Rotating Proxies For Web Scraping
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/05/27

Any large scale web scraping project requires a solid set of proxies for rotation. This helps avoid rate limiting, blocking and helps improve overall response time. The right choice of web scraping IP rotation service can greatly benefit your scraping setup. Here, we’ll examine how to use IP rotation for scraping and how this can help you in any way.

What is Web Scraping

Web scraping, or data harvesting, is characterized as the automated collection of data from different sites online. The majority of significant information on sites is stored in the form of random HTML content. The process of web scraping helps automatically collect this information and transform it into a comfortable to use database or sheet. 

Web scrapers can be found in different forms and sizes. For certain tasks, you can use premade software or API integrations, but large-scale projects usually rely on custom made data harvesting solutions. Most of the popular and large portals, like X, Facebook, or Google, will allow you to collect data from them through special API tools. Options like this are usually the most comfortable, but the majority of other sites do not support these functions, so you need to use custom created tools for access.

In basic conditions, the scraping process involves the work of the web crawler and the scraper itself. Crawler can be described as a special AI tool that looks through internet content in search of information needed by you. The scraper, in its turn, is a special tool designed for collecting and extracting data from web pages. The design of the scraper itself can vary based on the specific tasks you want to perform. Typically, scrapers use Python libraries and proxy integration for best performance.

Using Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping

To understand what is a rotating proxy, we must begin with the fundamentals. In core, there are three primary kinds of proxies accessible – mobile, datacneter, and residential proxy. These kinds can all make use of the rotation function. For example, with a datacenter rotating proxy, you’ll receive a fresh address for every one of your new connections. Other proxy types will work with IP rotation service in the same manner.

Residential proxies with rotation will get new IP addresses from the real users and give the appearance of a legitimate and clean connection. In instances of web scraping, this type is more dependable, but it also tends to be slower and more costly. 

Datacenter proxy, contrary to popular belief, is faster and overall cheaper, but way less reliable for any data harvesting related work. They are easily tracked by popular websites, which can lead to fast flagging and a ban on connections.

As their name implies, mobile proxies obtain their IP addresses from mobile devices and resemble residential proxies in general. From the perspective of data harvesting, you should only use this kind of proxy when you need to gather data from particular websites connected to mobile devices.

The main challenge in web scraping lies in avoiding being blocked by the targeted sites. Websites tend to use more and more advanced technologies for blocking bot-activity. A regular server, like static residential proxy will eventually face a block of access to the targeted site. Here is where the rotation’s use pays off in full. Your IP address is always changing, so it is nearly impossible to block or terminate your internet activity.

How Rotating Proxies are Better Than Resident Proxies for Scraping 

As said before, web scraping is an overall complex and trickly process that involves lots of different tools. But the main obstacle to any data harvesting task is avoiding being banned by the targeted site. Proxy, in this case, will be the most useful and comfortable tool to use. 

With the use of a proxy, you can conceal your true IP address and appear to be accessing websites from various devices. This allows you to swap out your IP address whenever you need to gather fresh data for scraping. However, in this scenario, you will continue to use a single IP address for all of your activities. Websites can quickly monitor this kind of behavior and block your access to the pages. 

In this situation, rotating IP address can be helpful and save you from ban risks. You can use any type of proxy that you require and alter your IP address to suit your preferences with active rotation. You can, for instance, alter your address whenever you establish a new connection or every few minutes. This will prevent websites from tracking, flagging, or banning any of your activities because you will be switching addresses all the time.

Plus, rotating proxy usually use different countries as their end-points, so you can effectively circumvent geographic restrictions and scrape data from all over the world. This method can be helpful for tasks involving HR, SEO, or SERPs, for instance.


Rotating proxies become one of the main parts of any data harvesting project. Without this option, any large-scale and consistent collection of data will be almost impossible. And with all modern software, you can use IPs rotation services or integrate and rotate proxies yourself  in almost any scraping tool that you use, making your setup invincible for blocks and flagging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is proxy rotation?

    Proxy rotation is the process that allows your IP address to constantly change itself to a new one. This way, you can avoid blocks, and limitations implied by websites.

  • What kind of proxy is the best to use for web scraping with rotation?

    You can use almost any proxy type you want with rotation. Usually, proxy rotation is used with residential types to make your connection look even more clean and secure.

  • How can web scraping benefit from proxy rotation?

    Web scraping is highly dependent on the quality of the proxy rotation pool. Without this tool, scraping will face blocks and restrictions.

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