How to Use 4chan With a Proxy
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/02/22

4chan is a highly popular image board famous for its loose censorship rules. But even with these freedoms, your activity on the platform can be banned or restricted. In this article, we will look at how to use 4chan with a proxy to bypass any blocks.

What is 4chan?

Over 20 million people visit 4chan every month, making it one of the most popular image boards on the Internet. The website allows users to post videos, text messages, and images anonymously. In some ways, the platform resembles Reddit or other image boards; however, 4chan has way fewer restrictions on content and does not integrate ads into your feed. Basically, users can post whatever they want, as long as it stays within the law of their country and simple 4chan rules.

4chan was opened back in 2003 and didn’t get that much attention at the start. All these years ago, the service was targeted at fans of Japanese comics and animation. But in a short period of time, more and more people started to use 4chan as the place for discussion on any topic interesting to them. With growing popularity, 4chan formed its own community, which has become an independent part of Internet culture.

Why Does 4chan Ban You?

4chan org positions itself as an anonymous site where users can join and post in any desired theme without the need to create an account or sign up. However, 4 chan itself can control your access to the site and ban you for a number of reasons. For example, you can be banned for posting content prohibited by law or if your posts are taken down by moderators.

4chan usually does not imply permanent bans; however, your access to the site can be restricted from several hours up to 30 days. Some of the users can forget about the site during this time, but others will find it troublesome. In this case, you can look at a static residential proxy for the best work uptime in any situation.

How Does a Proxy For 4chan Help You Use the Site Without Limits?

As said before, 4chan is an anonymous platform, but your actual IP address is always at the disposal of site owners. Although users can use the site without registration, site administration can track and see the actions of every separate user. If you face a ban or restriction from 4chan, it will be based on your IP address.

So residential proxy or other IP changing tools like VPN can help you overcome any problem of this kind. By using a proxy, you can mask and hide your real IP address by changing it to the server one. In this case, even if you were blocked from 4chan, you can activate a proxy on your system and begin browsing.

More than this, you can use proxies for professional tasks that involve bots or web scraping activity. This can be used for cataloging some data or for keeping updates on certain themes from the platform.

How to Choose a Suitable Proxy for 4chan?

The choice of a proxy for 4chan can be crucial. Without the right tool, you can face blocks and restrictions all over again with each new connection. Let’s look at the main options that you need to look for when choosing a proxy for 4chan. 

First of all, you should be interested in the possibility of downloading lots of different media files. So, you need to look for a proxy that can provide constant and high download speeds.

You should also search for proxies with the maximum uptime in the category. If you plan to spend a lot of time using 4chan, uptime can be the most important parameter. With a laggy connection, your session will be constantly interrupted, and it will be almost impossible to use the site in normal mode. In this case, you may use a datacenter rotating proxy and get a new IP address for each new connection, making IP bans extremely rare. 

Then you need to look for security and privacy options. 4chan overall is not the most secure website on the Internet, so the stable security of your connection is a high priority. The last part will be prices and customer support. With reasonable prices and 24/7 access to support, you can be sure that both your wallet and connection won’t get hit. 


4chan is not only one of the pillars of modern Internet culture but also a popular site with lots of activities. If you happen to be banned on 4chan, a datacenter proxy or other tools in this field can be a perfect solution for your problem. If you are looking at options on how to use a proxy on 4chan, these guides will be perfect for the first steps. With your real IP hidden and changed to the proxy server one, 4chan won’t be able to track you, block your activity, or restrict you from posting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • Why can 4chan block your activity?

    Although 4chan is a fairly free platform, you may encounter blocks due to complaints from other users or because of the extreme content that you publish. Usually, a ban can last from several days to a month.

  • What are the best proxies to use with 4chan?

    You can use almost any type of proxy to access 4chan. In most situations, residential proxies will be the most comfortable and universal type to use.

  • How can you bypass the 4chan ban?

    You can bypass most of the bans by changing your real IP address to the IP address of the proxy server. This way, you can restore access to 4chan and protect your connection from tracking, hacker threats, and malware.

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