describe the details of your online mission, and we will tell you whether you need static residential proxies or datacenter IPs for it. You also will be able to order special datacenter rotating proxies from us with a proprietary IP rotating mechanism (for rotating proxies) that will allow you to have a new IP each time you access a US target server. 

It is that simple; just text us, and we will get you a set of IPs for the USA from our pool of proxies.

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Get a dedicated US IP address

If you need to have a dedicated proxy address, we will gladly provide you with a set of dedicated, meaning private or premium, proxies from our pool. Your dedicated US proxies will not be shared with any other users, and you will remain the only user of such IPs until you replace them or until they get blocked by the websites in America that you access.

We also provide swapping to all our users upon request. To find out more about the swapping of IPs, please consult our account managers, who are available via the chat box below.


Your proxy that will let you watch streaming services from the USA or scrape US-based sites is just a few clicks away. We will provide you with the best industry-level support at all stages of procuring and using the US-based IPs. Just let us know that you need them, and off you go!

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Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a US proxy?

    A US proxy, or US IP is a private proxy server that is sourced from a US datacenter or an ISP located in the USA.

  • Where can I find a free US proxy?

    A free US proxy can be found online for public use. The main problem here is security. By using a free proxy, you put yourself, your data, and your machine at risk of losing vital information. With free proxies, you become the product.

  • How can I use US proxies?

    The most common use cases for US proxies include streaming US-based TV services, accessing US social media platforms, buying from US-based e-commerce websites, and scraping US search engine result pages.

  • What type of proxy is a US proxy?

    A US proxy can be a datacenter IP or a residential proxy coming from a US household or individual user. The latter is provided by US-based ISPs and assigned to you by your proxy provider.

  • Is it safe to buy US proxies from a single provider?

    Absolutely! Once you try out several IPs from a proxy provider, you can expand your operation by buying more proxies from the same provider. With a reliable provider, you can go for custom-made proxy plans that will give you a virtually limitless number of precious US IPs.

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