8 Best German Proxies
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/03/12

If you seek to perform some of the geo-targeted tasks, like data harvesting on some specific German websites, proxies in the German region will be the first tool to search. 

In this article, we will look at the most popular and reliable German proxy provider on the market right now and see what kind of nuances should be taken into account when choosing IP in Germany. 

Factors Affecting German Proxies

Nowadays, lots of companies can offer you access to German based proxy servers. To find the best ge proxies for your specific requests, you need to consider lots of different parameters. Let’s see what kinds of options deserve the most attention when choosing a proxy to buy. 

First of all, you should pay attention to server table availability. For sure, you will check if the provider can offer an extensive number of IPs in the Germany region, but at the same time, you need to check if the pools in other countries also have support and function properly. The wide network of servers around the world itself can show that the provider can serve as a general guarantee of the server’s stability and quality.

Then, you need to review the possible server speeds and response times. This parameter can be the main deal breaker when it comes to speed dependent tasks like data harvesting or parsing. It can especially affect your project performance if you are located far from the German and European regions.

Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a proxy lies in the field of multiplatform support. For example, support for API and integrations in ready-made scripts can be a great benefit in the setup process for different projects. In most cases, you should look for a provider with extensive support and documentation for different proxy use cases.

Also, you can look at the available proxy protocols for your connection. German proxies can work as residential or datacenter proxies, support rotation, and have other useful features. Before starting to choose a provider closely, you need to decide what kind of proxy server is your main interest. 

Best Germany Proxies 2023

Now let’s look at the list of the most reputable providers of the best German proxies on the market right now.


PrivateProxy can provide a top notch selection of German IPs for any needed purposes. With PrivateProxy, you can be sure that all of the servers will meet your demands for quality and reliability. 

PrivateProxy has a wide range of partnerships with the ISPs and data centers in Germany. This way, you can be sure that your connection to servers in this region will show the best performance in any conditions. 

Plus, with any PrivateProxy server, you will get total control and exclusive rights for IP use. In other words, customers are not sharing any IPs with each other and can have all the needed control over connections.

Another important option to point out is the extensive customer support service. PrivateProxy support is always ready to guide you through the proxy setup process or solve any of the technical issues you might face.

Pricing: $9 a month for datacenter proxies, and $5 per month for static residential proxies.

Bright Data

Bright Data can also provide you with an extensive choice of IPs based in Germany. In certain cases, you can select IP based on the city or zip-code. 

Most of the popular proxy use cases already have documentation, so you can easily perform all of the needed setups. Bright Data also provides APIs for the integration of servers in scraping browsers or ready-made scripts. 

Most of the Bright Data efforts are targeted at business use cases for proxies. This is why their IPs are usually utilized for data harvesting, the parsing of stock market data, or the collection of e-commerce information.

Pricing: Micro plans start at $6.30 for 1GB, and regular plans start at $10.5 for 1GB.


Oxylabs positions itself with the same wide selection of German servers for any task. At this time, you can find about 2 million IPs available for connection. Like with any provider on this list, you can use autocheckout and start using proxies immediately.

Oxylabs offers a useful feature for scalable projects. Their servers will not limit the amount of traffic that you send or the number of users doing simultaneous work. So, if you are looking for proxies to power your large scale project, this can be a solid choice.

Pricing: Micro plans start at $9 for 1GB, and regular plans start at $10 for 1GB.


GeoSurf can’t brag about having so many IPs in needed regions but instead can feature all the other main competitive advantages. GeoSurf proxies can guarantee the solid performance in any needed proxy related task. Plus, GeoSurf can provide you with a comfortable dashboard and command panel.

Among the features, you can note the possibility of proxy rotation for easy-to-change locations. You can also create special sticky proxy sessions for the ultimate long use of one IP.

Pricing: The monthly subscription for the 25GB plan starts at $300.


NetNut can provide lots of high quality anonymous proxies in the German region. You can expect extensive customer support and a comfortable dashboard for all of your operations. 

