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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/03/15

Twitter, now known simply as “X” for a long time, dominated its niche among other social media platforms. Every day, almost 250 users around the world interact with Twitter, which makes it one of the largest markets for online ads. In this article, we will see how you can benefit from using Twitter with proxies and what providers can offer you the most high-quality and simply the best proxies for Twitter.

What are Twitter Proxies?

A Twitter proxy can be described as a dedicated server that reroutes all of your online requests to the needed site. Put differently, proxies ultimately serve as the gate or buffer between the web page and your gadget. When the site is reacting to your request, the same thing occurs in reverse. From the site perspective, all connections are coming directly from the server and not your device.

By doing this, you can browse Twitter more safely and anonymously while hiding your true IP address. In addition, proxies let you use several accounts at the same time or perform professional tasks on Twitter. 

For example, businesses can scale their proxy pool at any moment and launch large-scale marketing, advertising, or research companies. Or, a brand can establish effective and constant promotion tactics with a wide presence through multiple Twitter accounts and proxies.

Unblock Twitter Using a Proxy

As previously mentioned, Twitter proxies serve as your device’s connection gate or tunnel. With the help of this feature, you can unblock Twitter access in practically any circumstance. Here’s a closer look at how proxies can assist you in getting around blocks and restrictions. 

In most cases, Twitter can be blocked because of local government regulations, or because of restrictions directly from Twitter. In both cases, proxies can restore your access to the needed site. 

This is how the entire process appears. The proxy server receives the request first, processes it, and then forwards the information to the required site. Your original IP address is changed to the server’s IP address during this process. So, for example, with a residential proxy server in Germany, in the end you will get a legitimate German IP address. With this address, you can avoid your local censorship and overcome any Twitter blocks. 

A Twitter proxy can be activated in the network system of your system. Nowadays, almost any Internet connected device can support basic proxy setup right out of the box. To unblock Twitter and any other website, all you have to do is add login credentials to your system and turn on proxies. 

Which Types of Proxies Work Best for Twitter

Proxy technology has many implementations designed for different kinds of work in mind. Let’s look at the most popular proxy types and see what is the best to use with Twitter.

The residential type is the most commonly used and well-liked kind of proxy. This server uses an IP that a real location, such as a home or apartment, was assigned by the ISP. Proxies like this are therefore more difficult to locate and surveil. This feature can help you avoid being blocked or reported on Twitter if you use the same IP address for multiple accounts. Furthermore, you can manage multiple accounts with different residential proxies without fear of being blocked or facing limitations. 

Alternatively, you can look at the datacenter option. Unlike the residential one, datacenter proxies are not tied to a particular place. Although sites are able to identify the use of these proxies more easily, with technologies like rotation, you can use datacenter rotating proxies. In this manner, you will receive a new IP address for every request you make, making it difficult for any website to block any of your activity. 

Overall, the kinds of proxy servers we discussed will work great with Twitter. Depending on the duties you have, you might want to use special functions like sticky sessions or rotation. But, in most situations, static residential proxies can cover the whole specter of the basic work with Twitter.

The best Twitter Proxies of 2023

Now that we have discussed all of the main proxy aspects, we can look at the best Twitter proxies to buy today.


PrivateProxy can offer affordable proxies for Twitter in almost any location. All of the servers from PrivateProxy are ready for extensive and large scale data harvesting projects on Twitter or any other social network. 

You can have a convenient dashboard with all of your servers and API integrations when you use the Private Proxy service. Also, the dashboard has all of the needed scripts to integrate proxies in popular programming languages and scrape tools. Customer support is always ready to solve any troubles and guide you through the setup process. 

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $5 for a month.

Bright Data

Bright Data can provide more than 70 million IPs of your choice, including residential, mobile, and data center types. Here, you can also get dedicated IPs assigned only to one user. Plus, you have the option of either extending or using a proxy to work with several requests. 

Some of the users may be interested in built-in proxy managers or a wide IP pool. Users can choose servers up to a city and zip code to perfectly match their geo-targeting requests. 

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $6.3 per 1GB.


NetNut can offer more than 50 million residential, datacenter, and other types of IPs. You can also get access to static or rotating proxies for easy scalability of your projects. Like any other provider on the list, NetNut offers sticky IP functionality and support for strong geo-targeting in your taks.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $15 per 1GB.


Smartproxy can offer you more than 40 million server IPs in 190 countries around the world. Here, you can also use sticky sessions and rotation technology. Plus, Smartproxy has plans for shared or dedicated datacenter servers. In terms of Twitter, Smartproxy can offer support for several popular bots on this social media.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $7 per 1GB.


Like other providers, IPRoyal can offer rotating and sticky connection types, along with all regular connections. With this, you can also enjoy support for the API and advanced geo-targeting. IPRoyal can provide servers specifically for overcoming different blocks related to Twitter.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $7 per 1GB.


IPBurger offers more than 70 million proxies with support for rotation, sticky sessions, and data harvesting in real time. The last feature can be especially useful for a number of tasks that involve data harvesting from Twitter. Plus, you also have the option for advanced geo-targeting.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $13 per 1GB.


ProxyEmpire can provide cheap proxies for Twitter, along with SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies for all the basic tasks that involve Twitter. You can use rotation to scrape data while staying protected from bans, or use geo-targeting to get information specific to the needed region.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $10 per 1GB.


Like other providers, Metrow can offer sticky sessions, rotation, and advanced authentication. Metrow can also provide support for popular Twitter bots or software for scraping. This way, you can just add proxies to your pre-build setup and enjoy all the benefits without the setup hustle.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $10 per 1GB.


In the SOAX proxy pool, you can find proxies designed to work with Twitter bots and software for scraping. You can find offers for IP rotation, sticky sessions, and other helpful features here, just like with other providers.

Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $12 per 1GB.


Proxy-store can provide proxy servers in several of the most popular countries and locations. Here, you can also find IPs created to work with Twitter pages through the API. Keep in mind that Proxy-store offers servers with a minimal rental period of 5 days. Prices: Basic tariffing starts at $2,6 for 5 days of rent.

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