14 Best software tools to use with proxies
Gleb Lepeshkin
Gleb Lepeshkin Published: 2023/10/16

So, now you are the owner of a set of premium private proxies! What’s next? Of course, in most cases you already know how you will use the IPs, but still we would like to share with you some insights on the software products that will increase the efficiency of using proxies in your daily life. 

Why Use Proxy Client Programs?

Simply put, you need the proxy clients for managing the proxies that you already have. You can engage them on ‘as needed’ basis and, using a friendly interface, you can create your own rules for turning on and off the servers in your pool, or even rotate the IPs without a special rotating mechanism. 

Most of such client programs do not have or even promote proxies, so you will be responsible for selecting the right IPs before you even use such tools. To make your life easier, you can get datacenter proxies or residential proxies from a reliable provider to avoid any problems that may not even be connected with the apps. 

Best Proxy Client Programs

Since the users of our proxies often want to have the best tools in their arsenal, we would like to publish some of our best picks when it comes to proxy client programs and apps. So, here is our list of top software to use with proxies. 

1. Proxifier 

Proxifier is one of those apps that you absolutely cannot avoid if you ever use paid proxies. And deservingly so! It supports multiple proxy protocols (HTTP, SOCKS4 and 5, and HTTPS), with Proxifier you can specify apps on your machine that will be used with the proxy and the ones that won’t, and you can make chains of proxies for traffic routing optimization. 

Proxifier can be super useful in large networks. You can configure a proxy service for forward connections and manage it remotely from a single point. The app also doubles as a VPN (or its alternative) when used selectively for some apps and target websites. 

Finally, we can note a user-friendly interface for the app and a portable version for running Proxifier from a USB drive without installing it. And, all popular operating systems are supported here (MacOS, Linux and Windows).

2. WinGate 

WinGate is a big player in the corporate proxy management arena among other proxy managers in the lists. It was made with enterprise clients in mind for monitoring networks and network resources. But yes, you can use it for single machine connections as well. 

You have a Proxy Manager in WinGate that functions as a gateway for enhanced security features. It can be used for preventing and detecting intrusions and malicious attacks from the outside as well as from the inside of the network.   

The app supports all the protocols that are relevant to proxy servers and their operation including HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3 and more. 

3. FoxyProxy Basic

FoxyProxy Basic comes from another league of proxy clients. It is available only as an extension for Chrome or Firefox. That makes it a handy tool online from inside the browsers. 

The beauty of the tool lies in its simplicity. You can easily toggle your proxy settings by pressing the toolbar icon and all other options will be available if you select it from the same dropdown menu. 

The extended functions of the tool allow you to monitor the proxy use on an application by application basis. This way you can assign certain proxy servers to the apps of your choice. 

4. ProxyCap

With ProxyCap client you can easily set up proxies and fine-tune the rules for engaging such servers for all parts of your network regardless of its size. It works in a very elegant way: you simply assign proxies to the applications that require them and define the engagement scenarios for such IPs. 

ProxyCap offers a very simple and easy-to-use interface that you can navigate quite intuitively while creating the use scenarios for your IPs. 

It supports all popular proxy protocols (SOCKS5 and HTTP(S)) and features an internal proxy checker for verifying the validity of your paid servers. 

5. Proxy Switcher 

With Proxy Switcher you have the functionality of changing your proxy settings almost instantaneously. This tool is compatible with a whole selection of popular modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Explorer. 

You have both a Lite and a Pro versions of the tool. With the free version you can have a set of features for managing proxies, including the servers requiring authorization. And the Pro version could give you more functionality for geolocation of the IPs. 

6. Proxy SwitchyOmega 

Well, Proxy SwitchyOmega is popular! Yes, it is super popular with over two million installations as a Chrome extension alone. The Firefox extension is available as well, but it is still being tested. 

With this tool managing proxies is extremely convenient and easy. You can have a range of proxy configurations saved in SwitchyOmega to change the settings in the browser.

Another great feature of Proxy SwitchyOmega is the automatic proxy activation for select apps and programs. In fact, there are so many ways you can use the app for programming the tool with macro commands related to proxies that we have posted a detailed article on the use of Proxy SwitchyOmega with recommendations on the use of static residential proxies and other types of servers with it. 

7. Proxy Switcher and Manager

You can get a good idea about the functionality of Proxy Switcher and Manager right from the name. It is yet another solid proxy management extension that lets you create profiles (and that’s what makes it unique) or accounts for storing various sets of proxies. You can switch between the profiles at any time to activate them. 

