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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/06/21

Nstbrowser is a sophisticated anti-detect browser created especially for professional simultaneous administration of multiple social media accounts. Nstbrowser can provide a multitude of useful and unique features, like account management, customizable web scraping, different types of automation, and other options. Brower is also compatible with tools like Playwright or Puppeteer right out of the box.

What is primary is that this browser enables you to control and work on several online accounts concurrently without any risk of getting flagged or banned. Your unique fingerprint can be continuously collected and checked by the websites that you are working on. Therefore, you risk being banned very quickly, even if you use clean data and make new accounts for every task.

Nstbrowser can solve this problem by making a distinct fingerprint for every profile you have. In this manner, every one of your profiles will be separate from one another, and your online personalities will have a clean, authentic appearance.

For even more advanced anonymity and security, you can use functions like cookie management and add custom files to your profiles. In the same way, you can integrate automated frameworks like Selenium or Puppeteer into your workflow. Paired with the proxy management built into Nstbrowser, you can create a truly powerful setup for scraping or account management. 

All of this can also be achieved with team collaboration possibilities and the ability to unlock technology. This tool can help you bypass captchas or other artificial website barriers. Paired with advanced account management, Nstbrowser has become a flexible and professional tool for lots of different online projects.

Buying Private Proxies

You can purchase proxy servers and begin using them with Nstbrowser if you have this instruction. To begin with, go to PrivateProxy.me and sign in to your account. If you do not have an existing account, you can make one in seconds. Always use a strong password to safeguard your information. 

On the purchase page, after logging in, you can select the required server and configure every feature you desire. After choosing the required type, nation, and package, click the “Buy Proxies” button. All of your servers will now be accessible by opening the “My Proxies” tab. You have access to all the information required to establish a connection to your servers on this page.

Testing Proxies in NSTBrowser

We can now include proxies in the setup since we have all the necessary data. Nstbrowser supports most of the popular server types, like HTTP (S) and SOCKS proxies. You must provide the host, port, username, and password in addition to the proxy type when adding your proxy servers.

After that, your server will show up on the proxy list tab, where you can take any action you choose. Your servers are grouped here by type of your proxies, or you can make custom groups with unique parameters. Nstbrowser can provide options for automated proxy checks and the clearing of failed servers from the pool. The proxy checker will also automatically specify the location and the type of server. There is also a function available that can export batches of proxy servers at one time.

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