5 Best Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/03/20

Modern ad analytics tools can drastically alter the whole picture when it comes to searching for hotel options, flight tickets, or travel destinations. Google and other companies are constantly collecting your data to provide you with ads, prices, and offers based on your previous search history and other parameters. 

Hoverwer, travel fare aggregator can help you overcome any of these tracking troubles and get clean results. Special tools can help you collect uncorrupted data about prices and offers across all of the popular sites. The main component of this process, aside from the software, is proxies. So, in this article, we will look at the best proxies for travel fare aggregation on the market.


PrivateProxy can offer a wide pool of the top proxies for travel fare aggregation. You can receive all of the IPs in seconds, even for the largest and most corporate base orders. Additionally, you’re able to specify numerous parameters when choosing a server for your tasks. The majority of the common professional scenarios involving residential proxies have extensive documentation to support your project. 

So, you can find proxies for ticket price harvesting without any trouble and start using them right away. Customer service is always available to assist you in selecting the appropriate proxies and to walk you through the setup procedure. You can be certain that every project parameter will meet your expectations in this manner. In addition, you may find PrivateProxy offers useful for harvesting data about ad campaigns, job offerings, real estate, and other business spheres. 

Prices: Tariffs start at $5 per month.


Oxylabs is among the most well known vendors available and can offer more than 100 million servers all over the globe. Most of these servers will also have the residential IPs for any of your tasks. 

You’re able to handle and configure your IP pool with the help of an online dashboard. In this manner, you can receive and begin to utilize your proxies nearly constantly. Oxylabs tends to target their offers at large or medium scale clients. Users without any experience with proxy use might be a little frustrated by the multitude of steps. 

However, when it comes to powering up your large-scale travel aggregation project, Oxylabs can be a solid choice. You can anticipate enjoying every major perk offered by proxy providers, such as a large pool of accessible IPs. 

Prices: Tariffs start at $9 per month.

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

Bright Data is also considered to be among the market’s most popular proxy providers. Bright Data, which changed its name from Luminati to its current one in 2021, is able to provide more than 70 million IPs worldwide. 

Additionally, a cozy dashboard and immediate access to all of your proxies are to be expected here. Most of the needed proxy types are accessible right from the starting menu. The documentation covers many professional use cases for proxies in great detail.

You may also select a payment plan for payments on the go to save some part of your budget for proxies. Plus, there is also the possibility of purchasing proxies with auto rotation, to protect your project from almost any possible blocking. 

Prices: Tariffs start at $6 per month.


SmartProxy is also a well known company that targets a web scraping proxy niche. You can choose IP from more than 190 different locations around the world. Plus, SmartProxy can offer both residential, mobile and datacenter proxies in most of these locations. 

With a proxy pool of this size, any travel data aggregation tasks should not be a major problem. For your day-to-day tasks, SmartProxy can also provide a browser extension for managing and monitoring all of your purchased servers. The only thing you need to remember is that to start a basic plan, you need to deposit $75. 

Prices: Tariffs start at $75.

IP Royal

IPRoyal is another strong player on the market that targets small and midsize projects and businesses. The company can offer an extensive pool of residential IPs in all popular locations. 

IPRoyal, like the other companies on this list, can provide an easy-to-use dashboard that has all the information you need to keep an eye on and manage your IPs. Furthermore, comprehensive documentation on professional proxy use cases and API integration should be expected. 

Prices: Tariffs start at $13 per month.

Why Do Proxies Work So Well for Travel Fare Aggregation?

Proxies can be seen as one of the main tools for travel data aggregators because of their impersonating function. In the end, activity originating from a well-configured proxies for travel fare aggregation will appear to be a typical, authentic user action. From the targeted sites point of view, any network connections with this proxy will appear clean. Furthermore, you can prolong the duration of this degree of concealment with proxies. All of these functions make proxies the most fast, reliable, and powerful instrument to gather data via the internet. 

In essence, a proxy server serves as your device’s gate or tunnel for all connections. The server catches all of your requests, processes them, and redirects you to the needed site. Your actual IP address is replaced with the server’s IP address during this process. For instance, if you use a residential proxy, the local ISP will assign you an IP that is authentic and belongs to the real location. These IP addresses are very difficult to trace and link to you, so from the websites perspective, you will appear to be an ordinary user. Or alternatively, you can choose datacenter rotating proxies to constantly change your IP address and avoid blocks.

This is especially important because travel sites usually display different prices based on your IP address. So, static residential proxies can allow you to choose any desired location for browsing price points with a foreign IP. Basically, this feature alone makes proxy one of the most crucial tools for aggregating travel site data. Any website that can give you information, such as the cost of airline tickets or other comparable data, will gather this data through the use of a proxy. 

Proxies are ultimately the primary and most popular tool for any kind of travel data aggregation. Proxy-based projects can quickly and efficiently parse, harvest, and export nearly any type of travel-related data without experiencing slowdowns or obstructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a travel fare aggregator?

    We can describe travel fare aggregation as the process of collecting data about current prices on hotels, plane tickets, etc. This process usually allows users to see clean prices and offers.

  • Why can proxies be a perfect tool for data aggregation?

    Proxies function to alter and conceal your actual IP address. So they can be a perfect tool for data collection because you can receive clean and unchanged search results on any topic.

  • How can proxies help to collect data about travel fares?

    By setting up a proxy, users can browse the Internet using a clean IP and receive search results and prices that remain unchanged from their previous online activity.

  • What proxies are the best to use with travel aggregation?

    Residential proxies will be an overall universal and comfortable tool for most proxy-related tasks. However, some of the use cases may require more advanced proxy types.

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