What’s more, you can export and import the profiles to make them usable on other machines. It’s a very useful function if you want to continue using the same IPs from a different device.  

The extension is also available for Firefox and Edge. And all the popular types of proxies are supported. 

8. MM3 Proxy Switch

With MM3 Proxy Switch you can get a lovely tool for managing your proxy from a variety of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even Vivaldi). This extension works as a usual proxy manager, where you add a set of private proxies into it, including the credentials and authentication data, and activate them on as needed basis with a click of OK.

All the configurations are made available for editing, and you can alter the proxies for specific device configurations. All the apps’ settings are well-documented on the web site of the software in a variety of european languages. 

9. Redsocks 

Redsocks was developed by the open-source developers and for the proxy users under Linux. If you are running Ubuntu, Debian or some other Linux distribution, you can benefit from the features of Redsocks to manage proxies on your machine. 

The app supports both HTTP and SOCKS proxies and it can work on the system level. You can couple this tool with Tor for extra protection of your forward connections.

10. OpenText Socks Client 

Opentext provides a special Socks client tool for managing proxies. It is a Windows-based app that you can use for SOCKS and HTTP proxies for balancing the load on your neworks and to prevent any attacks on your system (or LAN). 

It is a paid tool, so make sure you ask for a trial before committing the funds here. On the plus side, you will have most types of the proxies supported by the manager (both IPv4 and IPv6 types of addresses).

11. WinDivert 

WinDivert is a free-to-use tool to put your traffic through a proxy of choice. It is a very powerful and popular app that you can use for choosing network settings related to all sorts of proxy servers. 

You also have an API here for high-level language applications. The app is available via the GitHub repository for all those users who want to give it a shot!

12. FreeCap 

FreeCap is free! Which is a great thing about a tool that can be helpful for proper tunneling of traffic and proxy management. All types of proxies are supported here, including HTTP and SOCKS. The main limitation of the app is that it is Windows software only. 

One of the best features of FreeCap is its intuitive interface. So, if you really enjoy using the app, it might be a good thing to reward the developers with a donation. 

13. Proximac 

As the name suggests Proximac is a proxy management tool that was developed exclusively for MacOS users. It is used as a free alternative for Proxifier, that is a paid proxy client. The app supports only one type of proxies – SOCKS5.  

That is a good alternative to having a VPN. The project is a freeware and more developers are welcome to join the project.

14. CCProxy 

CCProxy is a slightly different tool in this list. It can let you build your own proxy server and use it inside your network for outgoing connections. 

This app is, of course, something that is useful for a sysadmin with a network requiring an Internet connection that should be established only through a proxy. This software tool is old enough to have proven its efficiency. It is used inside thousands of LANs that benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of it. 

Best Proxies For Proxy Client Programs

All of the top proxy clients that we have selected and described above need a good set of proxies to be managed by such programs. 

We at PrivateProxy go an extra mile in providing our clients with the premium proxy servers that can solve your network and business needs when coupled with the clients from the list. You can find a set of residential or datacenter IPs suitable for scraping, geo-specific online missions or gaming in our vast pools of proxies. We can recommend and supply to you datacenter rotating proxies for fast e-commerce data extraction operations or extra reliable residential proxies for copping sneakers online.  

In all your proxy activities our team of account managers will be just a click away to assist you in setting up and using your IPs. You think of the information you need for your business decisions, and we will make sure you will have hasslefree access to it online.   


All the proxy management tools are so popular because proxy servers generally require some time for setting up and using. Automating these processes becomes a very useful function. So, if your daily network routines involve using or controlling proxy servers, you will greatly benefit from this best software to use with proxies compiled in one list above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is a proxy management client?

    It is a software tool or an app that helps you with managing proxies. It can be used in automating certain proxy use and traffic tunneling scenarios for some parts of the network equipment, or for some apps within one machine. Sometimes such a client can be a browser-based extension.

  • How did you decide what proxy clients should appear in your top list?

    Our list is based on the opinions of our proxy customers, who use the suggested clients on a daily basis. We have summed up their experience and feedback on the most popular and useful tools mentioned by them to compile our list of top proxy management clients.

  • How can I benefit from the use of a proxy manager?

    With a proxy manager you can optimize and automate the use of proxies by your machine or network. You can also turn off and on proxies on as needed basis without going through a lengthy setup process on your system.

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