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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/03/28

The widespread penetration of the Internet into our lives also affects the work of modern brands. The value of brands and companies is often connected only to the products they represent. With the Internet as a structure of many processes, the risk to brand security and reputation is constantly growing. In this article, we will discuss how to protect your brand from online threats and how to choose proxies for this task.

How to Protect Your Brand Online?

Modern businesses are inevitably connected to the online world. However, the Internet can bring not only comfort and functionality but also new kinds of sophisticated threats. Brand protection is more commonly becoming one of the main concerns for companies that present online. 

For regular users, the use of proxy or VPN tools has become a common practice and form of online hygiene. Because, even on a day-to-day Internet use level, users can face malware, tracking, and a number of other threats. That’s why businesses need to spend much more effort establishing their own security and protection from a much larger range of threats. 

There are several main aspects of online security that businesses need to remember. First of all, brands should keep in mind all of the parameters that are connected to data privacy. Harvesting or simply storing customer data is a highly risky task. In most cases, this sphere of brand protection requires the most attention and extensive tools to maintain. 

Then, brands also need to face the risks of intellectual property theft. Other brands can easily steal and use your business logos, trademarks, or other materials in their own marketing. So, brands need to constantly control the market for this kind of leak and prevent it from occurring. 

Hovewer, with intellectual property theft risks, also comes the risk of losing profit. In many cases, companies tend to not only steal logos but also copy your product entirely. Customers can purchase counterfeit products and associate them with your company and brand. 

The same way works brand impersonation. Apart from product and logo theft, hackers or fraudsters can also use your brand name to scam users. If someone impersonates your brand to trick customers, all of the reputational risks will lie with you in the end. 

This also connects to the web site and social media security of the brand. Monitoring all activity in these spaces is crucial to maintaining strong protection of your user data. For example, firewalls, HTTPS use, and other advanced tools should be the basis for preventing data breaches, leaks, and hacker hijacks. 

In most of these cases, brands can start using proxy service like PrivateProxy or Oxylabs to enhance or establish the basic protection and monitoring of all threats like this. With the help of a proxy, businesses can harvest information about companies, markets, and ads to track the current state of things. In the same way, proxies can be used to establish the protection of your brand on social media and other sites. 

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Types of Proxies for Brand Protection

Brand protection in the Internet space requires an informed choice of a reliable proxy network. Your efforts greatly depend on the type of proxy that you choose. Let’s look at all the popular proxy types to figure out how each of them can help with brand protection tasks.

Datacenter proxy are the type of servers that have IPs that are not associated with any particular location or ISP. Usually, datacenter IPs are slightly faster and anonymous; however, they can be spotted and flagged much more often than other types. In the case of brand protection, datacenter servers can be a great solution for large projects that need scalability options and constant access to solid processing power. 

The following category is residential proxy, and as the name implies, the typical ISPs assign the IPs of these servers. So the address of this server can be associated with regular apartments or households. This type of server will look clean and unsuspicious in any task. Residential IPs will be the best choice to monitor brand reputation and other parameters across several countries and regions. 

Then, you can also use datacenter rotating proxy or residential IPs with rotation. Your address may be automatically changed by the rotating function with every request and connection. If a proxy provider does not have built-in rotation, you will need to set up your own proxy pool and use rotating software. This kind of proxy is helpful for long-term, repetitive tasks that you need to complete in order to protect your brand. You can be certain that rotation will prevent any of your harvesting or other tasks from being blocked or flagged.

The last type is called private or dedicated proxies. A private proxy is essentially a server that is only accessible to you. Because no one will be able to share the server’s IP address with you, this option improves your security and anonymity. You can use private proxies to investigate cases of counterfeit or brand impersonation without exposing your research. 

Which is the Best Proxy for Brand Protection?

The choice between all available proxy types primarily depends on your specific tasks and needs. Different IPs can provide you with a different set of features and benefits that can be used for brand protection and a number of other tasks. Now, let’s see how to find the best proxy for brand protection.

Before starting to select your server, make a solid plan and list of tasks that you need to perform. Only with this information in hand you can choose a server that will fit your requirements. 

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to use residential or datacenter proxies. With residential type, you will get IP assigned by a regular ISP, so your activity will look more clean and legit. Datacenter type IPs belong to the datacenters and are not connected to any specific location. This feature makes them a bit more anonymous but easier to spot.

Next, you have the option to include rotation in your configuration. With this setting, every time you establish a new connection, the IP is automatically changed. Put differently, the system will update your IP address and continue with the task even if it has been flagged. You may also select a static residential proxy that will allow you to work with the needed IP for as long as you want.

In the end, you just need to determine which kind of proxy will cover most of your requirements and try to use it with your setup. Sometimes, it can be a good practice to use several different types of servers to cover every potential responsibility associated with protecting your company’s brand.


Choosing the best proxy server can be difficult overall because there are so many options available. But not all tasks related to brand protection are the same, and in this instance, a proxy solution is likewise unable to address every scenario that might arise. A detailed understanding of your brand’s requests in the field of security will also allow you to choose a proxy for brand protection that will suit you the best. 

Therefore, determining every threat that you wish to avoid or get rid of is crucial to selecting the best proxies for brand protection. You can then develop all processes that call for a particular kind of proxy based on this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is the brand protection?

    Brand protection can be described as the process of securing business assets like logos, trademarks, copyrights, and other property.

  • Which type of proxy is the best for brand protection?

    The choice of proxy depends solely on your specific requests. In most cases, you can use universal residential proxies, which can satisfy most of the basic requests.

  • How can proxies help to protect your brand?

    Proxies can be a crucial part of a different processes involved in brand protection. For example, with the help of a proxy, you can harvest almost any information to track your brand positioning, verify ads, and do other tasks.

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