Dedicated Residential Proxy Usage Explained
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2022/08/01

In any industry there is a product that is sought for by most users and is viewed as the most reliable and “money’s worth” item that everybody wants.

In the World of proxies such products are dedicated residential IPs that can help you in various missions, reliably hiding your original IP and repeatedly granting your access to the most protected websites, social media or marketplaces. 

In this article we will talk about the main advantages of dedicated residential proxies, discuss the risks of using shared proxies, and show how such proxies are different from VPN services that you can use for accessing blocked content. 

But before we get into the technical specifics of dedicated residential proxies and use cases, let’s cover the basics and start with the dedicated residential proxies meaning

What are Dedicated Residential Proxies

As the name suggests a Dedicated Residential Proxy is above all a residential proxy, which means that once deployed it will replace your original IP with an IP from a pool of residential proxy network, representing real individuals residing in a specific area (for instance you can operate out of the US and use an EU IP address). This is made possible through the capability of using IPs of real users by a proxy provider offering some perk sharing program. This also covers the question of what is a residential VPN is.

So, if you buy a residential proxy that is “dedicated”, you will be the sole user of this IP. Sometimes such proxies are called ‘private proxies’, where private means exactly that such a proxy can be used by a single user. This makes residential dedicated proxies way more expensive than their shared counterparts. 

The major risk of using shared residential IPs boils down to the possibility of hitting the same web resources with proxies from the same subnets. If a proxy was detected by some web service and got banned there, the chances of getting the whole subnet of IPs banned is really high. So, buying a shared residential proxy plan may lead to rejecting some of them for your particular mission. 

When you are talking about serious data collection involving web scraping, you are likely ready to invest into a set of dedicated residential proxies with subnets that you will be the single user of. This way you avoid the case when these proxy subnets have been previously used on your potential web targets.

Key Benefits of Dedicated Residential Proxies for Business

Most of the benefits that surround the use of the best residential proxies come from the ability to organize data collection using such proxies. And here we can be talking about parsing or scraping data from both publicly available resources with limitations for downloads for certain types of users and sites equipped with anti-bot systems. 

Dedicated, cheap residential proxy services are ideal for overriding protection tools that otherwise would detect your presence as malicious intrusion or threat. On such resources you will be able to perform data parsing with simultaneous requests without being detected by the security systems.

Another benefit for using static residential proxies in particular is having more reliable information from web resources with datasets catered directly to local users. If you try to access such a website with a foreign IP, you may have a completely different picture on the merchandise in terms of pricing and shipment. 

Differences between Dedicated Residential Proxy vs VPN

Normally users choose between a dedicated proxy server and a VPN when it comes to getting access to geo restricted services and providing extra security to their Internet connections. If your search goes deeper into the protocols behind proxies and you are choosing between an SOCKS vs HTTP proxy, you might want to read this article here.

So, when should one use VPNs and when should you use residential proxy for your online activities?

First, let’s consider the key differences in these two technologies. 

A proxy operates on the application level and a VPN works on the device level. This means that VPNs route traffic in its entirety from your device through itself and a proxy works only with your browser’s traffic.

VPN is all about encryption. All the traffic that goes through a VPN is encrypted. Where in case with a proxy it may not be encrypted at all. It is important for those corporate users who use VPNs for accessing their corporate servers remotely through public wifi or third-party networks.

Proxies can be used inside bots. This is one huge difference that makes proxies absolutely stand out. There are so many scripts, bots and apps for scraping and parsing information from the web out there that can be powered by proxies and nothing else. Using a VPN on top of this setup can be redundant and unnecessary. 

Another problem with comparing VPNs and proxies is that most reviewers consider proxies to be publicly available and virtually free. This leads to the conclusion that proxies have a disadvantage over VPNs for being not properly supported. 

This is exactly where such proxies as private dedicated residential proxies come into play to become the solution for accessing geo restricted websites for data collection, while being properly technically supported by their providers and priced accordingly.