Among the NetNut offerings, you can also find proxies with rotation functions built into them from the start. This way, you can start even the most complicated scraping projects without needing to worry about possible blocks or restrictions. 

Pricing: The monthly subscription for the 20GB plan starts at $300.


IPRoyal stays in the market niche oriented on smaller scale projects and individual customers. Also, providers offer a pay-on-the-go option and support for integrations through the API. 

Overall, IPRoyal offers can lie on the more affordable side of the market. So, smaller businesses or individuals can find this offer attractive for lots of different, inconsistent tasks.

Pricing: Micro plans start at $2 for 1GB, and regular plans start at $13 for 1GB.


Shifter offers a wide range of residential proxies in the German region. You can expect at least several millions of IP addresses in Germany with this provider. Like some other providers, Shifter offers a proxy network with each IP dedicated to a distinct user.

You can also find an opportunity to use an IP rotation mechanism that will allow you to change IP every 5 minutes automatically. This way, you can stay protected from any potential blocks or restrictions from sites that you work with. 

Pricing: The monthly subscription for the plans starts at $125.


Smartproxy is another popular provider with millions of unique IPs in Germany. Apart from good geographical distribution, you can expect solid performance and response time for any task. 

Here, you can also choose the pay-as-you-go option to balance your budget better. This makes Smartproxy a good pretender on the market for smaller companies and non-resource-intensive projects.

Pricing: The monthly subscription for the plans starts at $75.

Using a Germany Proxy

With your regular connection to the Internet, all processes are going straight forward. You just send a request to the wanted site and get a response from the page. But with proxies, you can trick the site and hide your real IP. Your request in that case will be first sent to the server, then from the server to the needed site, and only then back to you. 

This way, the site will see this request like a server one and will not know that you are actually using the server. In the German proxy case, your connections will first be sent to a physical server in Germany and then to the site. That means you can use a German based IP to look like a user from this country.

Proxies of this kind can be used with almost any setup and modern device. Even if the setup process for different types of proxies is not the same, in the end, you will use the IP that is assigned to a German region. 

Why You Should NOT Use a Free German IP Address

Many companies provide proxy services in Germany nowadays. At some point, you might find free German proxy options. Remember that, in most cases, offers like these will involve the risk of exposing your personal data or your device to hacker threats.

Service maintenance always costs money, and if the server owner cannot receive this money from you directly, they will use other earning tactics. Usually, free proxy servers tend to collect and sell your personal data to ad companies or other third parties. In the worst case scenario, in addition to exposing your data, you can also catch a virus or malware on your device.

Free proxies will always come with major privacy and security risks. More than this, in almost any situation, the free proxy will be shared by several people at the same time, so you can face speed troubles and blocks from popular sites. All of the proxy providers on the list in this article can guarantee the quality of the speed on their servers and extensive privacy. 

Why You Might Need An IP In Germany

Proxy servers with German IPs can come in handy in a number of different situations. For example, if you want to access content that is distributed exclusively in German or some of the German based services when you are away from a country. Overall, geo-restrictions have become a popular practice for establishing site protection. Hopefully, with a proxy, you can overcome any restrictions of this kind and access all of the needed content when you want. In the same manner, you can shop in German only online stores and participate in short time releases of certain goods. Plus, German HTTP, HTTPS proxies, or VPN can be used in professional tasks that involve scraping or other types of data collection. If you need to harvest information specific to the German region, proxies will be one of the most convenient tools. For example, you can choose datacenter rotating proxies and avoid most of the risks that involve blocks or restrictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is the German proxy?

    A German proxy can be described as a proxy server located in Germany. This means, any user connected to this server can use a German IP address.

  • What type of the German proxy is the best to use?

    In most situations, residential proxies can be a good choice for different kinds of tasks. You can use this type of proxy both for professional and day-to-day tasks.

  • Why do I need to use a German proxy?

    You can use German proxies for lots of different tasks. For example, you can access content restricted to the German region and utilize all the benefits of this region's IP.

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