What is a Proxy for Dating Sites
Anastasia Zatonskaya
Anastasia Zatonskaya Published: 2024/03/21

What is a Dating Proxy Server?

Proxy servers for dating sites are intermediaries that sustain your anonymity and enable automation when accessing dating websites and apps. As in other use cases, proxy servers hide your IP address and location and replace them with their own details. 

When Should You Use Dating Proxies?

It makes sense to access dating websites via a proxy server, if you want to maintain your anonymity, bypass an antibot system, log into the dating site from a different location, manage several profiles or if you want to use the website in the geographical area where its use is banned.

These are the main reasons for accessing dating websites via proxies:

  1. Stay anonymous and protected. As the case may be, dating websites are a treasure trove for fraudsters of every stripe and color. Apart from decent people trying to find a soulmate on Tinder, there is a chance to meet someone not so well-minded. So, the most explainable cause of wanting to access dating apps via proxy is your desire to stay anonymous and protect yourself from being identified by hackers and other wrongdoers. Enable a proxy to hide your actual IP and location — this will safeguard your data and devices from fraud threats.
  2. Bypass geo restrictions. Strange as it may seem, dating websites are prohibited in some Asian countries for being immoral and breaking local laws. You can’t use these services in these locations, even if you arrived there for a few days as a tourist. So, if you don’t want to miss your online date just because you are on a trip, you can access a dating app by means of VPN or proxy.  
  3. Restore access to the dating website. Dating sites can block user accounts for ambiguous reasons — there can be situations when you’ve done no wrong, but still can’t get back to the website. In this case, a user creates a new account, but if their IP address was banned, that’s not going to work — the website security system will still recognize your attempts. In this case, only a proxy server will help you out, as it enables access to the dating website from a different IP. For the plot to work out, don’t forget to clear your browser cookies, and use a different email to log in with the proxy enabled. 
  4. Run many profiles. Some dating app users want to utilize multiple accounts: this extends their communication horizons and helps get in touch with people from any part of the world and not just their area identified by geolocation tools. For them, proxy servers are a method to go beyond borders and meet new people without links to their location. 
  5. Automate your actions. To enhance chances of meeting more singles users automate tasks and activities offered by the dating site. With multiple data requests per minute carried out by bots such users streamline Likes, messaging, commenting, or profile selection. In this case, premium proxies are a must: they will prevent dating sites from discovering and blocking the bot that sends requests.

Residential Rotating Dating Proxies vs. Static Residential Dating Proxies

If you choose to access dating sites via proxy, the next step is to decide what type of proxy you’ll use. 

Static residential proxies sold or leased by data centers don’t change IP address over time. Static proxy is faster than rotating proxy, and you can keep a proxy with the same IP as long as you need it. The drawback of static proxies is that they don’t cover all geolocations, so there is a chance you can’t access the needed location within the dating site. Besides, some dating websites can block IP addresses, if they send too many requests. That means static proxies are not 100% safe for automation and scraping dating site operations.

With rotating proxies, you get a new IP address if the IP you are using isn’t available anymore or if you configured an automated IP rotation. Proxy rotation features some benefits as compared to static residential proxies. Since they use IP addresses from millions of homes, their geographic targeting can be very precise. It also makes rotating residential proxies very hard to detect. The disadvantage is that rotating proxies work slower than static ones, as the pool of IP addresses has a lower bandwidth. Besides, rotating proxies are usually more expensive. 

Dating Proxy’s Most Common Use Cases

Dating proxies are most often used on the popular dating websites, such as Tinder, Match.com, Edate.com, OkCupid and others. Dating proxies help:

  • Create accounts in specific countries and cities on the user’s choice;
  • Change location settings in the profile, if a user is situated in the region, where the website or app is blocked;
  • Extend your reach and connect to more users by creating accounts in various regions;
  • Continue using the dating website if you travel across the countries that block it (China, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Bangladesh, Vietnam etc.);
  • Bypass a ban from the website.

Discover Our Premium Proxy Solutions

If you plan to use proxy servers for dealing with dating websites, consider premium proxy solutions by Privateproxy. Whether your special requirements concern bandwidth or the number of IPs, whether you intend to automate, scrape, or unban a dating app, we have premium solutions that will meet your needs.

Our premium packages of residential proxies will help you unlock the full potential of dating websites without subscribing to their paid accounts: you will be able to access the restricted content, log in from any country and streamline liking, messaging and commenting. In addition to the best price / quality ratio starting at $5 per package of premium residential proxies, you’ll enjoy such benefits as a free trial, unlimited bandwidth and connections and instant activation. Besides, you can always contact our 24/7 support and get the best proxy for dating sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • Should I choose static or rotating proxies for dating websites?

    It depends. Generally, static proxies are faster and cheaper, but there is still a risk of a proxy being blocked by the site. Rotating proxies are somewhat slower and more expensive, but their targeting is much more precise, and the risk of ban almost tends to zero. In any way, we recommend premium packages, so that you can get the best quality.

  • Where are dating sites blocked?

    Many dating sites are blocked in China, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and other eastern countries.

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