What are Dedicated Residential Proxies Used For 

Dedicated Residential Proxy Usage Explained

Now that you know the key benefits of dedicated residential proxies we can carefully study the cases when such proxies can be used by corporate users to help them with their business tasks. 

  1. Ad Verification and Brand Intelligence 

Proxies can help you in identifying and removing malicious ads that are planted by your competitors in order to stain your reputation. By accessing your own pages with ads using dedicated residential proxies you can recognize such ads and ban them from your web resource. 

  1. Web Scraping for Marketing Intelligence 

When it comes to studying your competition you can take one step further and scrape the Internet for information about your competitors. You can compile a whole dataset on the goods and pricing of your competitors, locations of their major outlets and schedules of their operation.  For this you will definitely need a set of reliable dedicated residential proxies. 

  1. Buying Rare Sneakers Online 

Dedicated residential proxies (sometimes referred to as cookie proxies) can be used inside special bots to help you in copping rare sneakers online. Footsites are extremely protected against automated purchases and can easily block users trying to buy sneakers from multiple accounts for a period of time a sneaker drop takes place. So, you definitely will need a good bot and a reliable set of proxies to power it. 

  1. Scraping Search Engines 

Scraping information from SERP could easily lead to blocking your device since search engines impose limits on the number of requests from a single IP. With dedicated residential proxies you can work on SERP from various IPs each time you access the search engine. 

  1. Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Most prominent social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter restrict posting and managing multiple accounts from the same device. This is made possible with a good residential proxy that will appear to the social media as yet another legitimate user. And you will be able to engage in web marketing following your business strategy. 

  1. Overriding Geo Restrictions

A lot of content-rich sites are geo-locked and made available only to residents in some specific areas. It is especially true about some video and audio streaming services like Netflix that makes its content available only to some select countries. A private dedicated residential proxy makes it possible to override these restrictions to access content without getting banned. If you plan on using such proxies for overriding geo restrictions make sure that the subnets of IPs that you are going to buy are not blocked by this particular service before committing your funds. 

Get Your Trusted Dedicated Residential Proxy With PrivateProxy

If you feel like you found one of your business use cases in the list above, feel free to discuss the best deal for dedicated residential proxies with us. We have over a decade of supplying high quality private proxies to our customers all over the world. What makes us stand out from other proxy providers is our ability to cater to your particular business needs without having you overinvest in proxies you may not even use. Plus, you will always have continuous access to our tech support team to address all sorts of issues related to activating and setting up your proxies. Concentrate on the business side of using proxies and we will take care of the technical aspects. 

Final Thoughts

Should your online mission involve marketing intelligence efforts or you just need to get access to a geo restricted website, a good dedicated residential proxy server will be your ultimate tool in succeeding in this respect. To most sites you will appear as a regular user without raising red-flags or any suspicion. And with the right proxy provider your access speed and bandwidth will never be compromised. Sounds like a perfect proxy tool out there? You are most probably right!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is the difference between dedicated and shared residential proxies?

    As the name suggests, a dedicated residential proxy assumes that you will be the only user of such an IP once you buy such a proxy. With a shared residential proxy you will be sharing the same IP with other users of the same network. In this case your chances of having your IP flagged or banned are much higher since you will have no control over how the IP will be used by the other users.

  • What are dedicated residential proxies used for?

    The most frequent use cases of dedicated residential proxies include but are not limited to: ad verification, brand and reputation intelligence, web scraping, SERP analysis, buying sneakers online, managing multiple social media accounts, overriding geo-restrictions, and more.

  • Are dedicated residential proxies detectable?

    Dedicated residential proxies are much less detectable than any other types of proxy. If used correctly and not abused on some site with a highly sophisticated anti-bot system, you can use such proxies for as long as you need without being detected.

  • Is it safe to buy all dedicated residential proxies from the same provider?

    Yes, once you have established a long-term successful cooperation with such a provider. If you are happy with most aspects of using the services of a particular proxy provider, you can move all of your proxy business to them.

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